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Frank Gore will be more productive in the upcoming season than last year

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Started: 9/1/2008 Category: Sports
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I feel Frank Gore will have a much more productive season compared to last year. Frank Gore had somewhat of a down year last year, but even after he lost his mother in week 2, and was bothered by an ankle injury all of last year, he still managed over 1,100 yards rushing. Needless to say, his line was not that spectacular.

This year Frank is completely healthy. He has looked good in practices during training camp, and Mike Martz the newly acquired offensive coordinator has said Frank will be the center of the offense.

Keep in mind, Martz has always been known for his passing game. According to statistics, Gore is a reliable pass catching back. *Last year Gore compiled 436 yards receiving. The previous year he was able to get 485 yards. In total for his 3 years he has a total of 1,052 receiving yards.* If you look at last year, the 49ers had 3 different quarterbacks play. He never really had time to develop great chemistry with any of them.


In closing, i restate my original opinion. With the new offense and new coordinator, i think Gore's numbers will improve both rushing and receiving wise.

i would like to see what my opponent has to say. Good luck to whoever that is


Ok so I am bored and will debate this due to the fact I am bored!

Frank Gore is a "good running back," however, the 49ers have problems with their starting Quarterback, they now are handing the reins over to O'Sullivan and taking them away from Smith, that shows just how bad their passing game really is, furthermore, they lost Larry Allen their best offensive linemen, on a already weak line. In addition, the 49ers have veteran Isaac Bruce who is now slow, and rookie Josh Morgan is untested, with a journeyman quarterback in O'Sullivan.

This all combines for Gore not doing all that better than last year, because now he will be facing eight man boxes almost every down. The wear and tear of having to shoulder the offense and not getting anything from it will cause injuries and missed games for Gore, therefore, Gore will not have a better year.
Debate Round No. 1


They lost Larry Allen who may have been their best lineman 2 years ago, but last year was completely ineffective. They now have Joe Staley who is much younger and showed signs of a good lineman last year. Josh Morgan also may be untested, but his preseason has been FANTASTIC and he has shown the ability to stretch the field which will allow Gore to run against less defenders in the box. And O'Sullivan may be a journeyman, but he is the only QB that knows Martz's offense completely. He stand the best chance to win games for the 49ers this year. He has also shown the ability to be a decent QB this year. Therefore, Gore will have a better year.


First off your rookie Morgan was playing in the preseason, that is different than regular season, everyone knows that, furthermore, Mike Martz is feeding spin, becausehe told the Lions he would run more, but when Martz gets scared, and they are down on offensive, he will throw the ball.

Martz can't help him self he will throw and throw, O'Sullivan will have solid numbers because of that, however, Gore will suffer, and Gore doesn't have the tools to be as an effective scat-back where he can catch the ball from the backfied as well. Gore is a bruiser and downhill runner. Martz likes finesse style running backs.

Look just by hiring Martz showed how desperate the 49ers are, look at it this way Gore has got a bad situation both ways, either MArtz throws the ball all the time, keeping the ball out of his hands, or they run Gore all the time, and he will face 8 men fronts the whole season. I predict he will miss at least two games this season due to been banged up.

Gore won't be better.
Debate Round No. 2


If O'Sullivan has productive numbers because of Martz, that will open up the field for Gore to run against less defenders because they will have to protect against the past. Because the 49ers hired Martz, that doesn't mean they are desperate. They had a terrible offensive coordinator last year in Jim Hostler. Martz can only help the 49ers by improving their passing game and forcing the defense to respect that and that will allow Gore to run for more yards.

Gore will have a better year. It has been a pleasure debating you. Good luck in the voting.


artuis forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
Will this be the first debate to expire?

We shall see. *waits for historical event*
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