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Forks are superior to spoons

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Started: 2/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be arguing for the fact that Forks are superior to Spoons - in style and use - and my opponent will be arguing the same, but for Spoons.

- Forks are visually more appealing than Spoons. The symmetrical 3-point design is useful, but yet aesthetically pleasing, The human eye finds symmetry most appealing in all designs - this is evidenced by famous fashion trends.

- Forks are more useful than Spoons. To review the primary uses of the Fork:
Forks: (1) Can be used to cut; the sharp sides provide its user with a quick and easy way of slicing up his food.
(2) Better to stab, rather than hold. The three points again trump the Soon's design in regards to easy eating.


I thank my opponent for their arguments. I will now open with mine, and maybe some rebuttals
-Forks are visually more appealing than spoons
That's an opinion, not exactly a fact
-Forks are more useful than spoons
I would like to disagree with this fact. While it is less optimal to eat many foods with spoons, it is still possible. In the forks case, there are some foods that you simply cannot eat with a forks (i.e yogurt, soup, ect)

Spoons can also be used to cut with the sides, like a fork, and are more useful when it comes to cooking things, like stirring. There are also replacements in the world for forks, like chopsticks, but there are no replacements for spoons. Spoons are universal, and forks are not.
I look forward to your next arguement
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for his arguments and rebuttals.

- Forks are visually more appealing than spoons
It is a collective opinion. Refer to my earlier proof - symmetry abounds in architecture, fashion, art, and every other field of design because most people find it visually appealing.

- Forks are more useful than spoons
There may be some foods that can only be eaten with spoons, but the foods you have listed (yogurt, soup) can be consumed without the use of utensils. This is inapplicable for foods typically consumed by forks (chicken, steak, salad, etc.) In any case, the number of foods that can be easily eaten by use of a fork outnumbers the amount that can be eaten by a spoon.

- Spoons can also be used to cut with the sides...
I think my opponent and I can agree that a fork's straight edges are considerably easier to cut with.

- ...are more useful when it comes to cooking things...
Although I agree with you on this point, it is rare that one uses a moderately sized spoon to cook. The "spoons" you speak of are much larger than the spoon one usually eats with, and is thus unqualified for our debate.

- There are also replacements in the world for forks, like chopsticks...
China has made attempts to discontinue the use of chopsticks because of the immense amount of trees that were required to produce them. The "replacements" for forks you refer to are practically all disagreeable, in both practical and efficiency-of-production senses.

I would like to include another point, but my opponent may have the option to ignore it for its intention is to be humorous.

- Forks are considerably more effective in combat
If an intruder entered one's house while he was cooking, a fork would serve as a much more formidable and dangerous weapon than a spoon.

I thank my opponent for allowing me to respond, and I kindly await his rebuttals.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 9 months ago
Sporks are 80% spoon, 20% fork. I'd rather have an individual spoon and fork instead of a spork.
Posted by VeganBeefBurrito 10 months ago
For the one that is arguing on pro, cann`t a spoon cut food as well? Also, why is this even an arguement when sporks exist?
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