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Gender Choice?

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Started: 11/7/2014 Category: People
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Choosing your gender is not a choice. Because you view yourself as a female, does that make you a female? Because you are Alpha you view yourself as a male? Gender is not a choice, you are either Male, Female, or hermaphrodite.


Interesting topic, thanks proposer!

Sex determination is not as absolute as many of us often imagine.

In a "perfect World" situation, sex would be determined according to a very, very simple question of chromosomal makeup. XY = Male, XX = Female.

But life is never as black and white as that. There are many different ways in which things can deviate from the chromosomal norm; for instance: XXY, XYY, XXXY, X0.

Further, the mechanism by which the Y chromosome in healthy males works can be compromised by a number of different conditions: for instance, a mutation in the Y chromosome can mean that one or more male-type hormones do not get expressed during development. Also there are conditions where the hormones are produced but the body is insensitive to them.

Doctors often have difficulty "sexing" babies.

Generally speaking, biological SEX is determined by facts such as genitalia (sometimes ambiguous), but GENDER is determined by how you feel about yourself, so: Yes, Gender Choice!
Debate Round No. 1


Interesting that you mention ones Chromosomal make up, for I was just speaking to a collegue about that the other day.
I would like to clarify on that matter with as well, what you stated is correct sir, but the "XO" chromosomes are a mutation of the Y gene or the X gene" still based on male or female, but just a mutated version, and yes may cause some hormone levels differences. Still the baby correctly becomes a male. If a doctor have difficulty determining the sex of a baby that is their problem.
True given chromosomal markup does indeed determine your gender.
Also making a good point Gender derives from the word "Gene". Referring to he makeup Is male o female correct?
But "Sex" is also based upon Male or female
Saying this, it negates the controversy that Sex and Gender is two different horses. They are the same.
Even so if a male does obtain female chromosomes, which there are incidents, one does no wake up one day and say " Oh I feel like a female today" then the next day " Well I feel more masculine today, I think I"m going to go male". Saying so we go back to the topic of this debate, " Gender Choice" There is no choosing what you are, what your chromosomes are made of- thus it is IMPOSSIBLE to be able to CHOOSE one"s gender.


Okay, so X0 can be male or female in SEX; but they may be the opposite in GENDER.

My point about doctors struggling to determine SEX was merely to show that even SEX is not as black and white as we might think... GENDER definitely isn't!

"Gender" is derived from the Latin word "genus" which means "birth, origin, a race, sort, kind", whereas "gene" is derived from the Greek word "genos" which means "race, stock, kin" and was generally used to denote a social group claiming common descent.

Sex and Gender are absolutely different things...

Gender is like "the sex of the brain" (from Wiki link); it's quite likely we are dealing with a spectrum and the brain chemistry may change during puberty... so somebody self-identifying as male might choose to self-identify as female at around the time of puberty (I know *just* such an individual). I suggest that choice is necessary!
Debate Round No. 2


I must disagree, sex is in fact black and white, if not more so! Black and white have a grey scale in between. There are certain shades of black, same with white. Where as sex is just Male or Female. Given we're able to compare this matter with the grey scale, we are able to deter whether the color is black or white, until the 50% contrast in color which then it would be "grey".

Lets be realistic, Sex cannot have a grey scale. Biologically speaking, Organisms are either male or female, in rare cases hermaphrodite. there is no grey scale.

At the Genetic scale, you are partially correct, one can be more feminine or masculine based off chromosomes. even so there is no choice; no choosing your gender (being "XO" in mutated Y or "XO" in mutated X). Compared to the grey scale, a lighter shade of black IS STILL BLACK. Dull white IS STILL WHITE.

I am in agreement that Sex and Gender Are in fact the same. Observe the metaphoric equation:
Sex: Male or Female = Gender: Male or Female
1 = 1


Human sex is not binary but there isn't time to debate that here.
Human gender is _certainly_ not; it is neither binary nor unchanging.

My opponent may have made a genuine mistake but it seems disingenuous for them to assert that they are "in agreement" that sex and gender are the same when I consistently contend they are different.

We use the same terms (male/female) to describe two different aspects (sex/gender)... does my opponent seriously think that this proves that sex and gender are the same thing?

I don't know what a "metaphoric equation" is (neither does Google) but does the following count, Con?
Politics and Handedness Are in fact the same.
Politics: Left or Right = Handedness: Left or Right
17 = 17

If I thought that sex and gender were the same thing, I can see how easy it would be to see gender as unchanging.

