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Gay Marriage and GODS love for his Children

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Started: 1/29/2012 Category: Religion
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There was a debate on here supporting gay marriage. And I offered a side debate (if GOD really does love all his children.....I believe he does.)
Everyone in my opinion deserves love, I cant imagine life without it. But thats exactly what is happening with the that certain group of people. They are literally being punished for being loved, being in love, and just being human. And its wrong. As I read what I'm typing I cant help but question what Im saying; In the bible yea its very clear that love and/or marriage is between man and its true then GOD doesnt love all his children.
Everyone (well mostly everyone) say that they are all for equal rights......well you all are liars. Cause if you were this wouldnt be a debate.
Please, give me ONE GOOD (not just some cliche response) as to why Gay Marriage is wrong....something with substance.


Pro is arguing with a lot of passion. I can see this subject is a fairly sensitive issue, so I will proceed to build my case as respectfully as I can. I need Pro (and the voter) to understand that I have agreed to argue a case against Gay marriage from a religious stand point. We are not arguing about legal rights or civil law. Hence the title:" Gay Marriage and God's love for his Children."

To begin my argument, I would like to unpack the reason behind God's design for heterosexual marriage.

-The Bible describes the creation of Mankind in Genesis Chapter 1.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:27-28 ESV)

We can see by the creation passage that God created two types of Human beings, unique in Gender. The passage even gives a basic description behind the reason for gender. "Be fruitful and multiply". It is not a mystery, that God has created two genders for this purpose.

Now, it would be easy to argue:" That's just sex. It does not mention marriage, no monogamy, nor sexual orientation". Correct. It does not. Let's read further.
Genesis Chapter 2 is the first mention of marriage.
Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

(Genesis 2:23-25 ESV)

Watch out for the word "therefore". Another translation is "for this reason". Well, why is that word significant? It's significant because it defines the passage that came before. God made the woman from the man. For this reason, a man will leave his parents and be (re) joined with his wife. One of the symbols of holy marriage, is the joining of the flesh. God wants us to remember how we where made, by making a tradition of a man and a woman joining. By this criteria alone, Gay marriage is not possible under God. It's not how he designed us.


Are there other symbols behind marriage? Yes. The Bible compares marriage as a living example of Jesus and his Church. The church is called "the bride". Now, you may say:" The church is gender neutral. How could you define marriage as heterosexual?" Well, the Bible gives several examples of the similarity between Jesus and his bride and men and women being married.

Eph 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church... ",
2Cor 11:2 "...I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as
a chaste virgin to Christ.",
Rom 7:4...."ye should be married to another,
even to him who is raised from the dead..."

These are just a few examples of course. As we can see, the covenant of marriage is always in heterosexual context.


Another argument might be:" Well, the Bible speaks about heterosexual marriage a lot, but it never once states that gay marriage is wrong."

I have heard that argument before and it's not true. See here:
'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his
wife,and the two shall become one.' So they are no longer two but one. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder."
We can see in this passage, that God has designed marriage to be between a man and a woman. It also states, that since God has designed it this way, nobody should try to do it differently.


So where does God's Love come in?

God does love his children. He loves them with so much passion and fervor, we could not match it if we tried. What we need to remember is, we are broken and (by our very nature) evil. Homosexuality is not unique as a sin. In fact, it should be regarded as a sin of adultery.
Regardless of how anyone comes to this point in their sexuality, if they truly love God....then God will be more important than their own desires. There is nothing wrong with having feelings of homosexuality, but engaging in the act is sinful (that includes lustful thought, both gay and straight). The same way that many men struggle with lust and cheating, it becomes sinful when you stop praying for healing and salvation and start indulging in the sin.

So, are homosexuals evil demons? No. Of course not. Can gay people fall in love? Of course they can. Does this mean that marriage can occur between homosexuals? As we've seen, it's not designed to function that way. Does God love you any less, because you are gay? No. He knows you are broken (in sexuality, or addiction, or health etc). He has made a way to reconcile you to him. That's why Jesus Christ is so important. Everyone, everyone....needs him. The gay community is not special in that sense.

Debate Round No. 1


They're not broken (some of the people might be confused....but not broken). Being broken would mean that have no clue what they want or what no clue what they are doing. And that's not always the case, I think the ones who are completely in control of their senses, and in control of their choices know EXACTLY what they are doing.
I know plenty of homosexuals who EXTREMELY religious, and to say "he has made a to reconcile you to him..." is just a little bit much. They don't have to be forgiven in anyway! Nothing of what they are doing is wrong. I hate to bring this up but GOD or Jesus didn't write the bible...according to the court of Rome's emperor Constantine, the Apostles of Christ wrote the gospel. So, if that's the case, then we don't REALLY know what Jesus or GOD thought of homosexuality. The bible then was basically all an opinion, not fact.

If you can PROVE to me that it is fact then I forfeit, but I don't think anyone has HARD evidence of this at all. Its based on FAITH, you posting quotes from the bible is nothing but quotes to me....I can post quotes too. If you give me anything off from the Internet I wont acknowledge it....cause the Internet is full S**t that I wont even look at for a Debate like this.

A "sin of adultery"? If you're referring to the fact its a way of cheating on GOD I just don't know how to respond to this. I understand that people have a relationship with GOD....but a ROMANTIC one???? Come on....that's like someone saying GOD is my boyfriend. I cant take that you kiss GOD does he take you on dates??? If anyone says yes to this I recommend HIGE THERAPY. I have a boyfriend a PHYSICAL boyfriend....I see him. GOD is simply a figment, and that's absolutely we see him?? Hes as visible as AIR....there is no PHYSICAL BODY of GOD on earth right now. So saying it should be viewed as a sin of a bit much.

