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Gen Z will lead the world in the wrong direction.

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Started: 7/26/2014 Category: Philosophy
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First, thanks
Thought of this debate in my head and thought it would be quite amusing.
First round is acceptance (FRA)
I will be Con because I truly I am a Pro. Devils Advocate some say.
I am super interested in this topic and will be glad to debate anyone.
Again, thanks.


Hey there! I accept your challenge and will be arguing for.

But as you did not specify the round formats I will assume:
R1: acceptance
R2: contention [no rebuts]
R3: contention/rebuttal
R4: rebuttal [no new]
R5: rebuttal/conclusion [no new]

I look forward to this debate.
—haha this is gonna be interesting as like you, i'm all for con
Debate Round No. 1


There have been have around 5,000 generations according to science and about 50 generations according to religious perspectives. All of these past new comers have kept the world turning and sometimes made it a whole better place. Questions like this have been asked by older adults about a few years before WW1 about how the new ones will survive through not one but two of the most horrific wars the world has ever seen. They ended up becoming the great generation. No we have this concept of Gen X, Y, and Z that is just there to scare people and get some steam up in the air about the end. We always have created a sense that on a certain date or area of time the end will arrive but it never does. This is because nobody knows but we make our selves feel better that way. So since we always have a sense of ending or an event coming up through the cracks it is bet to assume that this Gen Z and not taking care of this planet is ludicrous. According to history and natural human nature this is false.
We have a certain time approaching us different from the rest but like always our new off spring will get through it like all the others before. If anything does go wrong it will be nature and not nurture. There is no sense of that this generation is getting dumber and no sense that it has become non-productive (sexual wise) so no worries there. Also kids still have some drive to work, to take care of the environment and prosper up the economic ladder to succeed. And dreams are all you need to achieve. This whole concept is a fake sense of reality and just a conspiracy makers wet dream.


My point to this argument is that Generation Z has been much slacker in both their work and attitude as compared to the older generations. These are a few reasons why:

Kids are nowadays getting more incompetent and reliant on others. Many of the stricter traditions have been lost or given way to complaints from multiple parents because their child found the traditions too unbearable. It is these traditions that actually prepare the generation for the challenges ahead. I do not mean traditions as , but rather the older system that encourages one to endure no matter the cost and pursue to the ends of their goals. For example, uniformed extra curricular activities such as scouts or girls' brigade have been much less intense in their training because of complaints brought about by the younger generation. The older generation was able to complete their courses –with much difficulty and perserverance, yes, but they completed it–, but the newer generation Z would rather find excuses to escape than endure through the challenges. It is not that they are unable accomplish what their seniors did—it is that they don't want to–plus they have the choice to not do it. And that makes all the difference.

Furthermore, most of them are ignorant and unaware of events in the current world, especially those of the generation living in larger countries such as the USA. With the introduction of advanced gadgets such as the iPad and social media such as Twitter, Generation Z has been more focused on the screens of their petty, individual lives than of the surrounding world. Globalisation may have occurred throughout this shrinking globe, but it, along with the amazing innovation of the Internet, is being sorely underused or misused by the majority of this new generation.

Besides, these gadgets result in an increased reliance on technology. It is perfect okay, actually, in general, to rely on technology for that is what technology is created for. But sometimes, it gets way overboard. I have seen many of my classmates burst into tears at the confiscation of their phones and ten year olds walking around the mall glued to their Nintendo screens for hours. Going home, most teenagers spend entire afternoons on online multiplayer games instead of pushing their learning limits and gather more general information. Even at age two, toddlers are playing games on iPhones during mealtimes.

Fewer in the generation are able to see the general picture as opposed to simply following the system that has been created for them. Pampering has suppressed their hunger for knowledge and change. Of course, there are a small percentage who are well-informed and dedicated to helping others, but most of them don't care about things outside their spectrum. Every generation has their batch of sheep, but it has grown in this one. It is hard to deny that there are too few true hard workers and a lot more whiners.

