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Funny Rap Lyrics Battle (10 Bars)

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Started: 12/6/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Each round will be 10 bars long. You can do what ever you want. Be creative and go crazy with it. who ever people think has tha funnest lyrics will win this is not a rap battle it just spitin shizz thats funny.

Check it...........

1-Hey its me yo what it do my friends.
Kinda crazy and ima fvckin holagain.
2-i get some bologna and put it on my bread.
Jam my skull inbetween my legs and i give myself head.
3-if you try to stand out ill put you in your place.
I get head and i ask her how tha ciphilis taste.
4-i go on a treseare hunt with niclous cage.
on some idiotic shizz i hit a with a gage.
5-ive never hit a home run but i have hit a tripple. its tha winter and i go hard like my nipples.
6-you still in a sleep you need to be awakin.
all these people starin was i was satndin butt naked.
7-gotta keep it real cause ive never been a
i went and fvck a girl til her vag got mushy.
8-i aint gonna lie she had a bigg @$$ tushy.
thats because she was fat more coushin for the pushin.
9-Fakeness i see and thats that shizz i wont take.
bend you @$$ over best belive you get raped.
10-i jizzed on the mic now ima bout to pass it.
but not before i shove it up some @$$es.


  1. You want to hear a joke? Yes or no.
    The joke is hilarious, it's the rap of pro's
  2. Not hilarious 'cos it's creative or funny,
    But 'cause it's like it's been written by a kid with an IQ of zero point three
  3. I roll my rhymes, sput bars like fire,
    My bars are lethal, I'm a prostitute for hire
  4. My pimp is Shakespeare, my client's are people with good taste,
    I rap with no fear, Put all b*tches in their place
  5. You said you went on a treasure hunt with Nicholas cage,
    Did he mention his intention with a kid like you, who's underage?
  6. I guess he failed to tell the tale of how his you-know-what impaled
    Your anus, shameless as you are, I still think he took the perversio way too far.
  7. But you didn't hide it, yo liked it Cage screamed "B*tch are you high kid?"
    You said yes sir please beat me lower so my a$$ can feel you inside it
  8. You shoked and you broke every bone in your jaw,
    As you suck his thick d!ck better than any comon wh0re
  9. You say you 'never been a pu55y' well you shouldn't be what you ain't ever gonna get,
    You see, you and me, we have a good work relationship G, You dry ussies up after I get 'em wet
  10. Bar ten, 8 mile, my Gangnam style, got my swag in the sl@g named your mother, what a hag,
    Last chance to prove i'm worthy, of the Herpes she gave me, but I guess I'll do my best to live life with an STD.
Debate Round No. 1


1-You may be right I rarely get that's what makes my life tough.
I beat my dic a lot that why only my right wrist is buff.
2-I go crazy on two packs of now and laters.
and fight people like I was the white power ranger.
3-I aint gonna lie you hit a good @$$ round.
well guess what its my turn now.
4-I'm like Mac miller I like my music real loud.
I put my dic in broken glass and shove it all in your mouth.
5-I'm losin it and I think I'm provin it.
see a fat down the street and I start doin it.
6-haters want me to stop but they will not provoke me.
before I wack off I grab a belt and I choke me.
7-I gotta loud mouth and I will never shut up.
I dont want to go to jail with the fear of being butt fvcked.
8-I'm so idiotic the game cant handle me.
am I the only guy that wanted to fvck Casey Anthony.
9-I dont give a shizz if she just killed a kid.
and stuffed her in the trunk I still let that suck my dic.
10-I couldn't remember my password I almost got locked out.
but now I rock out with my out.


  1. Yo listen up, the vital title says 'funny'
    But the way you be rappin' is like you in poverty and quality is money
  2. You come up with sh*t bout cock and d*ck,
    Is that all that runs through yo' mind? You must be thick
  3. I spit bars, I swallow 'em too,
    And before you watch out I'll swallow you
  4. I'm a f*ckin' monster, invincibilty to infinity,
    If you just glanced my way you'd think I was a creation of divinity
  5. My lines spit like a rational madman on the loose,
    I'm a f*cking huntsman you a b*tchy goose
  6. And it's Christmas, on my little girl's wishlist is you and a moose,
    Such a little itty bitty request like that, why would I refuse?
  7. The moose is your mother, When I held out my weapon of choice,
    She didn't let me hunt her down, she just choked on my d*ck, and with her muffled voice
  8. She said how she loved for that instant more than she loved you all yo' life,
    How, out of boligation, as opposed to obligation, she'd ended up as yo' father's wife
  9. How while she was with me, her life on the line, she felt more in love than with any man before,
    How she didn't care, if I shot sperm at her hair, how she was only my slut, not just some common wh*re
  10. See how I just turned dirty lyrics into a deep confession? How philosophically I alter the nature of my expression?
    How I didn't simply take your mother, sex and me and put it all in a mixture and then add compression?
  11. Oh dear, I broke the rules, I guess I added a half-bar eleven.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by what_what_BOI 5 years ago
i hate wezzy i only listen to strange music
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
Get lost boi, you probs are a lil wayne fan.
Posted by what_what_BOI 5 years ago
whos hopsin
Posted by RationalMadman 5 years ago
oops I messed up bar 8's second line lol
Posted by emj32 5 years ago
Pro plagiarized lyrics off Hopsin
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Reasons for voting decision: Con has a slightly better rap, the last round. Not really funny, more of a sick debate.