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George Lucas originally intended jar jar binks to be a Sith Lord

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Started: 1/25/2016 Category: Movies
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Since I doubt any one on this website knows George Lucas personally, including my self, this is all speculation but it is interesting none the less. I as the pro will give reasons from the prequel movies that I believe jar jar binks is a sith in the original script and con should try to refute those points based on the prequels.


I accept

My position: I do not believe that George Lucus intended Jar Jar Binks to be a Sith Lord

I eagerly await your arguments
Debate Round No. 1


In the above Reddit article is all the possible evidence supporting jar jar as a sith. If not at least a skilled warrior and force user.

I am excited to see what you think of it.


There is a lot to read in my opponents source, so I will just pull out what I believe to be the main points from it, if I miss anything he may bring it up.

Drunken Fist Wushi followed by a 20 foot sommersault

Two Jedi (Obi Wan + Qui Gon) watched Jar Jar Binks perform a huge leap in the air, and didn't ask questions, this shows it is not unusual in the star wars universe. Afterall pod racers can have Jedi reflexes but that doesn't make them Jedi. They must be trained to become a Jedi or a Sith - there is always a master and apprentice.

Jar Jar is too lucky

Jar Jar single-handedly takes down a battledroid tank by accidentally causing boombas to roll down a hill, he hits multiple droids with a blaster tangled around his ankle, becomes a bommbad general etc. You may think no-one is that lucky, Obi Won even says 'in my experience there is no such thing as luck'. He is probably right, Anakin wasn't just lucky when he destroyed the droids in the Phantom Menace, he was guided by the force though he didn't know it, and Jar Jar is also guided by the force like the creatures who pilot pod racers.

Why is Jar Jar clumsy ALL of the time? My guess is it is part of his personality. It is just who he is, he's not trying to fool anybody. He lacks intelligence and is a bad influence, that doesn't make him evil. For him to be a Sith he must be evil. Instead he provides comic relief, and does not get angry, or show any fear, hate or other quality leading to the darkside.


Some people say Dooku seems flat, shoehorned-in character with no backstory and say he was hastily written in to cover the plot holes left when villain Jar Jar was redacted. However it actually makes sense to see Dooku because when Palpatine's apprentice Darth Maul was killed, Palpatine didn't know about Anakin, once he did, he sought a new apprentice whilst hoping to one day replace Dooku with the boy he befriended and manipulated.

Sith are unlike Jedi, the Sith don't want to see their apprentice become a master like them, which is why Darth Vader desn't have an apprentice and why Palpatine wanted Luke to replace Darth Vader rather than allow both to live. If Jar Jar was planned to be a Sith who would be his master? Palpatine already had an apprentice.

Mind control

Jar Jar's body language seems natural to me, when Sith and Jedi use the force they make an unnatural gesture.

Debate Round No. 2


I apologize for the long read, but it should of been a fun read.

When jar jar makes his 20 ft. Jump in the air and the two Jedi don't think anything of it, I don't believe this shows this is not unusual in the Star Wars universe, but it shows it is not unusual to trained force users. If it were not unusual to complete a acrobatic feat to that level, then why are the only people seen doing so are trained force users? Jar jar is the only person that is seen jumping that high in the air that isn't a Jedi/sith.

I agree when you say that when Anakin wasn't just lucky when he blew up the droid space station and that he was unknowingly guided by the force. Anakin turned into one of the most powerful Jedi/sith there ever was. The force was stronger in him than others. When jar jar seems lay waste to the droid army, he seems to be doing so single handed. Of course some the other gungans may have defeated some droids, but jar jar defeated several droids(including destroyers droids), and droid tanks. He was a lot more "lucky" than any one else o. The battlefield which implies that he is stronger with the force than anyone there as well.

I agree his hand gestures look natural but this could just be an extension of his drunken master, he made his gestures more natural because he wasn't trying to be obvious. Also his mind control isn't limited to hand gestures. There are multiple scenes where there is no apparent reason for jar jar to be on screen, but in those moments it looks like jar jar is putting words into people's mouths. When padme wanted to explore tatooine with Qui gon, jar jar is scene behind the group and his mouth moves to match what the dark skinned pilot said exactly. Since jar jar is a CGI character, all his movements are purposeful, even lip movements.