All in all, unless Generation Z pulls up their socks and start to deal with their lives sensibly, the world will ultimately be dominated with a generation of incompetent, self-serving and inexperienced leaders.
Debate Round No. 2


You can blame bad parenting, to president bush, but the fact is ideologies and customs will still exist through any generation. Kids today will still be forced to work unless they choose to be homeless, and I bet they will still choose to reproduce. If this generation is as bad as people say and the facts are clear, no matter what the next one will carry them through. The next generation is still going to face the reality of adulthood and will be literally forced to take action and responsibility. Gen Z may be brought up with bad manners and may have a low self of work ethic but that will have almost zero effect on the world. Also you talk of kids that remind m much of American children. There is another world out there with kids in other countries that have great work ethic and strive because of their current situation at home. Even if these things come to be somewhat true there is really nothing they can about it. It would hard to have a lazy generation really lead the world into chaos like the title of this debate proclaims. They might not want to change and start careers but the world our ancestors set up kind of forces to adapt to the current environment.
Also there is no mass change in ideology or lifestyle unless you can point out that will take planet earth into the wrong direction. And also As I pointed out not all kids especially in other countries where they are force to work with manners and discipline at age 7.


To rebut your previous point that there is 'no sense that the generation has been becoming non-productive [sexual wise]', I'd like to state that this is false. There has been tell-tale traits and patterns in many countries. The problem of low birth rates has been circling the news for ages. In countries such as Japan, Germany and Austria, there is so little population growth that their populations are ageing. Soon, their work force will be diminished and instead be overwhelmed with a huge percentage of retired folks. How is that 'no sense' and 'no worries'? Ironically, this reminds me of American thinking. Either way, it will become a problem as generation Z will incline towards earning money and pursuing their own hobbies due to their access to higher education. Therefore, they tend to marry at a later age and this results in fewer years to bear kids.

Certainly there are other kids around here who are hardworking and such. However, I was not actually describing kids in America, but rather, mostly kids here in Asia (which is not only the largest continent, but has also incidentally been dubbed having the strictest yet most sensible bringing ups in families due to all the different cultures). The relaxed lifestyle has been in America for so long that it is not unusual anymore. I would also like to point out that diligence does not apply to all or even most children in most schools these days. While it is true for students in countries such as Cambodia, where the children are so poor that they desperately grasp at any education they are offered with an enthusiasm few in developed countries can hope to match, that percentage is much lower, compared to kids in developed, semi-developed or even other third world countries. These poor yet hardworking students however, cannot hope to match the quality or quantity of education given in developed countries and therefore few of their views will actually make it to lead the next generation's society.

Also, when I mentioned stricter traditions have been slipping, I couldn't possibly have been talking about America because they do not have such strict traditions. Nowadays, the most hardworking students are actually the students who come from overseas by scholarships. And because they are the elite sent from their country for study opportunities they therefore have a strong academic inclination and due to monetary issues, little contact with technology social-wise.

You say that the generation is going to face the reality—they have to, that's true. But can they maintain the system as it is and improve on it as systems have to be, or will they send it in a downward spiral? There are problems in every generation, but Gen Z is the most pampered of the lot. Pampered meaning, they take many (advanced) things for granted. The resolution mentioned nothing about 'chaos', claiming only 'wrong direction'. You have not specifically defined 'wrong direction', therefore it is up to me to specify what direction is wrong. [Apologies if the next few sentences are vague, but I cannot predict the future with entire accuracy and neither can anyone else. Hence I also cannot define what is 'wrong' in one specific sentence because there are many ways in which the world can go wrong and one sentence doesn't simply cut it. I can only assume further based on the path that Gen Z has already made.]

