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Gay Equality vs Racism

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Started: 7/1/2015 Category: Society
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Ok, I read one of your comments and I was confused.. how is it that you can compare years of enslavement, brutal fights for equality, segregation laws and everything else that happened to the AA community for all of those years to gay marriage? They are nowhere near the same thing!!! I cannot even imagine how many people you probably offended with that comment. How many linch mobs that are specifically after gay people do you see? How many public places do you see with signs out front saying "No gays allowed"? Where are the segregation laws the are set to single gay people out of society? I know you do not have an answer to that.

Secondly, we are talking about apples and oranges here. Since when did racism and sexuality choice become the same thing? They are not even close to being simiilar! How are you comparing to unlike things? You do not make any sense.. your comment made no sense and you pissed alot of people (black people) off. Try not to be so rude and have a little tact when debating on this forum.


You should post a link so I can see what I posted, it's been a while after all.

Anyway, however, although gay people did not endure the enslavement, segregation, and overall terror of racism, that's not to say they aren't similar. Obviously racism is a more extreme issue, but with the rise of "Religious Freedom" laws and the discrimination gay people face in public, in their homes, and at work, it should be easy to see how closely the gay discrimination timeline follows the racism timeline. Both endure/endured reduced chances to work, less respect in public, especially in southern states with strong religious ties, and overall a greater sense of guilt and hate for their own lifestyle.

I don't know the specifics of what I said, but I do know that I never said the gay issue is more important than racism nor is it a greater threat to the stability of the nation or the people who live in it. I did not say anything about the character or ability of black people, nor did I try to insult them, if they took offense, I can't see why since I'm sure I was only using the events of their history to show anyone who might be anti-gay a situation with similar events and policies that would hopefully make them look at the whole topic of gay marriage in a different manner.
Debate Round No. 1


I am new to, but I will find and post the link to what you said.

I still do not understand how you are comparing the two. They are completley different subjects. Gay people choose to live out a life that is harder than what it should be. Black people, in times of segregation, had no choice. That is the HUGE difference here. There are solutions that can be taken to fight the confusion of sexual orientation. Living out a difficult lifestyle because it "feels" right is a hard life brought upon by the individual, not by society. People can run their businesses however they want to. It is a right. If you choose to live a certain way, if you choose to wear the rainbow colors, if you choose to chant equality, if you choose to end supporting statements with #LoveWins, if you choose to be gay, then you are choosing to subject yourself to what opposing people think.

Secondly, why are you talking about religious freedom as if it is something new? Last I checked, there is an amandment in the constituition for religious freedom. It has been around for a long time.. where have you been? Our rights are being taken away from us in the form of forcing us to marry and do business with gay couples. You say its the rise of religious freedom? This is more like the fall of religious freedom.. specifically for people who believe in Christianity. Church and state should stay seperate, it is better that way. What we have practiced our beliefs for years, and it has never been scrutinized by the government, so what makes the difference now? Why force us to go against what we believe in when there are places that accept this behavior and lifestyle choice?


The first part of your argument hinges on the staple of the fact that being gay is, in fact, a choice. It's not. Ask the American Medical Association or the American Psychological Association, or simply look up "Studies on whether homosexuality is a choice," and you'll find overwhelming evidence that being gay is neither the consequence of illness or choice. According to both live science and the International Business Times, "Using DNA from gay man and their pedigrees, a gene for homosexuality seemed to be maternally linked and found on the Xq28 stretch of the X chromosome." So no, gay people do not choose to endure a more difficult lifestyle than black people did during the times of segregation or even today, and while one may claim that they still have the option to conceal their sexuality, this is the reason that hundreds, if not thousands of people take their own lives every year.

