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Fun. is better than One Direction STRIKES BACK!!!

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Started: 8/31/2013 Category: Entertainment
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This is exactly what the title says, the sequel to one of my past debates called, Fun. is better than One Direction. I will be arguing the same thing. Just making the arguments further. First round is acceptance. Step forward!


I accept & look forward to debating with you over this topic.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, here we go. SEQUEL TIME!

Fun. tells the TRUTH!
One Direction is making teenage girls lose their minds with their repetitive, consistent love songs. EVERY one of their songs involves or is about love in one way or another (please don't mention that song). Fun.'s songs, however, are about WAY more emotions than just love. Fun. expresses not only love (The Gambler, Take Your Time, Sight of The Sun, etc). But also fear (Some Nights Intro, Some Nights, One Foot, Be Calm, etc). And even anger (Some Nights Intro, One Foot, etc). And let's not forget the life of the party (We are Young, At Least I'm Not As Sad As I Used to Be).
What I mean about Fun. telling the truth is that they explore truths of life and life's other emotions and events besides love. All 1D seems to sing about is love.

Fun. is for everyone!
1D seems to be largely targeted and accepted by mostly teenage girls. A large majority of teenagers of BOTH genders like Fun. A lot of adults like Fun. and I'm sure plenty of our elderly folk like some Fun. tunes.


Also, Fun's name is FUN. Who doesn't like having fun?


I would like to thank my opponent for the timely response.

"All 1D seems to sing about is love."

I agree with you that many of their songs are based on love. But what is wrong with that? Love is a powerful emotion and many people enjoy hearing that in lyric-form. Besides that, they do have some songs that are not about love. For example, their song "Moments" is about self-harm, something widely important in today's society.

"1D seems to be largely targeted and accepted by mostly teenage girls."

A very common misconception. I know many guys who actually love One Direction. For example, Tyler Oakely, famous Youtuber, adores them. Another example would be Youtube user "lohanthony." Also, there are many people over the age of 20 who enjoy One Direction. Tumblr is home to many fans from ages 13-25.

Also, hey, One Direction's name is pretty catchy, too...

I mean, good music can only go in "ONE DIRECTION" right?


Get it?


Debate Round No. 2


My sister is an UBER directioner, and she knows that Moments is not about self-harm, and is about love. Plus, I googled the lyrics. Some big evidence as to why this song is about love is these lines, "I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this
Even though I try"
How is that not about love? The whole chorus and song is about love. I see no way how it is about self harm. I am not saying that it is bad for a song to be about love. I'm simply saying 1D's songs are mainly about love in the majority of songs, and that can get in the way sometimes.

Most people agree that most of the 1D fandom is teenage girls, and that is a fact. What is the majority of people at their concerts? That's right: crying, screaming, teenage girls. Adults and males are a rare sight, if it even is one. You argue that some male youtubers like 1D. However, Youtube is a vast community, similar to Facebook or Twitter. There are practically billions of users on youtube, so it is practically impossible for none of them to like One Direction. This is the same case with Tumblr.

Nice pun, I guess.

Now time for my own arguments. First of all, Fun.'s band is pretty small, as Jack and Andrew are the main sources of instruments. Andrew Dost is a multi-instrumental member playing instruments like the Glockenspiel, drums, and the trumpet. Jack plays the guitar, and has done vocals once or twice like Andrew has, like in songs "Believe in Me", and "Walking the Dog".

More arguments and counters next round. Until then, bye.


You say that "Moments" is obviously about love, which is false. "Moments" was written by Ed Sheeran, British singer/songwriter. Many of his songs are about self harm/confidence/suicide, and yes, love. He is close friends with the members of One Direction, so it makes sense he would give them the song. It is indeed about self harm. There are many interviews and videos you could look up to prove it. Or simply, just Google the meaning of the song and you will find what it is truly about.

I am not denying that most of the fandom is indeed teenage girls. But even so, what is the harm in that? Those girls make them money and provide love and support. Also, One Direction is obviously more popular than "Fun.", so they seemed to have succeeded in the age group they were going for.

As for your own arguments, Niall from 1D also plays the guitar, and Harry has even leaked his own song called "Don't Let Me Go," featuring Sam McCarthy.

And now onto my own arguments.

One Direction weren't even always a band. Each boy (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson,) auditioned separately for the X-Factor in the year of 2010, in different locations. Obviously, they were all talented enough to pass through, but when they were going to be kicked off, Simon & the other judges decided to put them into a group. And by sudden chance, One Direction were formed. So that crushes any argument you may have against them as being "given" their fame by Simon. They have worked hard for the 3rd place they earned in the X-Factor.