Because of the earlier mentioned technology and convenience, Generation Z may be the most savvy generation, but they will also grow up to be a self-serving bunch of people. Their attitude will unfortunately undermine their unique, innovative tendencies. Fewer will participate in or volunteer for things like civil service, and they will likely take less interest in politics. This will lead to a deficiency in leadership, results of which may not be seen immediately, but after some time will ultimately leave a mess for generation Alpha to pick up. Is that not the wrong direction to head for?

reduced participation:
Debate Round No. 3


To refute the claim that Gen Z will wait longer to bear kids and then hence less time. The general life expectancy for a child born today is about 80. So that women will be able to have kids in their late 40's to early 50's. The issue surrounding poor 3rd world kids not getting education has been happening for the last 300 hundred years where Americans and West Europeans have taken over the science realm and improved society. America has always have a lack of education persistence but now today most kids will go to college and be the first in their families to go.
You say Gen Z is savvy and you are correct and also with self interest overall. But this is what the world needs people with grit that will stop at nothing to achieve their own private goals and let the dream of a better life for them and their children come true.

So as I state again I see no major claim that gives me the notion that says the world will go into chaos because of self loving tech savvy children.
Wrong direction = Global chaos


Rebuttal: Of course, but wouldn't women who marry at age 18 (in the past) have more years to bear more children than those who marry in their late 40s? Besides, life expectancy now is not what it may be in the future. In fact, multiple research has shown and estimated that due to rising obesity levels leading to incurable diseases such as diabetes, increase in life expectancy has slowed and may well decrease in the next few decades, despite improvements in techonology and healthcare. We will be facing a serious problem of aging population in many places.

Regarding your '3rd world kids not getting education' point, it isn't rebutting anything I mentioned.

I did say that they are self-serving, I did not state nor otherwise imply that the generation is determined, ambitious or self-disciplined. Quite the opposite, actually.

Unfortunately, in round 3, I have already defined 'wrong path' as a reduced participation in things like civil service and less interest in things such as politics as well as other factors which would lead to a deficiency in leadership.

decreasing life expectancy:
Debate Round No. 4


There will be no problem with this next generation. Even if numbers in civil services drop they will have little effects on society. I agree that overall attitudes have changed but because of reality people will form to it. As of what your saying you imply nothing that can cause our planet to be brought in the wrong direction. We are currently in a bull market and goodness is still in abundance with charities and so on. Thanks for the debate.


I believe you've overlooked that 'wrong direction' has been specified, so therefore I will have to boringly repeat that it is a reduced participation in things like civil service and less interest in things such as politics as well as other factors which would lead to a deficiency in leadership.

Over-reliance on technology has led to increased impatience, diminished empathic connection between persons and lack of experience involving larger social situations—all of which will lead to a deficiency in leadership. Many of today's teenagers have the resources and potential to reach out to the world and increase their knowledge of politics, yet are utterly apathetic. An ageing population can also cause a deficiency in leadership, but that is the tip of the iceberg.

This is the wrong path the world will be led to, as defined by the above.

On the other hand, your claim that 'there will be no problem with this next generation' is entirely a sweeping statement. There are always problems with every generation—but the situations differ. This generation seems to have a more intense one that strays from the conventional ways and off into the wilderness. As of the current, the 'wild' is not simply unconventional, but coddled, incompetent and lackadaisical as well.

Bull markets do not last for eternity. A huge natural disaster may well cause a recession. You cannot accurately predict the future. What's your point?

To conclude my argument, generation Z is the generation of change. As of the current, it isn't adapting very well to all the changes in lifestyle. There are major issues of general self-servingness, inability to endure the more difficult challenges, over-reliance in technology and selective ignorance. Even those matters aside, unless Gen Z starts focusing on their work ethic, all the ambition and vision in the world isn't going to help them steer the ship right.

leadership deficiency (how it's bad):
over reliance on technology:
natural disaster, recession:

Yes, thank you too ^^ And apologies for the late submissions.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
With each generation, there is less generosity, and more hypocrisy.
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