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Gandhigiri is relevant in today's world

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Started: 9/30/2014 Category: People
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Gandhigiri is relevant today.

I would like to oppose the motion.

Let us start by stating the example of India and Pakistan. As you can well observe, there are terrorist attacks, bombarding, bloodsheds, and none of the countries living in harmony. Is this what Gandhi wanted? He has given us such ideologies to work upon, shouldn"t we respect his thoughts and views.

No one can deny the fact that we have failed to follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. I would like to ask you, are we putting Gandhiji"s philosophies to good use? Mahatma Gandhi was a selfless leader for whom the problems of his country were at the forefront. His uniqueness did not lie in the fact that he was extraordinary, but in his being extraordinarily ordinary and this simplicity of his was reflected by his ideas. In today"s developing world, the individuality and personality is disappearing. With such a state of affairs, no one can become an influential leader like Gandhiji.

The only solution to today"s emerging problems like corruption, violence, terrorism and black money is Satyagrah, which should be imbibed in the country. We need to learn that Gandhiji"s methods of resolution can solve major world issues without the need of revenge and war.

I would therefore like to conclude by saying that I do not find enough proof of Gandhigiri in the world to say that "Gandhigiri is relevant today".

Passing on to PRO" ATB!


I suppose, by Gandhigiri, you mean following non-violence and getting things done in a peaceful manner. Before I get to my point, I"d like to take the same reference you used in your argument. India and Pakistan, sure he wouldn"t have liked to see us fighting, but things are way different nowadays. The term terrorism was unheard of during those days(because until independence, to us bombing the parliament or killing a top British officer, were heroic activities by our freedom fighters and not terrorism). And if we sit here, following Gandhian laws...all we'd do is take bullets of the enemy.

Bearing on this point, I come to my main argument. The relevance of Gandhian philosophy in the world today. In my opinion putting up such an argument is indeed laughable. Haven"t you heard of the phrases- "Nice Guys come last" or "The crying baby gets the milk"? Because they are more practical in the current situation, and in fact are the only ways one can drive home one's point. Citing a very recent example, The state of Telangana would"ve been a dream had their leaders followed the Gandhian way.

Gandhian laws look good only on paper and in my opinion very impractical and unlike human tendencies. You"re right, Gandhi was indeed selfless and simple and extraordinarily ordinary and what not, but maybe it"s the God like characteristics that he possessed that makes HIM a Mahatma and not us.
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Posted by republicofdhar 2 years ago
This was a very weird debate. Con's arguments were badly substantiated. Pro appeared not to have read the motion and argued Con's position instead, albeit providing better arguments than Con did. This is weird....
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