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Fox News has a negative effect on America

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Started: 3/21/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Fox News is Entertainment/Propaganda for The Republican party, Christian lobbiests and Glenn Beck/Tea Party spokes people.

I contend that America would be better off if Fox did not exist. This is not a censorship argument, I'm not advocating banning anything.



I ask of the opponent to present factual data/warrant for his claim--how is Fox news biased? Why is bias bad?
Also what sense of "good" are we talking about?

Until my opponent clarifies, I will keep to this argument:
Fox news is not not good for America.

Debate Round No. 1


To be absolutely clear bias is not bad. That is not my contention. What is bad for America is a slick and highly sophisticated Propaganda machine that uses clever techniques to manipulate it's audience.

See clip 1. . This is the live desk. Fox often uses the excuse that they have "News" and "Opinion" separated on their network. This clip is supposed to be real news. In the beginning "Opinion" is presented as hard facts with no evidence. Delivered in the same style as legitimate news has been for decades. The interview is a setup "You are completely misrepresenting the facts" (with a sly laugh before he speaks) is a news anchor telling the audience to ignore the "opinion" of a credible source. As a result the viewers did not learn anything about the conflict in Palestine. Not one valid argument against what she is saying is offered here. This stifles debate by perpetuating the belief that you must be stupid to ask questions about this conflict. Remember the movie shown to Lisa Simpson's class when she turns veggie about "Bovine University"? Same principle is done for real here. Also across the globe anyone viewing this clip in the Arab world would be infuriated. Both these consequences are bad for America.

See Clip 2. This is Fox's "Opinion" MVP. He is exceptional at what he does and that is Republican propaganda sold under the guise of an independent angry at both parties. A financial meltdown happens under an administration he supported. In the "no spin zone" he can't deny that happened or he would lose what is crucial to making his ruse work - credibility. So he quickly shows two pictures off republicans he has supposedly called on to resign then brings on a hate figure from the left to bash the hell out of him. This mauling is designed to misinform and misdirect the anger people are feeling about the financial collapse away from the republicans and onto democrats. Just an FYI I'm not arguing that democrats played no part in that I'm using this as example of Fox's behaviour. Shouting, ranting and throwing tabloid buzz lines at Barney while he desperate attempts to explain what happened is stifling the debate. The overriding message here is O' Reilly is on your side and you "CAN'T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT" especially the politician you just saw abused. This is bad for America, how does anyone learn from mistakes and how do you build confidence in the future when propaganda like this is pedaled to 3million viewers a night.


VirginianRobin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Oh well...


VirginianRobin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mongoosecake 7 years ago
It seems crazy to go con on this one.
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