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(GY) School uniform should be abolished

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Started: 11/18/2010 Category: Education
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School uniform improves students' behavior. Having all students wear the same uniform helps to create a sense of belonging and a good school ethos spirit. By showing that the school expects high standards, expectations are raised and students respond with better behavior. There are several research that prove the improvement of students in delinquency and academic achievement after adopted uniform cord.
Firstly, let me show the example that show the change of major delinquency. At the Long Beach unified school, after it introduced the school uniform, school crime decreased 36 %, fights decreased 51%, sex offenses decreased 74%, weapons offenses decreased 50%, and assault and battery offenses decreased 34%.
Secondly, Raffner Middle School noted improvements in students' behavior Using US Department of Education software to track discipline data, leaving class without permission is down 47%, throwing objects is down 68%, and fighting has decreased by 38%. Staff attributes these changes in part to the uniform code.
Thirdly, I want to give the example about improvement in student's academic achievement. Maymont Elementary school principal identified many benefits of the uniform program, including improved behavior, an increase in attendance rates and higher student achievement. Also, Mt.Royal's assistant principal stated that the uniform policy has enhanced the tone and climate of our building. She also noted that t brings about a sense of seriousness about work.


I Agree with the research my opponent has posted, I wish him good luck.

First, I would like to ask my opponent if he is talking about private or public schools.
Second, yes research has proved better behavior in children, but school uniforms have taken a person(s) freedom of expression. Usually people express themselves through the cloths they wear at school, at a public and private schools that don't have mandated school uniforms, The First Amendment protects one's freedom of religion, and speech. press. . School uniforms can come into conflict of one's religion. For example, Muslims cannot wear a hijab. Definition of a Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face.

As much as uniforms do promote school spirit and less bullying as my opponent says, students find ways to be "Rebellious" (to go against) and try to find a way to be different from everyone else like wearing jewellery or take off a extra set of clothing. You wont wear uniforms outside of school in public places, There are dress codes for jobs and some fancy restaurants, but not uniforms.

A story that I saw on the news, a little girl( and a few others but the news focused on mainly the girl) got suspended from grade school(elementary school grades K-5 in some schools) because she had a pink stripe across her shoe that went against the school policy of the uniform and dress code. The family is poor and cannot afford another pair of shoes. Also uniforms are expensive, you have to get multiple uniforms and have to get it custom fit, if you grow out of it then you have to get it re sized and buy a new pair. Uniforms are just another way to get more money.

The bullying problem is not solved by uniforms, it may slow it down but it is not a solution. A bully is not going to stop just because they are wearing the same thing. They are going to use attacks that don't have to deal with saying "nice shirt " or "those pants look stupid" but they can use personal attacks so therefore it is no solution. And schools that have uniforms are at no lower risk of a school shooting or violence than a school with no uniforms, a intruder can get a janitor cloths or get a uniform, or even a student can easily be able to sneak a firearm in.

Also the behavior problem as my opponent states, that behavior has been better since uniforms were in place by the school. Behavior can be caused by many things, deprived of sleep (not enough sleep), no breakfast, and what time the school starts.
Debate Round No. 1


gydebater forfeited this round.


uniforms are ugly also.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ittastenasty 6 years ago
i like tuhtles
Posted by Shtookah 6 years ago
Con is flirting with fascism.
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