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Ghosts: Do they exist.

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Started: 12/4/2015 Category: Religion
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I am starting with 'No, ghosts don't exist'. Accepting my challenge places you as 'Yes, ghosts do exist'.

Use first round to accept. Arguments in Round 2. Forfeit is automatic loss.

Ghost: The common idea of ghosts, a spirit of someone who has died and returned to this world to haunt / be depressed / move stuff around.
Afterlife: Generic afterlife, you go there when you die. No specification from me, accepter can choose a specific afterlife if they want.

4 rounds just incase it takes longer than expected.

I await an accepter.


I do believe in ghosts not because I have had a personal experience but because of all the proof.
  1. All of the possessions that have happened over the years.
  2. I am not trying to drag religion into this but Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  3. All of the people seen at one point and all of the sudden disappear.
Con can now respond.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay good. First some rebuttals:
1. What proof? all I've seen so far is some crappy quality video tapes, and a few obvoiusly edited video tapes.
2. And I don't see any evidence of possessions whatsoever.
3. If we could keep this religion-clean that would be nice. If I must, I'll get onto that in my next argument.
4. All of the people disappearing? I haven't even heard that one before. Please elaborate.
5. Please explain what you mean by 'all in one place'.

Now, my arguments:
1. Assuming that any living thing with a spirit can come back as a ghost, the total number of ghosts is 107 billion. If all of these people came back as ghosts, we'd be absolutely swamped. The lack of billions of ghosts, with only a few in certain 'haunted' spots begs the question: What happened to the other 106.9999 billion?
But this is only the surface. People have reported ghostly dogs, cats, horses, even trains and furniture. They've also reported gunshots and footsteps. So, if we assume that any animal has a spirit, why aren't the oceans filled with ghostly plankton, the floors filled with dead ants, and the sun blotted out by pterodactyls?
And this is excluding the gunshots and weird furniture and trains. They aren't living; how do they come back without a spirit? If they can come back, what makes them 'dead' if they were never alive in the first place? Where'd they get a spirit from?

2. The common idea of a ghost usually involves an apparition that is intangible; it can walk through walls, float above the ground, etc. So, are they affected by the laws of physics? Assuming they are, they are affected by gravity. They can't float. Assuming they are affected by the laws of physics, they are affected by the Pauli Exclusion Principle; they are tangible. I could throw a brick at them. This doesn't sound like ghosts.
So on the other hand they are unaffected by the laws of physics. If they are unaffected by the Pauli Exclusion Principle, they are intangible and can go through walls and bricks. If they are unaffected by gravity, they can float. This sounds much closer to ghosts. However, being unaffected by both of these, they are not kept on the Earth. With the Earth moving at 60km/s they should be ripped away from the surface of the planet easily.

3. Infrasound is sound below the audible frequency by the ear. It cannot be processed by the brain, but it can be detected. So the ear can register some sound occuring, but is unable to understand what exactly is causing it. This has been known to cause visual and auditory hallucinations, similar to ghosts.

4. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon experienced just after waking up. During sleep the motor cortex of the brain is shut down so that you don't act out your dreams in real life (Try to fly, chat to celebrities, etc) for your own health's sake. However, on rare occasions the motor cortex remains deactivated when waking up, resulting in paralysis. Being unable to control your own breathing feels like an immense weight on your chest. It also results in, commonly, the feeling of a presence or 'other person' in the room, but you are unable to turn your head to see them.

3 and 4 are explanations for ghost stories.


scorpionlord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I'll take that as a win.


scorpionlord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


zookdook1 forfeited this round.


scorpionlord forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Idahogirl 2 years ago
Wow, zookdook1 is taking this super seriously. XD This is awesome. He made awesome points. I can't wait until the next response.
Posted by zookdook1 2 years ago
Sorry; mistype: obviously edited photos.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
they were all just acting like there is a holy spirit
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