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Ghosts exist

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Started: 8/31/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Yes they exist


Ok prove it.
Debate Round No. 1

Knock yourself out this is true video taken by thermal camera


I liked the colors but I couldn't see a ghost.
Debate Round No. 2


ultimatumdebator forfeited this round.


I think it's fair enough to believe in ghosts, and actually my best friend believes in them too. I believe in atmospheric pressure and krill without ever having looked for evidence and I see that as the same thing. A debate is an argument that needs to be defended, though, which is different. You need to lay out the evidence. I don't think that you did. After watching it four times, I saw a white blob, which means a hot thing, and that could be anything. It could be a trick or a faulty camera, and if you're going to believe in supernatural beings, it could as easily be a goblin as a ghost.

Thanks for the debate. :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Vajrasattva-LeRoy 3 years ago
The word thermal refers to heat, not cold.
If a ghost exists, & has a surface, & it's temperature is within the thermal camera's range,
it would, presumably, show on the screen/ picture.
If ghosts don't exist, or have surfaces, or surfaces with measurable temperatures,
they wouldn't show up.
If thermal cameras did pick up air temperatures,
& if the air temperature was warmer than the surfaces,
The screen/ picture would show the same temperature,
but if the surface was warmer, it'd be shown in a different color or colors.

Having had many OOBEs, I can state that ghosts DO, in fact, exist.
Posted by POPOO5560 3 years ago
Posted by CrazyCowMan 3 years ago
im going to quote "doverparanormal1"

"OK, let me explain why this isnt an apparition....or a ghost or anything paranormal. Thermal cameras do not have the ability to see cold spots in the air, they can only see surface temperatures. If they could see air temperatures the whole display screen would be the color of the ambient temperature on the video color key. Despite what you see on TV or anywhere else for that matter, Thermal cameras are pretty much useless for paranormal investigations....unless you are using it to debunk."
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