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General Custer Doesn't Get The Credit He Deserves

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Started: 12/16/2014 Category: Education
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I believe General Custer should be known for more of his successes then he is for his failure at the Battle of Bullrun
This debate is supposed to be educational, no insults towards me and my opponent.


George Custer was an American military commander and brevet general who in 1876 led 210 men into battle at Little Bighorn against Native Americans. Custer and his men were killed.

George Custer was born on December 5, 1839, in New Rumley, Ohio. He served in the Civil War with General George B. McClellan. He became a brevet brigadier general, and his pursuit of General Robert E. Lee helped to bring an end to the Civil War. In September 1868 he joined the 7th Cavalry in Kansas. On June 25, 1876, he led 210 men into battle at Little Bighorn against Lakota and Cheyenne warriors. Custer and all of his men were killed in the battle.

In the bloody war that divided his nation, Custer excelled. He seemed to demonstrate a streak of good fortune at avoiding injury, a gift that he came to call "Custer's luck."

His brilliance at directing cavalry actions at the Battle of Bull Run, his first battle, earned him recognition. The press gushed over the young brevet general who wore bright red neckties onto the battlefield. The New York Tribune wrote: "Future writers of fiction will find in Brigadier General Custer most of the qualities which go to make up a first-class hero."

He was known as "The Boy General," and his daring and bravery led him to stay in the thick of the fight until the war concluded. Its end, too, was owed in part to Custer, whose cavalry units were crucial in standing down Confederate General Robert E. Lee and forcing him to surrender at Appomattox, on April 9, 1865.

As a reward for his heroism, Lieutenant General Philip Sheridan, a huge Custer supporter, gave the young military hero the table used to sign the war's peace terms. With it he wrote a note to Custer's wife, Libbie, in praise of her husband. "Permit me to say, Madam," he wrote, "that there is scarcely an individual in our service who has contributed more to bring about this desirable result than your gallant husband."

Of course the little hero got his credits
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Sorry for missing round to my pc had to get repairs.
Well most people that when they think Custer, they think Custers last stand, did you know that Custer literally saved the Union at Gettysburg when he stopped Confederate cavalry from going around and attacking from behind.
Custer isn't known for his success just his failure at Custers last stand.


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Posted by 1Historygenius 2 years ago
@16kadams think I should troll it? It would be pretty easy.
Posted by 16kadams 2 years ago
"I believe General Custer should be known for more of his successes then he is for his failure at the Battle of Bullrun"

You mean where the Indians KICKED HIS @SS at little Bighorn. Bull run was in the civil war.
Posted by FreedomJosh 2 years ago
Custer was in the Civil War, he did many things, he was at the surrender of General Lee, his men captured the first Battle Confederate Flag of the war.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
No insults? I'm out.
Posted by tyleremery2383 2 years ago
Although general Custer fought in the Battle of Bull Run, the failure to which I assume you are referring - "Custer's Last Stand" - was at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
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