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Gay Rights (Marriage)

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Started: 5/15/2013 Category: Society
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In my opinion, every one deserves a chance at love. Some gays think that you can't choose to be gay. Some gays think that you can. I think that your heart chooses. I'm all for loving whom ever you want to love. As long as that person is not abusing you and as long as that person makes you happy. You should be able to do anything you want. Some say that religion plays a big part in this. If you were gay, how would you feel? Put yourself in that position. Would you want to be told that you're going to Hell? Would you want to be told that you're disgusting? No one deserves to be treated that way. Blacks were treated that way, they gained their rights. Women used to be treated unequally, they gained their rights. Why must we treat gays unequally? Because no one cares. We all think that we're superior and we could careless about others and their hearts and lives. I care. I care a lot and I am here to say that I am all for gay marriage.

Anyone who opposes and says gays should not be married, accept my debate challenge and tell me why you think gays should not be allowed to marry


It"s good that you care and I don"t want to change that. But there is a difference between your caring and your feelings, and the truth of the matter. Your strong feelings that same-sex marriage should be allowed are not enough to prove that you are right. Using a silly example, someone might feel that unicorns exist, but that person"s feelings don"t make unicorns exist. Things I say about someone"s feelings also apply to someone"s opinions.

Look at the following examples:

1. In my opinion, everyone deserves a chance at love.

2. Everyone deserves a chance at love.

The first sentence tells us something about you and nothing about anyone"s deserving a chance at love. The second sentence doesn"t focus on you; it focuses on everyone"s deserving a chance at love.

We are eager to tell everyone what our opinions are without realizing that we"re talking about ourselves instead of talking about the issues in our opinions. All sentences that begin with "I think," "I feel that," and "In my opinion" tell us only about you. In this forum, your objective is not to talk about you, but to prove that your conclusions are true.

There are times when I ask about someone"s opinions because I want to know something about that person. I might ask you, "In your opinion, is school too difficult?" I assume that you don"t know if school is too difficult or not because there are many schools and different people feel that school is difficult or not. I ask for your opinion only because I want to know about you in the same way I might ask about your favorite color, your favorite song, or your favorite teacher.

Similarly, asking me how I feel or how I would feel doesn"t help your argument. Of course, no one likes being insulted or treated unkindly, but that does not make same-sex marriage right. Surely, some gays are treated terribly and they think same-sex marriage is wrong.

You raise the important issue of equal rights. You correctly point out that blacks and women lacked equal legal rights, and those issues changed because we realized that equality is important. And you rightly turn rights for gay people. The argument is that heterosexual people are allowed to marry whomever they want, within certain obvious boundaries such as age, mental stability, and genetic relationships, so homosexual people should be allowed to marry whomever they want.

I think there is a mistake in this thought. (Yes, I said "I think," and so I need to show that what "I think" is true.) In fact, heterosexual people are forbidden to marry someone of the same sex in exactly the same way that homosexual people are forbidden to marry someone of the same sex. Anyone may marry anyone of the opposite sex. No one may marry anyone of the same sex. Thus, the law applies equally to heterosexuals and to homosexuals.

I understand that heterosexuals don"t want to marry people of the same sex, and that homosexual people do, but what people want is a poor foundation for law. (There was a time when people wanted slaves. We don"t care if someone wants a slave or not, it is wrong.)
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I wish you wouldn't give up.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheDarkMuffin 5 years ago
I don't think a couple of established rules, however obvious they may be, would hurt either.
Posted by SaintMichael741 5 years ago
I agree with CriticalThinkingMachine. What would the con side be debating? What are the rules of your debate?
Posted by CriticalThinkingMachine 5 years ago
You have to clarify what you mean by gay rights. Is this a debate about gay marriage? If so, then just say so.
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