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Gay pride parades

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Started: 7/20/2012 Category: Society
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I don't think we should have gay pride parades


I think we should have gay pride parades. Let us begin.
Debate Round No. 1


you don't see straight people celebrating their hetrosexuality.


Con hasn't given any credible points to why there shouldn't be gay pride parades. Con has simply stated a point without giving any reasoning or sources to back up his points.

First of all, there are straight pride events which emerged after the LGBT community were starting their own parades or similar events (see [s1]). From this then, Con's one and only point without any argument backing it up in the start of round 2 has been refuted and shown to be false.

Secondly, even if straight people wouldn't celebrate their heterosexuality, it wouldn't follow that therefore it'd be wrong for people to celebrate being gay. There's nothing wrong with celebrating who you are, and similarly, there is absolutely nothing stopping straight people from doing the same and neither is wrong in itself; it's their reasons for doing it where their alternative motives lie.

In my own view, gay pride parades are extremely positive in the following ways. Firstly, it allows one particular group of people who exist in our society to celebrate who they are and to celebrate being a part of the melting pot of what makes us up and makes our society especially such a diverse and interesting one. It is celebrating and acknowledging that different people aren't something to be feared and that love and happiness is all they want to promote at such events.

Secondly, it also allows people who otherwise thought it wrong or even dangerous to come out about being gay to have a community of people who they can relate to in that way. It's a very good thing for allowing people to come to terms with who they are and realising that they're normal even if they're different to other people. We're all different to one another in some way, and differences should be celebrated.

Thirdly, the motives of gay pride parades are clear. They emerged around the 50s and 60s (along with other gay pride events or groups for example) in the USA especially to help break down "social stigma"[s2] toward LGBT people. It was seen as a "mental illness"[s2] around these times until things such as gay pride parades and other events helped break down the social barriers against these people. Their motivation, summed up, was to help get it out to the public and help get seen in the public eye that gay people do exist, and it isn't a bad thing. Their motives certainly weren't and aren't now to try and force people to be gay as some people have commented on with ignorance on the subject. Even if it is different, it shouldn't be seen as an illness but as something they cannot control (as anyone cannot control who they find sexually attractive). Straight pride parades, as I have shown, aren't doing this. They aren't celebrating being straight just for that meaning, but their primary goal is a kind of backlash to something they see as negative and threatening. They use their apparent pride in being straight as a cloak for their fear and/or hatred of gay people. There are no straight pride events I can think of that would have formed without being formed to be against LGBT events (as the history of straight pride events has shown to reflect).

Con has to show why these events are harmful and also refute my points in order to be much more persuasive in his arguments.

Sources: [s1] [s2]
Debate Round No. 2


name a straight pride...

and you say its normal to celebrate who you are, you don't people celebrating because there are white?
if a black civilian saw a parade of white civilians celebrating their skin colour would he not feel offended or discrimintated even?


Con hasn't read my sources about the whole history of straight pride events and why they formed and so it is a waste of time repeating the same point with the same source if Con refuses to read the information I provide.

And yes, I do state that, and I state that right. And yes you do see people celebrating they're white, and 99% of those events are Neo-Nazi in their intent who are normally very hostile toward black people amongst other denominations too.

Con hasn't understood my point about the reasons why these "pride" events take place; his shallow view and blanket statements of them all being simply about what they say they're about is wrong and indicative of Con's ignorance and lack of insight. Gay pride, Black pride and other similar events all form from being oppressed by their society in some manner, or they form purely because they're a minority within the society whom want to be seen more in the public eye and celebrate who they are. You then get Straight pride and White pride events which are obviously (as I have shown) not the same in their intent of what and why they're doing the prideful event to begin with. Linked with Straight pride events is normally a dislike for gay people and similarly, white pride events normally have a strong undercurrent of racism and hatred toward certain minorities (e.g. Black people). Am I stating that a Straight pride event is necessarily wrong? No, however, due to these parades being normally formed either from a minority in society to celebrate who they are or the event being a backlash with different intent to what its main message is, Straight pride events are either the exception (which they aren't) or they fall into the latter category. I think we can both agree that it is perfectly legal for them to hate gay people (albeit stupid, wrong and hateful), however to make your claim about how they're on a equal field is extremely stupid, insulting and void of any reasoning on the issue.
Debate Round No. 3


u take thee win
congrats :)


Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Debate Round No. 4


mikecool080 forfeited this round.


bennourse forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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