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GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) is going to be the game of the year.

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Started: 7/26/2013 Category: Technology
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GTA 5 will be the game of the year. Some disagree to this. I wish to debate this to someone against this belief.

First round is for acceptance only.



Look, I like the GTA franchise. I think it's fun, but I've had one significant problem with it, which is the strange warped sense the game has. It tries to be dark, but gets too humorous at times. Then when that happens, it tries to be a fun game like San Andreas, but the dark bits get in the way. And it would work if it was trying to be a dark comedy, but you can tell it isn't. Now I can't speak for GTA V, because it hasn't come out yet. But what I can say for sure is that 2013 looks like it's going to be a great year for gaming. Already we've got some incredible games (Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite) which puts GTA V in a tight spot, but a lot of other games as well. Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed 4, Beyond Two Souls, & Saints Row IV.

I'm not saying GTA V will suck, because it probably won't. But it's got some heavy competition. Last of Us is an incredibly bold survival story that engages the player to the core. Bioshock Infinite is a unique and fun addition to a great series. Watch Dogs looks freaking like one of the most amazing experiences I will ever have. AC4 has f***ing pirates. Beyond Two Souls has Willem f***ing Dafoe, & Saints Row IV... well in terms of competition, Saints Row IV knows what it is, and it doesn't try to please a large audience.

GTA V will be nominated, I'll agree with that. But will they win? Probably not.
Debate Round No. 1


As I clearly stated at the very beginning 'First round is for acceptance only.' this obviosuly wasn't clear enough to Babeslayer so I apoligize on my behalf. So I don't know whether or not to dismiss what you just wrote as we haven't started yet or to respond. I'll just start off by refuting some of that baloney.

I firstly don't understand what you mean by 'it tries to be dark'. Can you please explain what this means in terms of a video game I'm sorry I'm not aware of this kind of term. 'too humorous at times' okay so your opinion is that the game is too funny and maybe it needs to stop amusing you. Personally, I don't see any problem with this trait. It's always better to enjoy a game when there's stuff to keep you entertained as many would argue this is what can contribute to a good game. 'it tries to be a fun game like San Andreas, but the dark bits get in the way' again sorry I'm not familiar with what you mean when you say this game is dark. Please explain next round for me. If it TRIES to be fun, are you suggesting it's not actually succeeding as if it was you'd rather say "it is fun". So I will have to go by this basis the way you said that:

'the “Grand Theft Auto” games are some of the best-selling and best-reviewed in the business.' - NBC News.

What is it about “GTA” games that appeal to gamers? Why is it fun for otherwise law-abiding citizens to roll hookers, shoot at cops and steal helicopters? - same source (NBC News Article)

We all know GTA IV was a setback and disapointed from GTA: SA but Rockstar realise their mistakes and care enough about they're fans they've promised it to not be this time.

I completely agree with you that's it's going to be a great year for gaming like we've never seen before but despite competition I would like to make the positive claim that GTA V will be one of this biggest sellers this year outselling Call of Duty and Fifa. We've had to wait five years for this game it's going to be good. The map size itself is larger than the sapce of San Andres, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption combined with still more room to spare. There's going to a vast array of activities, mini-games, side missions that attracts alot of attention. The fact that the in-game missions are going to have dynamic soundtrack for is a sign of an exciting, thrilling well written and fun script. The game will feature multiple alternate endings a good feature to encourage replayings and the GTA V online has been redesigned and they've really focussed alot of time, money and energy into this because they want lacked this on previous GTAs particullary GTA IV which wasn't really important to them hence a bad experience as I'm sure you're very much aware of.

