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Gangnam Style is More Than Just a One Hit Wonder

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Started: 12/4/2012 Category: Arts
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First of all, I truly believe Gangnam Style will be a one hit wonder in the US. I sincerely doubt that PSY will ever have another single list in the US, regardless of his popularity in Korea.

Nevertheless, despite my personal beliefs, I will argue the PRO case in this debate. This ridiculous K-POP sensation has 883 MILLION hits on youtube right now and will probably be the first video to break the one billion mark. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon (who is guess what...Korean) has been very public of his endorsement of PSY. Therefore, there is some potential for something "more" here.

Exactly what "more" is will be the subject of the debate, and voters will decide whether or not PRO can make the case that PSY will have any more POSITIVE impact on the US. (i.e., Paris Hilton style antics will not count, negative publicity is not enough, even if it is substantial). What the debate will be about is whether or not PSY can turn this one hit into something substantial that will influence the US in one way or another besides desperate publicity stunts. The degree of influence is also important, and I will leave it to the voters to determine whether or not what PRO argues is enough to be substantial.

Rules are simple:
Round 1 acceptance, 2/3 argument, 4 closing (no new arguments or citations).

One hit wonder -

Examples of negative publicity:

Ban Ki Moon and PSY's mancrush:


Are you kidding me? Gangnam style? IT'S THE GREATEST SONG THAT EVER EXISTED! I LOVE PSY!! Oh wait. Con. One hit wonder. I accept.
Debate Round No. 1



Asia's a funny place to Americans. There's a lot there that simply gets lost in translation. Instead of Sesame Street, they have 뿡뿡이, which just also happens to be onomatopoeic for passing gas, and where the titular character spends much of the show looking for where he put his lost feces (hint, don't comb your hair!) - vid #1, just the first 30 seconds:

Instead of Barbie dolls, they have 콩순이 방귀대장, a doll that happens to go 뿡뿡이 too! - vid #2

That's what makes PSY so special. For once, we're not looking at strange images of women's lap pillows [1], or the male equivalent [2], but actually something we can understand, and even emulate (warning, some coarse language in this one): - vid #3

The satire is right on - Gangnam Style is all about satirizing the lives of the rich and famous, and it fully translated into English. And it was funny, too! In a good way! Honest!

Believe it or not PSY's English isn't bad either, so there's some potential here for crossover: - vid #4:

To say that Korea is nationalistic is the same as saying that Donald Trump has a small bed and breakfast on the East Coast; during the 2002 World Cup soccer games co-hosted by Korea and Japan, 22 million Koreans flooded the streets to cheer their Red Devils over the course of the games...that's over 40% of South Korea's population. And what did they do afterward? They cleaned up after themselves, of course. [3] Gotta make a name for yourself somehow.

You can bet that PSY's newfound fame as the world's most successful one-hit-wonder will ingrain itself in the Korean mindset, more than likely permanently. Exactly what lies in the future for PSY is, however, anything but certain.




Interesting. wrichcirw, it's taking me a while to figure out what your argument is.

You are arguing that Psy will have positive, substantial influence on the US (round 1). And your evidence is that they're satirizing the life of the rich and famous in a good way? I'm not sure I can see the connection, really.

Um, you have burden of proof, don't forget.
Debate Round No. 2



Well, I just realized that what I'll be arguing is that Gangnam Style WILL BE More Than Just a One Hit Wonder.

God, I hate making arguments.



rross forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent will be unable to debate for one week. Because of this, I request a dual forfeit.

I can argue my position and meet minimal BoP, but it would be unfair to my opponent if I do so.



Thanks, Wrichcirw. You could have easily won this. Anyone reading this should give my opponent conduct points, I think, and let him win.
Debate Round No. 4
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