Also, while religious freedom is one of the most important matters to America, today, and during its founding, I was of course referring to the recent spew of bills and acts allowing discrimination against gay people on the basis of religious freedom. This is not something Americans should be standing for. I hate to 'toot my own horn' but on account of the reasons I just provided for gay not being a choice, it's reasonable to say that people are being given the right to deny services to someone on a basis the consumer has no control over. Nowhere in the bible did it say "Thou shalt not serve the homosexuals, for 'tis a sin," so people shouldn't even be allowed to use Christianity as a reason to discriminate. You can't provide a good reason for why gays can't be served by Christians. The bible said not to consume shrimp, but a Christian that works at Red Lobster will still give someone the plate of scampi they ordered, even though, according to religious freedom, they should be against it.
Debate Round No. 2


I personally do not care about AMA or APA. I have heard all of the arguments from people with your viewpoint and you have not said anything that I have not heard. For you to say that people are born gay with a "Gene for Homosexuality" in the chromosomes of the DNA makeup, you must also think that God created it that way. Afterall, He created everything. I am telling you, God makes everything perfect. How would God make something sinful? Sin is a result of blatantly choosing to go against what God says... nowhere in the bible does it say that God does make things sinful. People and freewill make things sinful. I do not care for what either organization says, because I know what marriage was meant to be.

Secondly, how is a praticting a set of beliefs an act of discrimination? I could see if there was nothing in the bible to go against homosexuality, but that is not the case. Here is some scripture

Leviticus 18:22 "You shall not lie with a man as a woman; it is an abomination".

Leviticus 20:13 "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them".

I just gave you two verses that clearly state how God feels about homosexuality. He describes it as an ABOMINATION. I feel like that was a pretty strong word to use. Homosexuality is a sin. The point of marriage, a gift that God gave, was to reproduce. Tell me, how would a same sex couple reproduce? Same sex couples do not contribute to the population of a society. If anything, they are a detriment to it. There is no discrimination here, just a set of rules that we have always gone by. Gays should know that they are going to be denied service in a place that holds true to these boundaries. Now what you mentioned about eating shrimp, well, I do not have a comment for those people. The verse that you are referring to is also in Leviticus. You know about that verse, but not what I mentioned? Interesting..its in the same book.


I don't believe that Christians should stop serving shrimp at Red Lobster, because that's a silly thing to do. The question is though, why would the bible make such a big deal over something as tiny as eating Shrimp? The answer is the the context in which the very bible was written. Consider the time period the bible was written in, especially the first half, where we find most of the anti-gay passages. This was a period where people died all the time from disease due to hygiene related issues. In this event, it would be essential, since the people in this time lacked the proper equipment to look at shrimp and lobster properly and clean it correctly, to ban the food altogether, because many people were preparing it or cleaning it incorrectly since most of the shrimp/lobster/crab is inedible. Then, in a world without condoms, STI's that spread through anal would have no good side to them, since a child wasn't produced during intercourse. Additionally why aren't you killing off the gays then? You just said it's clear how god feels about homosexuals, they should be put to death. Who cares if you get the electric chair, god will reward you in the afterlife for your murderous rampage.

Anyway though, this has really strayed off our initial point of whether bigotry is similar to racism. The Christian bible has loads of passages that support slavery, "However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you" Leviticus 25:44 "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ" Ephesians 6:5. Why then was slavery ever outlawed? The bible makes it clear that slaves should serve their masters and god will smile upon them both. This is why, because bigotry and racism are equally stupid. The bible didn't just drop out of heaven one day, it was written by humans, humans with racist/bigoted values. If you want to respect everything the bible has to say, fine. But you don't, no one does.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GHL 2 years ago
What exactly is being compared?

Gay equality: the desire for civil rights for homosexuals
Racism: the belief that one 'race' is superior to another therefore justifying systemic oppression, enslavement, rape, etc.

This is not an equal comparison. Racism is a belief that results in mistreatment of a human being(s) for being human. All of the evidence in the world says genetics is responsible for Blacks being Human and Black.

The condition or state of being homosexual has not been substantiated by science to be genetic.

If homosexuality was genetic, and since only heterosexuals can procreate and produce homosexual offspring, then it follows that the rate of homosexual births should be at least equal to the heterosexual birth rate. Yet the birth rate of homosexual infants has yet to be measured...?

So, gay equality boils down to the right of an individual that prefers homosexual sex to be afforded all rights, privileges and protections of every other citizen.

Hmmm. When you think about it, homosexuals are not that important at all. They just want their way of having sex to be accepted by the general population, and they want their right(s) to have homosexual sex protected by law.

So comparing a genetic fact to a lifestyle choice is not an equal comparison. Comparing a natural, unalterable state of being to a sexual preference and a choice to live a lifestyle surrounding that preference -is once again-an unequal comparison. Why do I insist that homosexuality is a choice? Well, since science can't definitively prove it's genetic, I can safely say that choice is the next most viable option.
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