Ok so you say that that Last of Us is an incredible game, you're right but it lacks the sales GTA V will have simply for the fact that it is a playstation exclusive. And i literally don't know anyone who plays Bioshock this isn't really much of an anticipated game considering that the majority of gamers are just casuals who buy the odd call of duty now and then. I do accept Watch Dogs to be close in terms of technology, graphics etc. that kind of stuff but many people haven't actaully heard about it because GTA has a well known name for itself and isn't the first in its series. Saints Row used to be good but when Saints Row 3 came out it went down hill and has lost so much respect and faced a lot of criticism I'm sure you know about the problems. The basiclly became lazy and just trying to rip gamers off now but changing a few things and releasing it as a new game to make more money. It's changed when it used to be about a gang taking over a city to a dumb f**king president protecting the world from aliens. WTF happened there?!
AC4 should really been an expansion pack for AC3 it hasn't changed alot since the previous asassins creeds and so I reckon it will recieve a disappointed reaction most likely I fear they will take the same steps that Saints Row did to make more money because it becomes difficult for these companies to make money. And Beyond Two Souls, I will probably get it but once the story is finished with these types of games like asassins creed, hitman, there's nothing to really do even if they have a sh*t online mode no one really does those. So because GTA V IS GOING TO do a better onlne than previously it stands a better chance and will hopefully recieve a good response from the gaming community infact im almost 100% positive that it will be the game of the year.

The seperation between that and Watch Dogs (it's only close rival) is that we can see it getting boring after a while other than hacking and free-roaming the city there's nothing really to do whereas GTA V hosts so many enjoyable features down to realism like buying houses, businesses. Flying planes and helicopters, customizing cars, scuba diving, skydiving, jet skiing, tennis, BMX, mountain biking, cycling and so much more heists, side-missions, buying clothes, weapons and cars, planes etc. The map is literally huge and even the interiors of buildings makes the game much bigger than what we can expect from Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is something new but has not shown us such a diverse fun world like GTA V. It's basiclly like GTA IV but smaller, sh*tter and with only a hacking feature and drivable cars. Only positive thing about it is the realistic graphics and AI.

'GTA V will be nominated, I'll agree with that. But will they win? Probably not.' Who DO YOU think will win then and meet your burden or proof for that please.


'First round is for acceptance only.' this obviosuly wasn't clear enough to Babeslayer

I never wait for round 2 to start just on personal preference, regardless of what anyone says. I like to have a head start.

What I meant by "it tries to be dark" is that the GTA series (especiallly recently with GTA IV) has felt schitzophrenic for me. Hal fof the time, it's a dark toned realistic crime game (which on it's own I would love), but it tends to do stuff that takes me out of that mood with it's sense of humor (again, games being funny isn't an issue on it's own). But a game has to know what it's trying to be, otherwise it comes off as a wannabe. Even the trailers for GTA V seem like it's got an identity crisis of it's own. This argument could be made against Saints Row 2, a game I love, but that game knows what it is, and has the guts to go for it. It has the guts to go all out and have a mini-game invlolving SHOOTING POOP AT PEOPLE. Not to mention it makes shooting poop at people seem reasonable in it's own wacky way. A game can be dark, and a game can be funny. I just like it when a game can separate the two, and I still have yet to see the Grand Theft Auto series acomplish this.

Oh and once again, F***ING PIRATES. Explain to me, how does a couple of thugs in modern day being cool in a city where every CPU is a hilarious stereotype or a drunk beat THE PLUNDERERS OF THE CARIBBEAN? Assassins Creed Black Flag looks incredible, and this is coming from someone who HATED Assassins Creed III.

For me, it's going to be either Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us or Watch Dogs. These look like incredible steps in the video game industry. Are you actually going to use sale numbers as an argument? That just means a lot of people bought the game! Last of Us didn't kind of lack in sales due to it's quality (because it's a f***ing great game), it lacked in sales because it focused on story. Too many consumers in the VG market these days are morons who think sale numbers and guns are a seal of quality, but they're not. The fact that GTA V will make a lot of money doesn't make it good, it means a lot of people said "the last one made money, so this one must be amazing!".

And how on any of the moons of mars (2) does Watch Dogs look boring? If anything, it's looking like it'll just keep getting better and better! It seems to be doing that with every demo so-far, so why wouldn't the game be like that?

The winner of this years VGAs will either be Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us or Watch Dogs. GTA V looks good, and I'll play it if I feel like it, but hell, Saints Row IV looks better (not saying much because that game looks awesome but whatever.)
Debate Round No. 2


jktroll forfeited this round.


Look, I'm not saying GTA V will be bad. If Watch Dogs, Bioshock Infinite & The Last of Us didn't come out this year, it would win. But they did, so it won't.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok sorry I've been busy so i missed a round so I'd like to thank Babeslayer for being a good sport and not posting additional arguments in round 3 to make it fair, whether you indtended to do this or not, thank you.