Jar jar doesn't have a master because I believe he is palpatines master. They are from the same planet so it isn't crazy to think that they knew each other before the events of phantom menace. He also granted palpatine emergency powers to palpatine.

I find it strange that there is no mention of dooku in phantom menace to introduce him for the next movie. Is it possible that George Lucas was so disappointed by the fan reaction to jar jar that he re-wrote the script? The voice actor for jar jar stated that George made big changes in the script for attack of the clones, and when this speculation surfaced in the Internet, the voice actor tweeted, "I will say this, it feels really good to see the hidden meaning behind the work comes out, no matter how long it takes. #TPM"


It is not unusual for trained force users to jump 20ft but the fact two Jedi saw him perform this jump and were not suprised tells me that Gungans can do this. We don't see other Gunguns doing these jumps but nor do we see Jar Jar jumping any other time, it is just when he dives into water. That scene shows he is happy to be going back to the hidden city as that is where he feels he belongs. He was bannished for being clumsy ALL OF THE TIME, which proves his clumseyness is part of who he is.

Here are some clips showing what we are debating:

The battle of Naboo can be found here:

You will see at 2:30 on the above video that Jar Jar fails to jump and falls to the ground which proves he is not trained, throughout the film he is clumsy, at 1:30 he even knocks himself out. There is no purpose for his clumsyness otherthan to entertain the audience (and to be a bad influence and later be manipulated by Palpatine). Jar Jar defeats several droids by blind luck, he was just trying to cling onto a vehicle holding those balls, trying to catch one etc. Perhaps he was guided by the force like Anakin when he was a boy, but Anakin was not a Jedi or Sith when he was a little boy. Training is required, and Jar Jar does not appear trained for any reason involving killing other people. Once someone has a title and seen as a hero it is much easier for them to be given further responsibility.Palpatine would easily beable to manipulate Jar Jar because he lacks intelligence.

Simple mind tricks don't work on the weak minded, Padme is strong minded like the two Jedi, it would be pointless for Jar Jar to use mind tricks if he could.

It is crazy to think Jar Jar is Palpatines master too. If Jar Jar was a Sith he would not allow Palpatine to have an apprentice. There is always two - an apprentice and a master.

Does the actor say anything specific about the hidden meaning behind the film?

Debate Round No. 3


Someone who is trained in drunken master would appear clumsy on purpose. You have described the actual plot line that was followed out by jar jar. I believe the 2&3 movies would of been different if the fans didn't react so negatively towards jar jar. George Lucas would know of all people how obi wan doesn't believe in luck, so why would he put someone I. The movie that was THAT lucky just for comedic relief? George Lucas was quoted saying(you can find the source of the quotation in the above article) that the prequels were supposed to mirror/rhyme the originals. He also said that the character of yoda was based of an old myth where the hero stumbles upon a seemingly benign, small animal on the side of the road that dope ant seem to have any significance, but turns out to be the master wizard. Jar jar fits that description perfect.

I agree it is crazy and hard to think about, but being from the same planet in the Star Wars universe is a pretty big coincidence. Also after thinking about the possibility of his character-like the the Jedi-are based of a certain form of martial arts, his force capabilities, and how amazing a plot twist that would of been if jar jar's character wasn't so idiotic. But I believe that was George's original intent.

The voice actor didn't give details but also said that George did make big changes to the story of the second movie after the first one came out.


Jar Jar Binks was clumsey long before he could have been taught drunken arts, and lacks intelligence/knowledge to be a Sith. Jar Jar feels he belongs to his people, and fights in a droid battle. This is not something a Sith would do. Palpatine (a Sith) fakes his cpture and despite being locked up has control of the situation.

An example of mirror/ryhiming of the originals is when Jar Jar hits himself with a ball that he's trying to sling just like the Ewok (teddy bear) in the original Return of the Jedi.

Debate Round No. 4
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