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Frozen is the best disney movie,after The Lion King

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Started: 1/18/2016 Category: Movies
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More and more kids prefer Elsa or Anna than any other disney princesses


I'm leaning towards the first Pirates of the Carribeans as better then both Frozen and Lion King.

Frozen is way to girly, it kind of paints us guys like we're disgusting loners, greedy murderes, or manipulative sociapaths. Also there is a ton of singing in it, it's more of a musical... It's kind of unrealistic to watch a group of people break out into singing.

the first Pirates of the carribeans (2003) is better in many aspects as it doesn't have the Cliche Disney princess. It doesn't have a ridiculous amount of singing in it. Come to think of it, I don't think any of the music had singing in it, it was all orchestra. So less distracting. It's live action instead of a cartoon, so a little bit more realistic which is a plus.

However, there is one disney movie that does surpass all the above mentioned, and beats all other disney movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's just AWESOME!

Also, if anyone that is voting hasn't seen Frozen, or have and after some facts about it, check out the Honest Trailer done by screen junkies.

Seriously, watch that link.
Debate Round No. 1


I see your point,but Pirates of Carribbean and Star Wars:the force awakens are films.I am talking about animated films.
In your opinion,Frozen shows man as a murderer e.t.c but what about Snow White -Evil Queen tried to kill her,Cinderella - Evil Stepmother,Alice in Wonderland-Queen of Hearts wanted to kill Alice,Sleeping beauty-Maleficent cursed her to die,The little Mermaid-Ursula too many to write ,Tangled -Mother Gothenburg killed Eugene and wanted to keep Rapunzel as a prisoner,most of Disney Animated films,woman is antagonist if everyone would take it so seriously, Disney would never become so famous.
You say there's a lot of singing,well because it's a MUSICAL.You say that no one would burst into singing in real life ,that's the word in Real Life.Thank God you haven't said that people are not likely to have snow powers-this only happens in fairytale ,obviously not in real life.
Also,it depends on what language have you watched Frozen.It really matters, because in Spanish and some other versions Frozen becomes something but not Frozen.I watched Frozen in English and after I heard some other translation ,I watch it ONLY in English.As example,there's a big difference between let it in and let it go.On what language have you watched it?
Sorry,but I hate all the trailers that are laughing from Disney.Such trailers are making me really angry,let's imagine a person who didn't see Frozen.That person will probably think that frozen is so bad-that's not true Frozen is heartwarming,amazing ,spectacular,wonderful and let's say is the first Disney Animated movie that shows that princess doesn't need a prince to safe the day.I wonder if watched Frozen Fever cause it's shows Elsa in a different way and it's really funny.I reccomend you to watch it.


Ah, okay so we're limiting here to disney's animation, which kind of changes the challenge by narrowing the definition of "movie" in the resolution to be defined as "animation". While Disney's live action movies tend to be better than Frozen (with a few exceptions), I think I can still accept the challenge insetead of protesting the changing of the resolution from movie to animation. After all, i still got plenty of options that are easily better... Like Toy Story, Incredibles, Bolt, Tarzan, Tressure Planet... From my point of view, i'm like what disney animation isn't better then frozen ,

Well, with those movies it's more girl on girl instead of guy vs girl. Like Arieal Vs Urlsala, Alice Vs Heart queen. Aurora Vs Maleficent, et cetera. So having a woman villain doesn't make you feel that all women are bad simply because the main character is a woman. With Frozen it does the opposites gender clash instead of the same-gender scheme that disney typically does (there are some exceptions like Sky High, as the villain was a woman and the hero was a guy) But the problem it paints the other gender poorly.

I've seen it in english. Well, yeah its a musical, but there are problems with it being musical. It simplyy makes it feel more "kiddish", as in appealing to a younger audience. Which i'm not a younger audience, hence why I don't find the movie appealing. Granted it seem to be meant for young teen girls which i'm not.

Tale other disney movies like the Incredibles, I don't feel that it painted the genders to poorly. Sure, Mr. Inredible did play the "damsel in distress" in the middle of the movie by being held captive, and his wife taking the "rescuer" role, But I didn't feel that it damaged the gender by turning him useless because he with the aid of his wife played a key role in taking out the villain at the end. This is why the incredibles is better then Frozen, simply because it doesn't paint either gender overtly crooked or useless, but well balanced. I'd go so far as to say that the lion king is still a better movie then Frozen, simply because it doesn't paint the genders as bad.

