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Give me one good reason for not believing in God

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Started: 11/28/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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[The contender has to be an athiest]. I am convinced that if God truly exists then, a person standing before God in the next life, would not even have one good reason for not having believed God's existence.

Though if the contender gives me one unrefutable good reason to not believe in God then, I may reconsider my belief.

So contender, give me one good reason of why you do not believe in God's existence. (This debate will contain 5 rounds - may the best human win!)


God doesn't exist because God is a man made phenomenon. God was created and is still being created because it serves the purpose of its creator. The creator is usually a person who is in charge of, or is a ruling class person with responsibilities. The God myth serves the purpose of creating an easy explanation of complex natural occurrences. For example - When a child asks its parents some embarrassing questions like - "Where did the sky come from Daddy?" It would be far easier for Daddy to reply that "God created it" than to explain the complex physics of light, gravity, matter and planet formation etc.

Thus, we can see that religions would naturally evolve over time as a means of simplifying the task of parenting. The ruling classes need religion for similar purposes. If you can create an internal prison of the mind (religion) than, you have less need to build expensive external prisons.
Debate Round No. 1


Good day to my contender and fellow community. Firstly I would like to begin with thanking my fellow contender for accepting this challenge and I would also like to thank the attention of the community. May everyone who read's this debate, enjoy it!

"God doesn't exist because God is a man made phenomenon."

Or... a devine-phenomenon,
Let me simplify this: there are endless mysteries finding favour with the fact that this world was designed.

This universe would have 'never' been like this:
-Without there being some kind of a being to think and create in order of importance.
-Without at least understanding what you're trying to do.
(Yet this universe obeys an astronomical number of rules, i.e. perfect atmosphere, food catering for the stomach, a man's sperm going into a woman in order of reproduction etc. etc. [In fact, these mysteries can never be all completed in a list, yet doesn't this prove the glory of God?])

Therefore, no, God is not a man made phenomenon because, we have good reasons (like the endless mysteries) to believe that this world was designed by a Designer [God].

"The creator is usually a person who is in charge of, or is a ruling class person with responsibilities."

There my contender, says in other words; that we have to 'see' God as supreme and ruler of this world, to claim him as ruler.

When, if God existed here on earth:
-'Belief' in God would not be required because, we would see him with our own eyes in the flash. Meaning, that there would be no more problems for us to glorify God with. Problems give a meaning to life otherwise life is meaningless. God has always given us this opportunity to glorify him, for example, the forbidden fruit in tree in the garden of Eden. Therefore, belief in God gives us the opportunity to glorify God and, this is the greatest opportunity ever for men! Amen!
-People (not deserving God's generousity because of their constant seeking of immorality, jealousy, greed etc.) would be to demanding and, God would be the government and only government of the world. And the cue of people's requirements from God, would be infinite. When they could easily seek him in spirit since he is God, not the government. That is why we must worship God in truth and in spirit! Amen!
(Etc. Etc. [Like I said, my aim is simplification])

So by the grace of God, it seems to me that I have defeated my contender in just the second round, since I asked for one good reason in which my contender gave me an empty reason.

Contender, the biblical scriptures quote; this foolish plan of God for people to worship God 'in spirit' [prayer] (and in truth) is wiser than the wisest of human plans.

So contender if God himself were to be seen on the flesh here on earth, give me one greatest plan for people to glorify God than his foolish one? (Because the foolish plan of God - the one of worshipping and serving him without even seeing him, is certainly better than glorifying him only with your job, invention or sport etc.)


I have given my opponent many good reasons for not believing in god. He has obviously not accepted any of those reasons. That is his problem, not mine. I have satisfied the requirements of the opening question. I have provided many reasons why people should not believe in god.

My opponent is obviously going to carry on with an endless rendition of bible quotes and other related nonsense. So that's it for me!
Note - Religious people have a dislike of logic. I don't know why they tolerate them on this website. They have nothing to contribute to the sum total of human knowledge. lol
Debate Round No. 2


Contender, may you then at least answer my 'critical' question in round 2.

