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Frozen wasn't really all that great...

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Started: 5/13/2014 Category: Movies
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I mean, c'mon guys... It's a Disney princess movie... Made for little girls. Sure that one let it go song was good but what makes it different from any other Disney princess movie? I think the only people that really need to let it go.. Is you. It's a movie made for 4-5 year olds... Who love any Disney princesses.


Frozen is a FAMILY film. Yes most family movies appeal to kids and well, they should. The point of family movies is so your child can stay entertained and so can you. Typical family movies include Toy Story, Harry Potter, Monsters inc., and the new Spider Man. Kids Movies are different, these are the Barbie, Tinkerbell, and Mickey mouse clubhouse movies that adults get dragged out too. These movies don't appeal to the minds of adults because there are no parallels with our everyday life.

Many people love frozen because of the storyline (Spoiler Alert!) The main characters are sister Elsa and Anna. Anna is worried about hurting her sister with freeze powers and creates a metaphorical distance between them and the world. This hurts Anna and her sister craves love especially when their parents die. during Elsa's coronation she has to try and hide her powers which is very challenging for her. meanwhile Anna meets a guy she seems to like and wants to get married after a day of knowing one another. Elsa ends of freezing everything in frustration and runs away. The rest is Anna Finding Elsa and connecting with an Ice miner.

The Story has many parallels to everyday life such as family bonds, falling in love being awkward, and getting out of your comfort zone. Many people think it represents homosexuality and the fear and hate that comes with it. Others think its about how a yearning for connections can make you naive and "easy". Other Theories are: Puberty, Sexism, Racism, and climate change.
As you can see this movie can apply to just about anyone and their "big" life decisions and hardships.

Personally i think i watched it too late after everyone was all hyped up about it being such a great movie that my expectations where heightened making it only a little bit better then I had in mind. If i had watched it in theaters i would have been floored.
Debate Round No. 1


While you do bring up some pretty good points, let me ask you this. What is the difference between Frozen and tangled? Well, they're both Disney princess movies, they're both musicals, they are both CG animated, they are both centered to a certain age, and they are both about princesses. These are all characteristics of a classic Disney film. Now what's the difference? The characters, the songs, and the story. Yes, I could say this for any MUSICAL. But lets just focus on all the Disney princess musicals. So... Again, yes, I could say that for any Disney princess musical, therefore providing further evidence that frozen is no different from any other Disney princess musical film. But wait... What makes it stand out then? Why did it do so well? There MUST be something unique about it! Well, there is. Its a clever story and its original and its not really boring, but the one thing that REALLY stands out, is a song. One single song that makes it so memorable. One single song that defines frozen. That one song you just can't let go of. Yep. That's the one. Let it go.
This is the song that is pretty much the most memorable part of the film. This is the song that you take home with you. You can't get it out of you're head because it keeps playing over and over again. On the Internet, and even on the radio. Hell, I'd go so far as to say frozen was a music video for this song! THIS is the reason why frozen did so well. Because it's a good song. This is the ONLY thing that made frozen different from all the other Disney musicals.
That, my dear opponent, is why frozen, is just another Disney movie. And it just happened to get lucky.


I am starting to wonder if you have watched the movie. have you?

Let it go is one of the most powerful songs within this musical family film. It is the "I Dreamed a dream" of Les Miserables ( Some would call it the anthem of the movie, but in reality it is only a small part. Let it go has its own spot within the movie, almost like a music video within the movie sure, but it has meaning. Its the change in Elsa's demeanor that sticks with me. Before this point she was very unlikeable and sad, you get to see her break free and in the audience your happy for her. I helps that its catchy but its not the only good song or scene in the movie and definitely not the reason the movie was liked.

If the let it go scene was the last in the movie people would be mad. That song would have not been well liked and frozen would not have been a good movie. Even though you love to see a character be strong and happy its much better to see that after a conflict has been resolved. That being said the movie would have been very different and wouldent have been such a big deal. Not because of the greatness of the son per say but because Elsa would have been written as the antagonist in the film. ( There are other excellent songs in the movie, the one i sing more then let it go is "do you wanna build a snowman?". This is a cute, sad, and funny song that gets you to know little sister Anna better.

The movie itself has some excellent dialog and scenes. the best quotes are not even near the songs like when Elsa tells Anna "who marries someone they just met", or the introduction of the snow man. Powerful scenes include the tower battle, climax of the movie (which i wont spoil for anyone), and when the husband to be shows his true colors.

