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Gay Marriage: Is God pro or con?

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Started: 3/17/2011 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I would like to challenge anyone to this arguement. I want to hear others opinions on this subject also..

I believe that God loves all his children whether they are gay, straight, black, white, etc. Therefore, I think he wants all of us to be happy and in love regaurdless to gender. If it is not in the ten commandments I don't believe that any of us should say whether its a sin or not.


I will not begin with an arguement I will only start by saying I accept the challenge and say a few things dealing with this case I feel we have to lay down before we start. I agree 100% that God loves all his children I do not however agree that God permits gay marriage by does not permit I mean He considers that gay marrige is sinful in the same way same sex intimate relationships are considered sinful.

Since it has bee made clear we are talking about the Christian God the case will be then based almost entirely on His word which is the bible. See john 1:1 the objective for my case will be then to show how the bible talks about same sex relations or even same sex marriage is sinful. Something sinful is anything that does not meet the the standard of God I would imagine romans 3:23 would illustrate that point.

I would like to thank the pro for the oppurtunity to debate this and hope both of us come out with a better biblical understanding of God.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank you for your politeness; I find it very refreshing since we are on a debating website and such can become heated.

Now, to me this debate is to help me understand why people would believe that God does not love, understand, except etc his gay children.
On that note I will argue that biblical references can be interpreted in anyway. Thats why we have so many different denominations. So those verses to you may mean one thing but to me another.

Also, the bible also states that in the household the man comes first and woman second, but ask your wife and she'll tell you differently (lol) by this statement I am implying that times have changed and we live much differently now. I do not believe that God looks down upon us because of this.


I do not have much room to type so I will make this as short and as clear as I can.

How we know Homesexuality is sinful according to the bible
Leviticus 18:2, Romans 1:26-27 "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also men, leaving the natrual use of the woman, burned their lust toward one another"

The bible makes it clear homesexuality is sinful but why? Is probably the immediete question.

Heres why, Genesis 2:24 is the first mention of marriage in the bible, we will also notice that in 1 Corinthians 7:2-16, and Ephesians 5:23-33 instructions about marriage deal with men and woman. So we have to conclude with the bible that this is the way marriage biblically is meant to be.

Now I refuse to believe God hates gay's, I believe from scripture He loves them the same way He loves me or anyone else. See Romans 3:23, and John 3:16.
Debate Round No. 2


DebateGirl forfeited this round.


general52 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by THEBOMB 7 years ago
The Catechism of the Catholic Church specifically says that people who have homosexual tenancies should be respected because of the sacrifice they have to make to be Catholic (i forget the exact paragraph). The other Christian denominations (Lutherism, etc.) believe slightly different things (some of these churches are more conservative than others). The Catholic Church does not hate gays and neither do most Christian churches (it is the more conservative ones that you here about in news). All Christian Churches believe the homosexual act is an abomination. Therefore, gays cannot be married because part of marriage is sex.
Posted by general52 7 years ago
"change with the world or get left behind."

Lol instigator that is a really ironic statement to me as I have been reading the left behind series (fictional series based on end times). There is a point where you don't want to be left behind some things the world does are not so good.
Posted by general52 7 years ago
Freeman, there were be radicals always, however they do not represent the pure doctrine taught in the scripture nor do verses taken out of context. The bible also teaches for people to respect slaves as if they were God in their homes, to a degree. People who have slaves were supposed to care of them and reward them. The bible doesn't necessarily promote slavery it is just that mankind insisted on it God can change things but there is only so much that can be done before free will is removed from mankind and their is a time and a place for when God will actually do something to get rid of tyranny but everyone is essentially going to get a chance* to choose him before that happens. (The last bit is mostly inference I will hold no dogma towards it)

Also biblically when I looked at the book of Job I think I noticed they were refered to has servants,
Slave:one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence (I usually say forced labor)

Servant: one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer
Posted by DebateGirl 7 years ago
I would like you to "justify" why African Americans were slaves.
Posted by Freeman 7 years ago
"In old times, African Americans were slaves"

That's also justified by the Bible, btw.

"Times have changed. People have changed. Marriage should changed." I completely agree. I just don't think we all need to pretend to have some religious justification for this view.

"I've never seen a verse in the Bible that I have interpreted to say that "being gay is wrong" but then again maybe I am wrong so if you have a verse that you think states that fact please share."

Well, just read Leviticus (Old Testament) and Romans (New Testament). If you have any trouble finding the specific verses, I'm sure this guy can help you.
Posted by DebateGirl 7 years ago
*Now, referring to the Bible:

Posted by DebateGirl 7 years ago
Times have changed. People have changed. Marriage should changed.
In old times, African Americans were slaves; Now we have an African American for president. We have to change with the world or get left behind.
Mow, referring to the Bible: I've never seen a verse in the Bible that I have interpreted to say that "being gay is wrong" but then again maybe I am wrong so if you have a verse that you think states that fact please share.
Posted by Freeman 7 years ago
"The biggest ever slaughter of homosexuals was done not by the warrant of religion but by the warrant of secular utopianism under the rule of several different atheist leaders."

You're not comparing like with like. The regimes of Stalin, Mao etc. were quasi-religious. They were state religions. Once again, the problem is faith. That's your problem, not mine. They were every bit as irrational as traditional religion. For example, in North Korea, the deceased leader Kim Il-sung is practically worshiped as a God. He is still technically considered the leader of the country, even though he has been dead for over 15 years. Also, his son, Kim Jung Ill, is considered to be a reincarnation of him. Meh..... That sounds pretty religious to me.
Posted by general52 7 years ago
It's not that the christian doctrine (derived from the bible has changed) it is people that change, in some senses people are beggining to take to bible more literal and are adhering to it better and are more accepting. In some cases people are still going nuts and only to passages they enjoy literally. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" & John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son and whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" God loves all of us and sure we sin but we have to acknowledge regardless of the sin we are all flawed and all below God's glory we do not compare to his perfection. While in Romans it is clear Homosexuallity is considered to be un-natural to God, and wrong. Which leads us to the conclusion that same sex, relations is wrong, however I am no better for being straight and a sinner than a homosexual is for being a sinner.

If you ever encounter a Christian who is talking bad about gays just fight them with their own scripture it will do both athiests and Christians a favor.
Posted by InquireTruth 7 years ago
The biggest ever slaughter of homosexuals was done not by the warrant of religion but by the warrant of secular utopianism under the rule of several different atheist leaders.
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