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Gambling age limit should be reduced to 15-16

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Started: 5/9/2016 Category: Funny
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For those of you who say children don't know the value of money, you are wrong. Many adults don't value money, and under influence of drink they may go bankrupt. Children aren't allowed to drink which may make them more efficient gamblers. They also have a more intuitive mind. I am a child and I play pretty good poker, better than some of my adults. And I haven't lost anything too crushing. Money is on a short supply as it is.


Heya lord_megatron,

To start this off, I'm not going to say that pre-adults don't know the value of money as it's quite obvious for most of them. They generally don't have to go to work around 39 hours a week to make a living and still struggle with spending and surviving. And so, they value it less as they didn't earn it. But more importantly...

Their brains aren't as developed as an adult's and neither is their maturity for the most part. A lot of petty crimes such as theft are commonly done by people in their late teens. They do foolish things that, while most of the time are small, giving a 15 year old access to gambling? They'll likely not be working at that age and will take some from their parent(s)/guardian(s) thinking they'll (the teen) will make it back and return it. If they did have a source of income and squandered it on gambling, there would be no point in them working. And they can also get their hands on alcohol and spend everything, not just adults.

Note: Not all teens are like this, but it certainly wouldn't be wise to give 15 year olds the rights to gamble.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


You said a lot of petty crimes such as theft are commonly done by late teens. I would like to certainly see the evidence of that.
Also, you said they can get access to alcohol, which doesn't make sense as we are not lowering the age limit for gambling, not for alcohol.
Value for money has often been taught to many children. Most common children know how much they have to fight for that little pocket money, and I am sure they would not waste only of it that quickly. And adults are usually the ones who have no value for money, as they know they can earn it back, but children know once their money is gone it will take a lot of pleading to get it back. Plus, while there is the spoiled rich kid scenario, the same case is with the adults. Many people have gone broke due to gambling their entire income away. Also, it is more than likely that in the end it will be the parent's choice whether to send his/her child to the casino and how much money he/she takes, so they would only let the child gamble if the trust his/her decision-making skills and intelligence.


Tepar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Forfeit. Give me a point for that folks.
To conclude, gambling age limit should be reduced as children will be able to gamble better than adults due to no access to alcohol, inability to earn money and that parent supervision will be there anyways. Anyways, when online gambling age limit is 13 (Casino games on facebook) why not let it drop to 15 in real life? I know its virtual money online, but still, some children buy chips and play it properly. And I play cards with my friends with money despite being under 18, shouldn't I be allowed to enter the casino?


Tepar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thestallinator 2 years ago
Why in fucks name would you want kids basically be gambling that early at least 18, also do you want them to change they're name to Luis and have a really deep V neck with a bunch of chest hair
Posted by SkyLeach 2 years ago
Con: No
Pro: Why?
Con: Because I'm your father.
Pro: That's not fair!
Con: Tuff kid, go cry to your mom.
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