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Geometry Proofs are pointless.

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Started: 10/28/2014 Category: Science
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They can be easily used with common sense instead of having multiple chapters on things you can easily solve with your mind, or common sense. I do believe the people that made the book are dumb for adding so many chapters on vocab words instead of the math involved.


I accept this debate. Only 1000 characters, so I will be to the point. Rebuttals start now, as rules weren't stated.

R1) Common Sense

For this to be valid, I want to see proof of this. Give me an example of the proof measuring the length of an apothem of a regular polygon. This proof must not use any mathematical vocab, as well as no equations or mathematical equations. If not possible, proofs have a point.

That's really the only rebuttal I need.

P1) Discovering Mathematical Truth

Proofs are needed to demonstrate the truths and falsities of geometry [1]. Without them, we would not be able to do much more difficult math problems.

Simply put, there are some proofs that are easy and could possible be proven with common sense. But there are others that are more difficult and that are necessary to higher level mathematics.

Looking forward to my opponent's response. Hopefully this doesn't end in FF.

[1] -
Debate Round No. 1


To find the length of a polygon only take about 3 sections to truly learn. Do we really need to use 6 different chapter to find if the sides of triangles are congruent? In construction say you have to triangle all you have to do is measure the sides and then you have the answer whether they are congruent or not. You could've used your nature skills, and common sense, not a whole class, on a proofs. I under that we need to find the falsities in geometry, but I believe you can use common sense on those problems. Do you think I should waste 5 months of my life on things anyone can learn by just looking at them. I honestly think my 4 year old could find out proofs without taking this class. He may not do the math but comparing them if they are congruent is simple. Unnecessary 5 chapters and months of my life.

My College Class


The only argument (from what I am understanding; correct me if I am wrong) is that a proof showing two triangles are congruent is time consuming and boring. It may be great that your child is able to show that triangles are congruent, but this is one of the easier proofs. More difficult ones (such as the apothem proof) would not be something you can simply show a four year old and have them understand perfectly (if at all). There isn't a point in this argument that Pro has stated there is a point. He concedes that we need to find falsities in geometry, and this is the point of proofs.

Had the resolution been "Geometry Proofs are Boring" or "Geometry Proofs could be taught in half the Time" or something like that, Pro's arguments would be valid. But as far as geometric proofs having a purpose, or having a point, it is to show geometric falsities. Arguing that it took too much time has no relevance to this debate.

Back to Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


After reading your current argument, and checking your facts, I do believe it is a necessary chapter. I don't think it should be as long as we are taking but yes it is useful in math. You will not persuade me to think that it should stay as long as we have been doing but yes it is necessary. Thank You for having this debate.


I will say this was an interesting debate, and I would have to agree that there are probably too many chapters concerning the topic, yet they are still needed. Thank you for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Atheist-Independent 2 years ago
You have my support, Pro.
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