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Free will vs. Determinism

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Started: 1/21/2015 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The bottom line is that Free Will has to exist, based on all (honest) human experience from all time. This is a primary evidence for the existence of a First Cause (God). Bring it.


Destiny cancels out free will, as god makes the choices for you

a cause that didnt cause anything, isnt a cause, as a cause causes, therfore any cause is caused by another cause
Debate Round No. 1


As Socrates in Euthyphro (and many others since) argued eloquently, the Prime Reality from which everything else comes must be perfectly holy. The gods of his day failed the test, big time (back stabbers, lairs, adulterers, murderers). The God of Calvin and Jonathan Edwards is no different. A control freak who (in the name of his own Glory) blames men for the evil they do, yet who destined them, even caused them to do it, is logically the author of the evil he planned and insured they did in fact do. This is logically inescapable. As you mention the existence of God, and refer to his sovereign control of man's wills ("Destiny"), what is your evidence that God is such a control freak that he destines every good and evil act of his children, mankind?


i have no beliefs, i dont believe in god

does true matter to you?
Debate Round No. 2


To say "I have no beliefs" is like saying "I don't use words when I type online." It's illogical, and therefore it's impossible. You probably mean "I am an atheist, and don't have any religious beliefs. Ok. The question is whether the conceptual model of "free will" or "determinism" best explains the evidence we find in the real world and in human experience common to all. What are your evidences that human experience of free will is an illusion at best, and that nothing but bodies exist? Why? If you say "I don't know." Then I would respond with another question: explain why there appears to be so much design in the universe and in life around us. If you say evolution, then I would respond, "Fine, but how did it get started?" If you say you don't know, then I would respond with this question: at the end of the day it is illogical to have an infinite chain of cause and effect things going back forever, especially nowadays with so much evidence for the Big Bang Theory that all matter, space, and time came into existence at a single point in our past.
Therefore, our experience of free will rests firmly on a strong foundation of a Free Agent, Mind, who imbued us with minds like His own, able to stand separate from the physical universe and manipulate it.


atheism is belief, belief is theism, religion. a(theism)=dis(belief)=belief=theism

know=Physical experience of now

be,lie,f=false=mentally enslaved
knowledge=truth=free will
for perfect balance, as they stand in contrast

saying cause, is implying another cauase, as they can not exist without each other, therfore i also dont have to mention the 2 effects

i already proved why cause and effect can never have a beginning
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 3 years ago
=(is, equal)
Posted by afterbirth 3 years ago
@Vi spex, I suspect you're phikosophy is deeper than it comes across. Try explaining things instead of using the = mark. I think you could debate well if you spent more time explaining things in a way that is easier to digest.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's first round argument about destiny and causation was good, and Pro failed to refute it and failed in making a strong case for free will.