As the first disney princess to make to not need a prince to save the day might be techniclly true. In cinderella the fairy godmother saved the day, not a prince. In Enchanted Giselle slew the villain, not the prince. While it's technically accurate neither were a princess at those moments, but i'm kinda like "meh, whatever" it's just trivial. It's not the first time Disney has it where the girl doesn't need a guy to save the day.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, Incredibles is a Pixar movie not disney.You will say that it's disney-Pixar movie.If I would talk about disney-Pixar ,I would choose Inside out or Ratatouille.
Secondly why all guys want to see an animation with fights,action etc.Why you can't watch a musical?I find it really relaxing.There's a lot fights,wars in our world.Believe me ,I know how it feels when you look outside and you see only destruction,nothing else.I don't want to see same things in animation,movie whatever.
Thirdly,I was thinking about burst into singing,so now I can say that actually we do it everyday.It's like when you do something and suddenly you start singing.In our situation ,most of the people sing let it go.It can be any song you like.As for me I can burst in singing during the lesson,when I do chores,when I walking on streets etc.I don't think that I'm the only one.Everyone does that sometimes.
Finally , if you say that Incredibles were so good ,then why no one cares about them right now.It's not a question of time , I care about cinderella (1950).It just Incredibles weren't such phenomenon as Frozen.As I already said more and more kids prefer Elsa(100%)or Anna(90%)than any other disney princesses.That's really true.In Spain each girl and even boys have birthday in Frozen style.They have Frozen costume ,Frozen bags,Frozen tiaras,Frozen toy s,Frozen accessories etc.Also let's mention the box offices Frozen 1.276 billion and Incredibles 631.4 million.Oh yeah,what that movie thing, if I would talk about Disney movie I would choose Tim Burton' Alice in Wonderland cause it was really spectacular.


In response to your first point. Pixar was bought by Disney around 2006 (1). Incredibles was co-produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures (2) Incredibles is a disney movie, as well as a Pixar movie.

Now that we have that out of the way. I'll continue on.

Okay, letas go with ratatoullie instead, I really don't care what disney movie, just about any are better in my book. I don't remember the movie itself having painted the male gender so poorly as in Frozen. To me, both the incredibles and Ratatouille are better because of this.

in response to the second point. To be honest I actually do listen to some "musicals", but it's more towards content that makes fun of itself. For example, avbyte did a song called GTA the musical (3) and Derpina (4) which made fun of derp memes. So it's not that I dislike musicals, I just like things that makes fun of soemthing (Parodies, RAP Battles, etc), The kind of musicals that frozen did seemed to be aimed at kids instead of me. Take Fixer Upper (5) for example,

Okay, if you don't like the action in the incredibles there plenty of other disney movies to chose from (like Toy Story, Hercules, Hunback of... Et cetera). As I mentioned earlier, even the Lion King is still a better movie then Frozen, so frozen can't be the best since lion king is still better then it. Frozen simply misrepresents the male gender.

Also just saying... Your commenting on incredibles on being fightsy and all. But frozen does have murderous men and sociopaths, just saying.

In response to your final point. Well, I think your judging it "better" based on popularity, I'm judging it based on the content found in it. From a guys point of view it comes out as a girly movie, so I wouldn't find it a better movie. But then you might also say that about the incredibles. So I'm looking for a flaw in frozen that we can both agree on. We both seem to agree that it painted men as murderers, disgusting loners, and sociopathic... My point is that this misrepresents guys, not all men are like this. Incredibles doesn't paint either gender this poorly, hence why it's better.

Though in response to those numbers and such. I don't think we should judge based on the money. As I think this simply means that there was a better marketting strategy, not the contents as being better. It can be easier selling to a targetted audience, Frozen is easeir to sell to girls... Incredibles are targeted to a family audience... the thing is, there are more girls in the world then there are families. kinda like there are more fingers then hands in the world. So it makes sense that the incredibles would have a different return on investment then Frozen, that kind of makes it unfair to judge the two because they have two diffent audiences and a little bit different marketing scheme.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 1lucy1 2 years ago
There would appear a bias as 'Elsa161' is clearly a fan, and so the argument is based on personal preferences and opinion.
Posted by Glitter2998 2 years ago
I love Elsa. She's my favorite!
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