So just to respond to what you said :

'Look, I'm not saying GTA V will be bad. If Watch Dogs, Bioshock Infinite & The Last of Us didn't come out this year, it would win. But they did, so it won't.'

I want to explain to you why I think this not to be the case. So I'll begin with 'The Last of Us', a well-written, immersive storyline. While this may make a very good experience, there aren't other things to do other than killing zombies and surviving etc. GTA V might release a zombie mode expansion pack and we all expect the storyline to be much better than previous editions with all the time and money spent on it. We are not making something game of the year due to one replayable good story. It needs to also have good multiplayer and also be alot of fun. It's like a movie you control but this within very strict parametres. There is alot more freedom in GTA V that it's like life almost (yes gun shootouts and bank robberries can happen for real).

Ok Watch Dogs will be good I'm going to get it but again its NOT something completely new, its just different weapons. We're used to open world games and the mechanics are the same as Asassins Creed. YES THEY ARE look at the similarities. And although driving cars and hacking the city might appear fun, where's all the helicopters, planes, jetskis, bikes, parachuting, scuba diving, heists, buying properies, making businesses, customizing fast cars, character switching and customization, gambling stocks etc., and so much more (in GTA V everyone!). Watch Dogs gameplay graphics look appealing but don't get too excited the game won't run that nicely on this generation of consoles so you could argue it could be the game of the year only for the ps4, xbox one and pc which don't (xbox one and ps4) come out towards the end of this year anyway so its not looking too good for that.
Ok Bioshock Infinite is no competiton at all and considering this game has already been released and not been a massive hit it wont be able to keep up once the big games are released following September, October, November. And again the majority of gamers are casuals who don't know or play these types of games and just stick to the big titles like gta, cod, fifa etc.

It's obvious your not a GTA fan so I understand why you don't consider it in your list of games but in reality the actual size and anticipation is likely to make it 'game of the year'.

On a side note, if you think this is bias, I'm an experienced gamer and will likely to be buying Watch Dogs, Asassins Creed 4, Last of Us, Saints Row IV and Beyond Two Souls also I'm not a fanboy as most people know it I have both Xbox 360 and Ps3 and try to use them as much as each other to get the most out of them. (This isn't relevant by the way).


"whether you intended to do this or not, thank you."
I play fair.

"there aren't other things to do other than killing zombies and surviving etc."
A video game in the category of Last of Us doesn't require a whole bunch of new things every minute. Last year Walking Dead won, and that was a point and click game. Fun factor isn't the only requirement for a game to win or even be nominated. A game needs to have all the basic components of a great experience, and while GTA V might deliver, we already know Last of Us has. This is a game with one of the best and most well thought out plots in video game history, survival mechanics that require full focus of the player, and characters that are very engaging.

"We are not making something game of the year due to one replayable good story. It needs to also have good multiplayer and also be alot of fun."
Two things- One: The Last of Us has a very fun multiplayer system, that joins itself with the stories world in a unique sense. Two: Multiplayer has never been a part of my opinion on a game. It doesn't change the gameplay mechanics, and doesn't do anything. Multiplayer is only as good as the game it's on. Fun mutiplayer is only either a reflection of the game itself being fun, or other people being fun to play with, so it's not a good or bad thing. It's just there.

"its NOT something completely new, its just different weapons. "
It may have some functions that are similar, but it doesn't look familiar. We're talking about a game with some of the best NPC's I've ever seen in a game, quick and fluid gameplay, & multiple ways of completing a mission. That last part is really what gets my attention, the gameplay footage of Watch Dogs has shown that there a numerous ways of going about completing a mission. This is a nice gameplay feature that's kind of rare these days, where a player is not told how to do things, they're just told what the end result has to be. Don't confuse this for story choice, this is mission choice. A gameplay mechanic that I have a soft spot for, because it makes sure that no mission makes a player try to think of ways to do it in only one way, but many ways.

"scuba diving"
Okay I'll admit that does sound like a cool feature.

"Ok Bioshock Infinite is no competition at all"
Considering it's cool mechanics, fun story, great characters, and great graphics (critics love that s*** for whatever reason) I would say it's competition.

