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Gang members joining the United States Armed Forces is bad.

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Started: 2/23/2013 Category: Politics
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1. Acceptance, arguments, rebuttals.
2. Closing arguments.

I pro will gladly argue why Gang members joining the United States Armed Forces should be restricted.

My reasoning for my argument is stated below.

1.)According to released FBI reports, Gang-related activity in the U.S. military is increasing and poses a threat to law enforcement officials and national security.
2.)Gang Activity in the U.S. Armed Forces (members) have been identified on both domestic and international military installations.
3.) There are members in the U.S. Armed Forces that in this very moment are in many notorious gang affiliation. Some in which I don't want to state due to my safety. But logic clears up that missing sentence that is not stated.
4.) One reason gang members should not be part of the Elite proud United States Military is because of what can happen once that persons contract is over, meaning violence in our communities. Now I know not all people are that way in which I'm describing therefore I support strongly in rough background checks before enlistment other than that, no gang member should participate in the U.S. Military.

The link above is a youtube video supporting my argument.

Over to Con


Hello, I'm Dylip, I'm accepting what I predict will be a very interesting debate.

As the kind man I am, I'll let my opponent make his argument first, as it's his debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Dylip for accepting this debate.

I have the burden of proof to demonstrate why gang members joining the U.S. Military is bad.

I for one disagree with gang members joining the U.S. Military due to once the commitment of service is over. What the last words mean is that a person involved in the military has educated himself or herself to gun training knowledge, combat knowledge, knowledge into becoming a one man army. (One man army: Means no need of a partner.) And bringing their new skills back on the streets only to do harmful things to society. The person can also teach other members of their gangs what they had learned in the military.

Here I am providing proof for my argument.
1.)According to released FBI reports, Gang-related activity in the U.S. military is increasing and poses a threat to law enforcement officials and national security.

Thank you, please I mean no harmful things
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I believe that members of 'gangs' should be allowed to join the U.S. Military, because (no ill-feelings) most of them do have experience with a firearm. Although I highly recommend an extensive background check, I do believe that once they've served their country, they'll know better than to use their military-training to terrorize streets. If they do, they should be given a heavy penalty in court.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro and Con both raised some good points. However, on the whole, Pro was more convincing and provided more reasons for his position. Here are a few additional arguments that can be used in future debates: Pro: The mindset of gang members is not conducive to "ethical" warfare. Gang members would be more inclined to commit the minor and major atrocities that have sullied the name of the United States Armed Forces in recent years. Con: The discipline instilled by the military, and the opportunities provided therein, could help individual gang members break free of that lifestyle and become produce members of society. I give these concept arguments to you so that you may make use of them in future debates. You will need to find sources to back them up, else they're nothing but bare assertions.