Also, I would like to thank my opponent for his/her timely response. Best of luck.
Debate Round No. 3


Um, hello, Moments is obviously about love. Did you not read the lines I posted. This is for you, con, and all the voters alike. Look at these lyrics, and then tell me again it is not about love:

You say that Ed Sheeran mainly writes about suicide and all that depressing stuff, but I don't see how he does. "A-Team" is about a girl who goes to drugs and ruins her own life. "Lego House" Is about making a relationship better. These are not emo topics, well maybe A-Team, a little. However! Artists can write about more than one thing. Ed is not limited to that depressing stuff, and I know you said that he isn't, but that only helps my case more. BUT! This debate is not about Ed Sheeran. He shouldnt've even come up. This debate is about Fun. and One Direction. If we are going to talk about artists who know/ co-write with our respective artists, why shouldn't I bring up Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, or Gym Class Heroes?

You do realize by "band" I met the people behind the group's members that are playing the instruments, right? When I say band, I do not mean those like Nate, Andrew, Liam, Harry, whatever. I mean the people behind the group that are playing instruments. My argument was that Fun.'s is smaller, because most of the instrumental focus is brought on Andrew and Jack, not the band behind them.

You argue that Niall plays guitar. However, he rarely does this. At most concerts (As I hear and see on TV and stuff), he does singing parts in songs like all the members do. I, in fact, have never even seen a picture of Niall even touching a guitar, and that is saying something because, like I said, my sister is so obsessed with 1D that it is literally scary.

That's cool that Harry made his own song. But did you know that Fun. member Andrew Dost wrote his own musical, sang the songs, and recorded a whole album about Christopher Columbus? I bet you didn't.

Each member of Fun. was previously in a band (Nate in The Format, Jack in Steel Train, and Andrew in Anathallo). That means that Fun. has had a lot more experience in the music industry. You see, Fun. made themselves popular. They didn't need a talent show to help them. And realize this: If it weren't for Simon Cowell, 1D wouldn't exist. Did you know that there was, before the British one, an American band called One Direction? When the British (and Irish) one formed, the American one tried to sue them. Simon Cowell bought off the sue, and thus, British 1D was born. So that crushes YOUR argument that Simon Cowell did NOT form One Direction into a famous group.

Oh, and I just noticed that you argued that 1D is obviously more popular than Fun. Even though I do agree with this, the reason why is quite obvious. One Direction is just another boy band that will fade out eventually, similar to the Beatles or the Back Street Boys. These teenage girls that love them are quite annoying. And do you realize why the teenage girls love them? Well, news flash. They're teenage boys, who are quite attractive (apparently) that are British. What squeamish teenage girl wouldn't love that?

I have used a lot of words in this argument, but no worries, I like words.

And finally, what does YOUR opinion about Moments have to do with anything? It's not really helping your case.


ToriDivine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


My opponent has FFed, therefore I can not further argue or counter.




ToriDivine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by birdlandmemories 3 years ago
Patriotperson come back :(
Posted by Sandy8 4 years ago
One Direction is not as bad as haters say. Just because you think FUN is better, doesn't mean One Direction sucks. As for the meanings of the song, it's how the listener perceives it. Someone might see it as depressing and all about love, another may see it about self-harm. For all we know, someone else in this world might think it's about someone's death. It doesn't really matter. It's different for everyone, but that doesn't mean it sucks.
Posted by leojm 4 years ago
Fun Fan forever!!!!
Posted by PatriotPerson 4 years ago
Oops. My bad. Lol.
Posted by PatriotPerson 4 years ago
You do realize you put that as a comment?
Posted by donald.keller 4 years ago
S&G: Both sides had proper spelling and grammar.

CONVINCING ARGUMENT: Pro had a great second round. He listed off excellent examples about why FUN. is better. Con, however did good as well. Pro's first argument was about an absolute, something that should be avoided. "EVERY one of their songs involves or is about love in one way or another (please don't mention that song)." By showing just one song, Con disproved Pro's argument. Pro's first argument was safe though. He said 1D mostly deals with teenage women. Con said that some guys and older listen to 1D... This kept Pro's argument that it "MOSTLY" deals with younger girls consistent.

Pro almost saved his first argument by proving that Moments was about love, but I wsn't going to give him props on the basic of personal ignorance (on my behalf.) doing a quick look up, I found that the song was about Self-Harm and some what about Love, two subject rarely seen apart. The song is about suicide. The song didn't directly involve love, but was about the loss thereof, anger, sadness, and self harm. If Pro's band can have songs about multiple feelings (Some Nights Intro and One Foot representing two emotions) so can Moments. Con's argument stands that Moments isn't just about love. This would be a good point for Con to use in R4, but she ff'd, leaving all of Pro's arguments standing and undisputed.

SOURCES: Neither side had any.
Posted by PatriotPerson 4 years ago
How dare you!
Posted by Waxwing 4 years ago
Can't we all just agree that these are both just throw-away commercial bands?
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