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Gambling should be banned!

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Started: 3/30/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I absolutely agree that gambling should be banned! When say "gambling" I immediately imagine the person sitting in one slot machine whole day trying to win, waste his time, lose money and control over himself. Even the word "gambling" says for himself - we are trying to win forget about everything and we become obsessed by this game. In addition gambling affects negatively to people. It can change our life to the bad side for example: family breakdown, destruction of friendship and so on.


Allow me to use an analogy. Think of gambling as fast food and the gambler is the consumer of that food. If the consumer eats fast food every day, then they will eventually become obese. This is the equivalent of the gambler losing their money, time, and themselves. But let's say that the fast food eater only eats every so often. Then they will most likely not become obese. This is the equivalent of healthy "every now and then" gambling.
The point that I am trying to make is: gambling is fine in moderation. I completely agree that a gambling addiction, which is what my opponent described, can be a horrible thing that can ruin a life. However, when done occasionally, gambling has some advantages.
Gambling can be a great fun. Gambling is often performed through games that are fun even if no gambling is involved. These games can also be played with friends and when playing with friends, you can become more connected with them. Playing with friends may even strengthen relationships.
Gambling also affects the economy in a positive way. It gives money to the local government allowing them to lower the tax put on citizens. This is why real estate in places such as Las Vegas is so desirable. Gambling also provides jobs which can provide economic stimulus in communities.
Debate Round No. 1


"However, when done occasionally, gambling has some advantages". Exactly, majority of people cannot do it occasionally. When the man begin to play, it becomes interesting for him. He wants more and more. Then he becomes a slave of the game. Further, it everything leads to addiction " is terrible thing.

At the present time we have so much other fun which can give us not only fun and good mood, at the same time they can be beneficial for us, for our health: going to the picnic and play volleyball, surfing, and to enjoy by weather, talk with friends. To play football with friends, go to the bowling etc. We can find other entertainment instead of gambling.

I agree that gambling can influence to the economy positively but not so much that economy can base on it! Gambling has a lot of disadvantages than advantages. " A recent research reveals that in America, approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3 million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are under the risk of becoming problem gamblers and 148 million fall under the low risk gambler category". -
""According to a 1990 Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene survey, 62 percent of problem gamblers in treatment had committed illegal acts as a result of their gambling, 80 percent had committed civil offenses""" -


My opponent and I have both been using the term “gambling addiction”. Allow me to explain what this is. A gambling addiction is not a true addiction but rather an obsession that can be controlled by the individual. A true addiction is characterized by biological process that the individual has no control over. Gambling addiction, problem gambling being a more accurate term, is based on “habitual and poorly informed choices”. This means gambling is not to blame but rather the gambler for having a “gambling addiction”.

This debate is about whether or not gambling should be legal, so let me draw attention to other questionable things that are legal. Alcohol is the second most consumed drug in the world after caffeine and it can be very addictive. Yet it is legal. Alcoholism affects about 5%-10% in males and about 3%-5% in females. This is more addictive than gambling “addiction” which only affects about 3% of people. Also, alcohol affects the health of the body and not only the finances and family relationships like gambling. In my opinion, Alcohol is a much bigger problem than gambling. So why should alcohol be legal and gambling not?

As we have already established, gambling addiction is based on poor decisions. As my opponent said in the previous round, "According to a 1990 Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene survey, 62 percent of problem gamblers in treatment had committed illegal acts as a result of their gambling, 80 percent had committed civil offenses". These problem gamblers are already known to make poor decisions, so who’s to say they wouldn’t commit these crimes without the catalyst of gambling. I don’t believe that is a very valid argument.

I would now like to make an argument. A lot of games in gambling involve probability or some kind of strategy. This could make gambling a good way to sharpen your mind. I believe this undermines the problem that gambling is not very beneficial to the body’s physical health.

Debate Round No. 2


Ok! Let"s say it like "we are dealing with habitual and poorly informed choices"" - Anyway, if gambling had banned this incorrect choice wouldn't have made. Further this addiction wouldn"t develop!

Alcohol is not ban because economy of many countries (such as France, Italy, Georgia and so on) are developing by producing wins. As I know from school France is one of the best producers of the wine.
Also some religions like Judaism, Christianity use wine - So if we ban alcohol there will be many religions opposition and problem.
In addition, alcohol was banned earlier but there were no any good results. People began to drink surrogates, and colognes. - (although it is in Russian language but you can easily translate by electronic translator, especially fourth paragraph)

One more example that even normal person who did not commit crime earlier, commited after gambling - "Tony Washington"s addiction to gambling was so strong that he robbed to gamble. What began as a flirtation with gambling on weekends, soon suffocated him in unpaid bills. For Washington, a 40-year-old Wisconsin man, the compulsion to gamble led to life in prison". - .

Moreover, gambling lead to problem in family especially financial problem and problem in relationship. There is the author of the article reports that in his childhood he already faced with such problem. And it was terrible - Also "Researchers found that women whose partners had problem gambling were more than 10 times as likely to have suffered partner violence than women whose partners did not have problem gambling". -

One more reason: gambling leads to the problem with health: problem with stomach, depression, they will think about suicide etc. -


All of my opponent's arguments for why gambling should be banned focused on the 3% of gamblers that can be classified as problem gamblers. The bad decisions of the people in the 3% should not affect whether or not the 97% of responsible gamblers are allowed to gamble.
Gambling can be fun, stimulate the economy, and create jobs. Because of this, gambling should not be banned.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Antnego 5 years ago
*protection of the government, not protection from the government. I wish I could edit my previous comment.
Posted by Antnego 5 years ago
Enough "bad" things are banned because some people are irresponsible and can't learn moderation. Destroying the enjoyment of the majority of occasional, responsible gamblers to protect the irresponsible ones is hardly proper justice. It's another argument that assumes people are mindless infants in need of protection from the government.

Think of the impact of banning gambling as well. Many Native American tribes rely on casinos as a niche source of income. It's the only thing they have right now to stave off complete poverty on certain Indian reservations. Ban gambling, you ban their income.
Posted by krantz 5 years ago
It looks like someone had a bad month at the casino. Keep at it man, things have to turn around sooner or later...
Posted by johnlubba 5 years ago
Well done to Pro, I thought Con was going to swallow you up after his opening round, but you gave a very good rebuttal in my opinion, Take it from me, I am an addicted gambler. Let's see if Con can get his back off the wall.
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