[An answer seriously needed from round 2]:

"Contender, the biblical scriptures quote; this foolish plan of God for people to worship God 'in spirit' [prayer] (and in truth) is wiser than the wisest of human plans.

***So contender, if God himself were to be seen on the flesh here on earth, give me one greatest plan for people to glorify God than his foolish one?*** (Because the foolish plan of God - the one of worshiping and serving him without even seeing him, is certainly better than glorifying him only with your job, invention or sport etc.)"

In other words I am saying that, if God truly doesn't exist then, you 'contender' must find a better solution for people to worship God other than the one God has proposed, for that would show that you are wiser than God (and thus, show that God doesn't exist).

So, may you please answer that question.


If I knew what the question was I would answer it. But, unfortunately, I can't decipher your religiously coded nonsense question. Thus, I am unable to give a reply. When you learn to relate in proper English and stop talking in religious nonsense language I will reply.
Debate Round No. 3


Akhenaten forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Passionate_Fighter forfeited this round.


Akhenaten forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by missmedic 10 months ago
A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Posted by ZakOak 10 months ago
And what is typically found in fairy tales...giants, witches, talking animals, magical objects and spells etc.. All of these are found in the bible.
Posted by Passionate_Fighter 10 months ago
All this endless disputes and controversies, it's as if God doesn't exist.
I wish your fairytale of evolution was true, for then I would also be a fairy.

To all atheists reading this:

God knows, I have tried my best!
I rest my case...
May your wisdom - (which was created) - be your God!
Posted by Akhenaten 10 months ago
You need to study the 500 year Inquisition in Europe to understand the evil side of religion. Religion was used as a means of eliminating people you did't like. Gossip was encouraged and back stabbing was applauded. Horrible torture and burning at the stake was the standard practise to weed out the unbelievers and heretics.
Posted by missmedic 10 months ago
If there's no practical difference between believing and not believe in any gods, then there's no practical difference between the existence and non-existence of any gods. Therefore, atheism should be adopted for purely pragmatic reasons.
Posted by canis 10 months ago
My parents are both still a bit virgins.
Posted by BananaTheLord 11 months ago
God exists......he does. Just open your mind and you will see but not to much because then it might fall out like all the liberals.
Posted by missmedic 11 months ago
Why does the perfect creator of the universe need worship?
If Christ were real he would be perfect, and if one were a perfect god one would not have wants or needs. Like the need to be worshiped or the need to create or the need to punish or the need to be loved or the need to burn you in hell forever. So show me a god that is perfect and I could believe but I will never worship. It is wrong to love what you fear.
Posted by Passionate_Fighter 11 months ago
Belief in faith:
It is much more easier (and less straining) for me to believe in God, than evolution. And I know some of you may ask, 'why do you not think of how God himself was created?'

Well, 'Some kind' must have all existed, yep - W34; (going back to infinity)! Hard to believe, but true! Otherwise if this is not true, then something evolved out of nothing at all, at all, (not even a room of space for an ant to sit), nada!

This is my argument:

-NOT: 1. First the universe [room of space],
2. Then something, for a mere room of space cannot create anything at all!

-BUT: First a supernatural being, great intelligence and power (etc.)
Then the universe [room of space],
then... etc. etc.
Posted by missmedic 11 months ago
Beliefs and faiths do not establish "truths" or facts. It does not matter how many people believe or for how many centuries they have believed it. It does not matter how reverent or important people think of them, if it does not agree with evidence, then it simply cannot have any validity to the outside world. All things we know about the world, we can express without referring to a belief. Even at its most benign level, beliefs can act as barriers to further understanding.
I present a very simple observation at the limits of ignorance and knowledge: If you don't know about something and you submit it to nothing but belief, it will likely prove false; if you know about something, then you don't need to believe it, because you know it. Between ignorance and knowledge you have the uncertainties about the world, and the best way to handle uncertainties involves thinking in terms of probabilities. So what use does belief have? Replacing beliefs with predictive thoughts based on experience and evidence provide a means to eliminate intransigence and dangerous superstitious thought.
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