Comparing it to Tangled is almost insulting, Tangled has noting to do with what people face on a daily basis or even once in their life. There is very few parallels to the audiences life and the songs are just not that catchy. The best song is When my life begin. How many of the things she lists do you everyday? If she can do all those things it doesn't seem like she is all that bored to me! There are plenty of Disney princess movies like this such as The little mermaid, cinderella, beauty and the beast and snow white. All the girls are in need of saving from some big bad and a prince charming has to do the work. Only one Disney princess movie stands out to me with Frozen, Mulan. The story of the girl who poses as a man and saves China. she is strong and although she is accompanied by men she isn't overshadowed in heroism, she also marries this man but unlike all the other princesses she doesn't marry a guy she just met (a major theme in frozen).
Debate Round No. 2


I feel i am losing this debat, but before it ends i would just like to say a few things.

How would this represent gayness? I highly doubt Anybody came home thinking this could represent homosexuality?

All the songs except let it go pretty much sounded the same. I honestly saw nothing unique about them.

The humor was the same as the humor in all the other disney princess musicals.

Why wasn't snow white or cinderella just as successful? Couldn't you say cinderella had to do with family bonds?

I honestly don't see any differences. And yes i saw it in theaters.

Vote for pro


A lot of people actually disliked the movie because they thought it was about homosexuality like this pastors claim it will turn your kids gay . They think Letting go means coming out and that Elsa was the character to do so.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" ( has 2 million views, a more than decent number, especially for a song that's "not unique". This is wile Olofs song (my least favorite) has 25 million. let it go has a huge 73.6 million, wow!. it wouldent be a stretch to think that 1/3 of the people who liked let it go went on tho watch olofs song, I think that is enough to prove that the songs are at very least catchy.
(just for perceptive: Tangled maxed out their best song in the movie at 12.9 million views)

I don't believe that snow white or cinderella where as successful because they aren't as relatable. Girls cant relate to "she is so beautiful that someone wants to kill her" or that "my evil step mother wants me to do nothing but work and so I'll sneak out to find that a prince loves me". They can relate better too "I did something people think is wrong but I don't think it was bad"

Thanks for the debate,

Please consider Con when voting and I hope you will see the movie if you haven't already!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kaitlyn014 3 years ago
Frozen was a good movie, yes a lot of it reminded me of Tangled, but I like the fact that this movie made the girls independent. they didn't have to rely on the guy to save them besides the true lives kiss. Anna went out to find her sister, and not made a prince charming do it for her. Olaf was also a great character. he is teaching people that you have to care for others. if you have an enemy, you should kill them with kindness. this shows you how olaf cares for others, and he accepts everyone for who they are.
Posted by schachdame 3 years ago
I got a lot of inspiring ideas from this and it's obvious that the Instigator's debate style was of rather low quality. The Contender deserves this win, because style and argumentation were in fact way better.
I liked Frozen before, but I have not thought it to be certainly special, so I can honestly say, that this actually changed my mind for once.
Posted by o0jeannie0o 3 years ago
maybe i will give tangled another shot... never seemed as interesting to me without a clear, meaningful, goal
Posted by Jozza117 3 years ago
i agree with most of what you say con but tangled was great, its themes were being free, overcoming challenges and living a dream, and don't tell me "Shes got a dream" inst catchy :D, and PS tangled/frozen are rumored to be in the same world. (magic, stuff, etc)
Posted by creationismisright 3 years ago
yes i agree with pro he is right i shall be looking forward to voting on this debate
Posted by Jman0056 3 years ago
That was supposed to be a thumbs up emoji -.-
Posted by Jman0056 3 years ago
What? You have a pretty strong argument, man. So far so good! 👍
Posted by o0jeannie0o 3 years ago
LOL my bad
Posted by Jman0056 3 years ago
Never mind, sorry man.
Posted by Jman0056 3 years ago
Well, that depends. You should at least try to convince me and not just goof off. If not, then no. Bu don't worry i litteraly created my acount like, 15 minutes ago. But im not going easy on you! >:)
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro says he feels he's " losing this debat [sic]", which I interpret as a nigh-concession. He did not respond to most of Con's arguments in support of the movie. Considering the generally vague resolution in the first place, Con's arguments in support of Frozen as "all that great" are sufficient to win him the arguments point. Pro, I do think you should work a bit on your S&G/formatting. It wasn't quite enough to award points, but it definitely hurt the readability of your case for me. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.