Con, what is your explanation for transgender people? Is this just a fantasy?
Debate Round No. 3


Your statement is incorrect. Gender and Sex is in fact binary,"consisting of, indicating, or involving two", consisting of male or female. Gender is unchanging; One with red hair chooses to have black hair, given the use of dye, does not change the fact it is red.
Pro's mistake becuase contender contends-Incorrect
I assumed you smart enough to comprehend an adjective added to a noun.Clarify; Metaphorical:“characteristic of relating to metaphor” Equation: “the process of equating one with another” thus metaphorical equation.
Your example; Incorrect. Politics have parties containing an idea not L and R.
I'm unable to explain "Transgender people"-I don't believe the reasoning of choosing ones gender, hence the debate.
Gender is not a choice. By biology we are born Male or Female, in rare cases, containing both genitalias, hermaphrodite. excludes: Butterfly, dog, female in a male's body, orange, hormones kicking in and having a strong affection towards one of the same sex.


If you took a female zygote (I will accept sex as being binary at this early stage - note that gender is not decided yet) and exposed it to high levels of testosterone for the duration of life, would that human's brain develop much like a boy's brain? I contend that it would.

Testosterone is produced naturally by the ovaries in women (normally in small doses). Consider a mutation in which a woman produces high levels of testosterone, massively spiking in puberty. Could she feel female all her childhood and suddenly male as a result? You betcha! Can we measure her brain to see how she feels? No... And, if not, we must let her have the choice of how she self-identifies and we as a compassionate and considerate society should respect his choice, even if it changes!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jzyehoshua 2 years ago
Trying to differentiate between sex and gender seems pointless to me. Where it becomes really absurd is when you see people with multiple sex changes who change their genders, don't like the new gender, and change back.

While rare this does illustrate the arbitrariness of what is a decision, not an inherent trait. There never was any rational basis for defining gender separate from sex in the first place. This is an attempt to win the debate by redefining the terms.

If the terms gender, marriage, and gay can all be redefined freely as the gay rights movement wants then yes, they can win the debate, but that is by moving the goalposts as they please and changing the terminology without any reasonable basis for doing so.
Posted by Zack95 2 years ago
If i agree to that, then this theory is also correct:
I have a Honda SUV ( Sports utility vehicle, 4 door). I swap out the motor with a Honda S2000 (Entry level sports coupe) also i reduce weight to match other Entry level sport car by other makes. My SUV now runs just as fast now with the motor of an S2000 and in the same weight class as a sports car as this is not illegal. I now have the right to change my registration card , Instead of "SUV", to "Sports Coupe".

Response to sex hormone soup:
Just because your perception and hormone changes doesn't change what (Gender) you are. Can i smoke THC and feel like a butterfly? yes. Does that make me a butterfly? no.
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
Zack; I don't think the comments are the place for the debate, really, but I can't resist answering you about when one might change their gender. I already offered an example for which I have evidence in a personal friend of mine... puberty... but I believe that it's also possible to, say, have an accident where you hurt your brain and then feel different about your own gender. Also, how about the chemical soup that was forced upon homosexuals in Britain to "cure" their condition when homosexuality was illegal? This contained sex hormones that would, presumably, alter the brain in ways which could, potentially, result in a shift in how the individual feels about their own gender. What about somebody who started life with male genitals but always felt female? They might decide to remedy this odd situation by getting injections of testosterone and, in so doing, might then feel male... this would be an example of a choice to change one's gender. That's gender choice and I can't really see how you could argue against that :-)
Posted by Zack95 2 years ago
So are you saying Gender can change over time? is it annually or weekly may i ask?
Posted by JayConar 2 years ago
Sex and Gender are two completely different things, I would agree that sex can never truly change, but gender is not always static
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
The pleasure's all mine; thanks for proposing an interesting debate!
Posted by Zack95 2 years ago
YES! This is going to be very interesting, THANK YOU contender for challenging.
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Vote Placed by Death23 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's argument that gender is not biological but sociological is convincing. Pro cites multiple sources to support this distinction. Con asserts that gender is biological, not sociological. However, con cites no source to support his position. Curiously, Con does give a link to the homepage. A direct link to what he wants me to see would be more helpful. I can conclude nothing from Con's link to Con could have refuted Pro's argument that gender is sociological by linking directly to an authoritative dictionary that offered a biological definition for gender. Unfortunately for Con, it's not within my purview as a voter to find evidence to support his position.
Vote Placed by Jzyehoshua 2 years ago
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Total points awarded:31 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro's argument really falls apart in trying to distinguish between sex and gender I think since there is no rational basis for making such a distinction. Con definitely had the stronger genetic argument also I think. Pro does get points for spelling and grammar however, which Con noticeably needs to work on.