"the majority of gamers are casuals"
So? We are talking about the Spike VGAs here, right? I'm pretty sure anyone who votes on that is above casual. And yes, we are talking about the Spike VGAs, they're the big major one. If we were talking about Argo it would be the oscars, and for Breaking Bad the emmys... you get the idea.

"It's obvious your not a GTA fan"
I'm more of a Saints Row guy.

"if you think this is bias"
Not possible. The year is halfway done, and half the games that might be nominated haven't come out yet. This is the speculatory stage of award prediction, a stage reserved entirely for opinion. When GTA V and Watch Dogs come out, it will move to the stage where youtubers compare the games side by side. When the nominees are announced, it'll be the voting stage and finally when either GTA V, Watch Dogs or Last of Us win (again, speculation, for all I know Deadpool could win), it'll be the "This game should have won" stage.
Debate Round No. 4


Yes but to be honest with you the whole community of youtube are mostly saying that Battlefield 4 and GTA V will be the best games of the year and GTA has always arguably been the best anticipating game franchise since GTA 3. Watch Dogs is a new series so we can't know yet how successful it will be. Yes I'm not saying Watch Dogs will be bad but honestly I can bet it won't be the most selling of the year definately.

Ok sorry but the last of us was a good game but it was nothing new or spectacular about it , critics referring to it being just another rubbish ps3 exclusive like uncharted, which it was, to be honest. It was just like uncharted just a new story the gameplay or graphics were years old and the only good in it was the well written immersive script which does not make it a good game but maybe like a movie instead. The gaming community wants something new, bigger and better all the time and Saints Row 4 is literally just like Saints Row 3 but with super powers, it is watch the gameplay videos it has the same layout as SR3. At least there was a step up from SR2 to SR3 but this time no. Infact SR4 was going to be dlc for saints row 3 now they're just ripping you off for a new game definately not worth the price of console games now around £40 ($60 for you I think). And we don't know the storylines of the best games yet to be released so you can't count on it. If The Last Of Us story is as good as it can get this year, I will be very, very disappointed and angry.

Ok I admit you're right about multiplayer not being everything but for a large part of this tricky demand for gamers, puling off a fantastic experience could be a new thing for GTA we are yet to find out (like how Cod has been a hit for too long, people will get bored of it and already are). Seriously anyway if The Last Of Us was that good anyway they'd be stupid to not make the game a multiplatform one, no serious company would do this. It really doesn't have much to it anyway even the missions are just like uncharted and it becomes very tedious.

There is nothing new about numerous ways of going about a mission. And even if this is going to be a thing in Watch Dogs, I doubt they'd want to not encourage gamers to use all the features and make the most of the game's options rather than doing the same gameplay style like for example someone might just always go all guns out shooting, the other might always be stealthy with hacking the city. They would actually be silly to not make it a great experience for everyone without certain 'have to's in the game, it would suck.

Saints Row blows

If scuba diving is all you think is cool in the game, please watch the gameplay and there's going to be a reveal trailer sometime soon by rockstar just on the new multiplayer. The fact that rockstar are even branding the 'GTA Online' is an indication this will be big and impressive.

I still will have to agree to disagree with you about Bioshock Infinite. The bioshock franchise has never been a big hit and gamers (99% casuals anyway) don't care about such a lame series. You have just a few crazy fans for it which keeps them running just like saints row do. They're small time series and do not match the big titles. It's sad I know but thats the truth (12 year old COD players are just dominating the community which p*sses me off too).

I was a Saints Row guy. I couldn't get enough of SR2 infact I still play it regularly today that doesn't have anything to do with the debate but SR and GTA are different I hate it when people compare them just because they're open world games.

And sorry I know you're right about this being speculation and we can't say much more until we actually see what will happen so yes I appreciate the discussion. Thanks for the talk, Babeslayer. I didn't want a competitive proper debate so I don't mind who gets voted for as it doesn't matter to me ( I think you'll win but anyway).


I'll agree that of the games most people lose their s*** about every time one comes out, GTA is the only one I can really tolerate. (CoD, Halo, Battlefield, and even the majority of the AC games) But again, I don't think sales are the biggest factor here. If they were, CoD would win game of the year every time a new one comes out (let me think about this for a minute, oh yeah-) EVERY YEAR.

