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Gay marriage

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Started: 11/25/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe that gay/lesbian marriage should be legal in all states, and viewed as a natural and normal thing. Two of the same sex marrying should be viewed the same as two hets marrying. I also believe that married gay/lesbian couples should be allowed to adopt children and raise a family, if they so choose.


Marriage is a religious right that has been around even before our founding fathers wrote the constitution. It is a ceremony not a right. For christians and other religions the word "Marriage" was created by God or Deity, who are we to change its parameters and meaning. Same sex relationships don't bother me nor am I against them, but why are change what has been religious tradition since the beginning of time just so these couples can feel like they are being treated as equals. It makes no sense. If you want to get married to a same sex partner to get tax write offs, etc. GREAT! then lets call it a civil union rather then the ever so religious term "Marriage" that isn't even up to the states to decide its meaning. What we must remember is that the founding father were religious men and understood this word in a religious sense not word that needed to be interpreted by the constitution or other declaration of rights.

Yes the word marriage has nowadays become such a norm that its origins are misplaced only to be mainstreamed by governments. It is technically not even the right of the government to issue marriage certificates but when they do it is still under religious pretext. It has become this way because the government recognizes the religious relevance of such a union. Marriage in the bible was performed by clergy or "Those having authority from God". Does our government have authority from God? Sure hope not, but they obviously choose to recognize his authority as stated on our dollars bills "In God We Trust"

So here we are trying to interpret what marriage is and how it should be viewed when it is not our governments, ours, the founding fathers, or anyone else's responsibility to change its meaning. The bible states it very clearly, which to date is one of the oldest books we have. I say lets just leave the definition alone and give these couples the same government benefits married couples enjoy. But leave the religious terminology to its originators and call it something else.
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