"God has designed it this way...." So they are supposed to give up all individual choices because GOD said so?? Do you see what you are saying?!? You are saying that even though we have individual choices that we are just supposed to give those up for GOD....what happens to our freedom??? GOES OUT THE WINDOW!!!

I believe in freedom, and this isn't freedom what you are showing me.


  • I would like to remind the opponent that this debate is formatted. Please don't cuss at me.
  • The subject of the debate is about Gay marriage in the context of God. I can logically only provide scripture to explain.
  • The scripture sufficiently explains itself. Pro seems to be displeased that the scripture explains itself in this manner.
  • If you wish to debate secular morality, please provide the challenge.
  • I have given sufficient proof on the topic. Pro has only been able to address it with emotional outbursts.
  • Pro has not established a reference source.
  • Pro has given no fundamental reason from scripture, why God is accepting of Gay marriage.

I would be open to debate secular morality of Gay marriage at any time. Please provide the challenge.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok the Internet is full of "crap". Better?
*I have no reference cause as you know there is no proof of my arugment. It's really just based on opinion from this point. I guess my view is really just based on the fact I don't judge people, I have a heart, I don't make homosexuals feel bad for they are doing. "love thy brother and sister" I do believe god meant for all humans on this why arent we?
*I have shown no emotional outburst....I swore once so if that's an emotional outburst I apologize.
*there is obviously nothing in the scripture of GOD accepting homosexuals otherwise you wouldve shown it......don't try to make me feel dumb it won't work.
*i won't be providing another challenge due to the fact you're headstrong, and it seems that if no one views the same things as you, you don't like it.


Pro said:" The Internet is full of crap.

Reply: The Internet has a lot of useful sources. Many of these sources are fact checked and reliable. If Pros reason for lacking a source is the "crappy Internet", then Pro might try the library.

Pro said: " I guess my view is really just based on the fact I don't judge people, I have a heart, I don't make homosexuals feel bad for they are doing."

Reply: Pro is confused. Pro has judged me several times during this debate.

-"you're headstrong, " or "well you all are liars" are both statements of judgment.

Pro said:"love thy brother and sister"

Reply: I don't believe that's a scripture. Perhaps Pro meant:
"Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters. Fear God, and
respect the king. (NLT)"

I do not think Pro is prepared to debate the Bible's view on Gay marriage. Pro has not provided a single resource, except that Constantine said "The Apostles of God wrote the Bible". To address this, does Pro understand that Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? If he believed the Bible to be a man-made fraud, I doubt he would have publicly declared his faith in Christ and ordained the scriptures as holy and God-breathed.

Does Pro realize, that after Constantine ordained the Gospel as the literature of Rome's official faith, the nation has since adopted no other creed or religion? Constantine is the father of Catholicism. Weak argument from pro.

Pro said:"If you can PROVE to me that it is fact then I forfeit, but I don't think anyone has HARD evidence of this at all."

Reply: I don't want Pro to forfeit. I want Pro to debate by researching the topic and by providing an educated, source based argument. I'd like Pro to do this with respect. I have no problems with Pro being emotional, as I get very passionate about topics myself. However, rationality and dignity must prevail in debates.


The debate was about God's love concerning the act of gay marriage. I did not include the scriptures which define homosexuality in God's eyes, because the debate would have turned exceedingly vicious. Instead, I focused on the topic of Love, which is just one of God's attributes.

I believe I have shown that God created man and woman to compliment each other. I believe God designed marriage to be a symbol of Christ and creation. I believe there is an incredible amount of love being shown by God, in his will that we would be united as one flesh. I believe God is patient and merciful. I believe God does not favor any person over another and I believe I have shown all of these aspects from scripture.
I do not believe that Pro has argued her point in the least.

That being said, I do not much care how the vote lands. If you desire to support Pro simply because you support her position then vote thusly. I don't much mind.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about my God.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Photographer2188 6 years ago
You said for me to stay away from your debates. Yes I challenged you but this is MY debate, MY profile. Stop now.

Like you dont get heated during debates, and yeah I have spelling errors in my cases. Can we let it go??? Jesus Christ!
Stop now. Thanks.
Posted by Neonix 6 years ago
"Sense"? "Eachother"?

I'm telling you out of courtesy, slinging insults is not your strong point.
Posted by Photographer2188 6 years ago
Sense we are correcting eachother: "capitolized" is capitalized. Thanks for your review.
Posted by Photographer2188 6 years ago
Sense we are correcting eachother: "capitolized" is capitalized. Thanks for your review.
Posted by SuburbiaSurvivor 6 years ago
So conduct goes to Con for Pro's obvious emotional outbursts. "I understand that people have a relationship with GOD....but a ROMANTIC one???? Come on....that's like someone saying GOD is my boyfriend. I cant take that seriously". This is basically Con saying, you're ridiculous, therefore you're wrong.

Grammar goes to Pro for Con's errors:
1. "......" and then putting the letter right next to the dots like so: ".....So".
2. "Ok the Internet is full of "crap". Better?"
"Ok" is not technically a word. It's an abbreviation of "okay". There should be a comma after "Ok" and "Internet" should not be capitolized.

As far as arguments. Pro appears to be at first claiming that God isn't against homosexuality. However, in round II she then goes on to say that the bible is a matter of opinion, thus undermining her own belief in God, and undermining her own belief that God loves everyone, since she's pretty much just saying God himself is a matter of opinion.

Con showed how, assuming God exists and the bible is true, that God is against gay marriage.
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Vote Placed by SuburbiaSurvivor 6 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
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Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
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