"It was just like uncharted just a new story "
Okay, I understand that they're the same developer, but come on! What's backing up this (note: I make my arguments as I go along so there might be an argument to support this)? That they're both third person adventure games with exploration mechanics and a good story? By that rational, Assassins Creed and Prototype are the same because they have a hooded main character and involve stabbing people.

"The gaming community wants something new"
This pretty much contradicts everything both of us have said so-far. By this argument, an indie game will win GOTY (which I would have NO problem with) because those are the only games with some originality. Sure, they may not make a ton of money, and they may not be popular, but according to you this is what gamers want! But lets face it, only indie gamers want originality. If gamers wanted new things, we wouldn't line up at midnight for the next grey shooty shooty go America game. Or the next open world crime shooter, or the next racing game. Something original and new is stuff the critics (the ones I read anyway) want.

"There is nothing new about numerous ways of going about a mission."
I just pointed out that the gaming community could give less of a s*** about originality, but more to the point, this is a gaming mechanic I said was UNCOMMON, not NEW. Most games force you down a straight path, instead of allowing freedom. Hell, even the last Hitman game pulled that. This is a mechanic in games that I don't see nearly enough of, and I want to see it happen more often. In a perfect world, every game incorporates this system. But alas, we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a world where every game is given straight paths with big arrows and directions so that the gamer doesn't get lost. Jeez, it's like the developers think we're all small puppies who need guidance throughout everything, and if we don't get that guidance we'll curl up into a ball and cry (see: My roommate).

"Saints Row blows"
I really don't know how, but whatever. Your loss.

"If scuba diving is all you think is cool in the game"
Okay I forgot to ask this last time, but are there going to be underwater shootouts? That would be sick. Anyway, yeah I think that's the only new and fun thing Rockstar has brought to the table. If I were them, I'd start working on RDR2, because the first Red Dead was amazing.

"The bioshock franchise has never been a big hit"
Okay I wasn't going to mention this, because I thought you were legit, but come on. Have you been making up stats to win this debate? Seriously? Bioshock was a huge hit, and still considered one of the best games ever made.

"such a lame series."
Oh be real. You're going to claim one of the few series with some new ideas up it's sleeve is lame?

"You have just a few crazy fans for it which keeps them running just like saints row do."
A: Bioshock has a large fanbase
B: Saints Row doesn't have a medium fandbase, I don't know why you think it does. Some gamers just like to have fun, without stuff crammed in the way. I know that contradicts my whole Last of Us story thing, I'll get to that.

"I couldn't get enough of SR2 infact I still play it regularly"
Oh you weren't talking about SR2? Okay, I agree with you, SR3 does kinda blow, but at least it's trying to be fun. Other games do it way better (Blood Dragon), but still.

Now as for what I said back there, about story vs. fun, I've meant to talk about this. I like games that are fun, and story based games. I like going nuts with a game like Saints Row 2 or Hitman 3, where I can just have fun with a game. I also like games with a deep plot, good characters, & good writing like Heavy Rain or The Walking Dead. I've heard the argument that GTA is both, but that's not true. Both would be classified as the VERY rare, but oh so enjoyable genre known as dark comedy. When a game has fun with itself, but it never takes itself either to seriously or goes too far (Fallout New Vegas and the first Portal). GTA doesn't fit into this category because it doesn't know what it is. It has a dark plot with likable characters, but it contradicts that with it's exaggerated stereotypes. I mean, a helicopter tour guide with a guy who has a racist and over patriotic remark about every landmark? And on the subject of helicopter tours... HELICOPTER TOURS. And people mock Sims for being a life simulator, at least that game labels itself as a life simulator. GTA IV (which is probably going to be the model for GTA V knowing developers) was a life simulator with a sense of wittyness that was overshadowed by a crime thriller. It's not a neat blend, it's schizophrenic.

Thanks JKtroll, I'm glad I didn't debate some CoD fanboy on this. I'll say that GTA V does look decent, it will be nominated for GOTY, and I'm certain this years GOTY is going to be a close one.
Debate Round No. 5
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