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Gender equality. If there is a possibility to reach it.

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Started: 4/12/2017 Category: People
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Basically, I don"t really think that gender equality can ever be achieved for a number of reasons.

First of all, inequality of all kinds is something that will always exist. In fact, both genders are not evenly distributed on Earth. I mean the number of men and women living in particular regions is highly disproportionate. For instance, in Asian and African countries the number of male population is considerably higher than anywhere else. Mathematically, the imbalance is dramatic, that"s why we can truly say this gap can hardly be filled up.

Secondly, biologically, men and women are different and will remain same different, for as long as women can give birth to children, they will be treated like mothers above all. Women will always be supposed to take care after children for this reason.

Although it"s widely argued that women can achieve a so-called work-life balance, I am firmly convinced, that women will always prioritize their family life, if they have such, rather than work, while men will keep on working late hours to provide for the family. In my opinion family issues do distract women from focusing on work, as it has been proven that women are more sensitive and sympathetic. However, these at-a-first-glance weak personal qualities make women better top managers, because the ability to empathize is extremely valuable to understand employees, which is of fundamental importance for managing human resources efficiently.


define exactly what you mean by gender, it is no longer a general assumption to think of gender as just male and female.

define exactly what you mean by equality.

also refine your argument to argue at what expense are woman being treated unfairly.

are woman being disregarded in the workplace? as just a more sensitive being and unable to obtain an objective view or hold composure in the midst of a hard decision?

are you arguing that woman all around the world, regardless of cultural impacts, are not being treated equal?

are you arguing that woman in the united states, Africa, or any other region in the world, regardless of cultural impacts are not being treated equal?

are you arguing that woman as a species is not equal to males and that is leading to the reason for the lack of equality?

each one can be an argument by itself, refine your argument.
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