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Given the uncertainty of the survival of anything after death why do we pontificate so much. "

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Started: 9/28/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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It's unlikely our soul survives death. No ones ever came back to say otherwise. Perhaps it's logical to assume that annihilation the most obvious outcome will visit us all. Wishing otherwise might be just that , a wish . Religious dogma tries to give meaning and fails by its exclusivity.


Hello Angryduck, I hope we will have a good debate, on the point that our soul doesn't survive death and you are questioning why people still spread the belief of an afterlife, while I am defending the belief of afterlife and that the soul survives death.

Let us start with some definitions:

"feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen."

"an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof."
"his belief in extraterrestrial life"

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
"ideas about the relationship between science and religion"

You say "Wishing otherwise might be just that , a wish", yet many people of other religions believe that there are God/gods with the power to give an afterlife, let's take Catholicism for example, as that;s what I'm most familiar with.

We believe in afterlife , we are confident that it's true; therefore we are not simply wishing it to be true.

Atheists on the other hand, some of them may wish for an afterlife yet they don't believe in it and are not confident in it from lack of evidence.

"If there was proof of an all-knowing, benevolent magic man who protected me from all pain in the world, I would worship him like no other"

These are the words of an Atheist who wishes for an afterlife, and a God in general;

"As others have mentioned, death is scary, and it's easier to believe that I would live forever in some magical, child-like heaven than die and rot in the Earth"

And even then, is there anything wrong with that? Why not be confident or even wish for there to be your deceased relatives, friends and others waiting for you the day you die.

This belief, gives me at least confidence in life, that once I've went through it, I will be welcomed by them.

You explain that "It's unlikely our soul survives death", yet you don't give an explanation for what a soul is and why it wouldn't survive death. Even then, are you explaining that you believe we have souls?

the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

spiritual, rather than physical.
"we have immaterial souls"

As a soul isn't physical and is spiritual, I don't see how a physical fact of death would damage or harm the soul in any way.
Why? How do I believe this? I myself am confident in that idea. No trace of immaterial has been found, why? Because it isn't physical, but then, what is physical? Are we physical? Is anything around us physical? All these questions bring worry and it's much easier for anyone of any belief to stick to their own belief, the way they want to think. Atheists believe there are no souls or afterlife or God in general, and Theists believe the opposite, depending on the religion.
I'll get off my tangent and go back to the general question, you ask, "why do we pontificate so much", could you specify who pontificates so much and elaborate upon this point? Thank you.

"Religious dogma tries to give meaning and fails by its exclusivity"
Could you elaborate upon this point? Are you trying to explain that religious belief of an afterlife is objected by the beliefs of other religions?


All references to the dictionary were taken from the Google definitions by simply typing them into the search bar and copy/pasting them in.

I am excited for your next response and hope this will be a fun debate!
Debate Round No. 1


angryduck forfeited this round.


While I am disappointed that there was no response to the second round by my opponent, I will use this time to make another point:

Every living being has the right to: "the freedom of thought" and "the freedom of expression" , as listed in the 30 rights of every human being. Through this, anyone is allowed to think about their faith and decide what is their afterlife. Along with this, they have the freedom of expression of their beliefs and thoughts and have the right to share it.

That is not exactly a reason why we spread our beliefs so much, or even that assumption is right in the first place, it is that we are allowed as humans to express such a thing.


(Also apologies for not having a full argument, I had to train a lot for an upcoming race and just now are getting my energy back to post a response)
Debate Round No. 2


angryduck forfeited this round.


Unfortunately I have nothing more to comment on since I have had no reply to my arguments whatsoever. I have no idea what point to make up as I have already stretched out the con side enough.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Blaiz1t 2 years ago
@Innerstrength That is really interesting, I'm not trying to argue against you with this, but I'm curious on the details of the "70% of the cases of children claiming to remember past lives", do you have any idea where I could find some?
Posted by Innerstrength 2 years ago
I have seen some evidence to suggest that there is an afterlife or more like a re-birth for some.
Studies by Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker in Asia and Us respectively consistently show that these children are born with an uncanny knowledge of their past lives with many of the childrens statements having been corroborated.
Here is an exert from wikipedia:
Tucker reports that in about 70% of the cases of children claiming to remember past lives, the deceased died from an unnatural cause, suggesting that traumatic death may be linked to the hypothesized survival of self. He further indicates that the time between death and apparent rebirth is, on average, sixteen months, and that unusual birth-marks might match fatal wounds suffered by the deceased.
Although critics have argued there is no material explanation for the survival of self, Tucker suggests that quantum mechanics may offer a mechanism by which memories and emotions could carry over from one life to another.[8][9] He argues that since the act of observation collapses wave equations, the self may not be merely a by-product of the brain, but rather a separate entity that impinges on matter. Tucker argues that viewing the self as a fundamental, non material part of the universe makes it possible to conceive of it continuing to exist after the death of the brain.[26] He provides the analogy of a televisor and the television transmission; the televisor is required to decode the signal, but it does not create the signal. In a similar way, the brain may be required for awareness to express itself, but may not be the source of awareness.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Given the uncertainty of life after death, why do we not pontificate more?
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
You say no one has ever come back. Where have you been?There have been hundreds of cases,if not thousands, where people left their bodies and returned.But that does not mean real proof. But it certainly should make any thinking person consider the possibility.
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