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Global Warming is a complete lie

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Started: 12/30/2014 Category: Politics
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We've been duped for many years into believing this intsane liberal hoax. I've never beleved it for a second.

4 rounds, 3,000 limit, first round is to acsept only.


I've accepted this challenge. Let's have some fun.
Debate Round No. 1


1) My first point is a bit abstract here so bare with me. The thought that humans can have such a huge impact on the environment is really arrogant and self centered in my onion. Humans are only capable of doing so much to the world around us. Major things like the climate and whether can, at the end of the day, only truly be determined by a god. No amount of CO2 can change His plan for the world. And he would never let something as disastorous as global warming happen if it is as bad as scientists claim.

2) so there are some studies out there that may say that global warmign is really happening, realise that the people who 'report' these studies are LYING. Why? Because their entire job is to study climate change and if if it becomes obvious that there is NO climate change, then these scientists will get NO FUNDING. Of course they are going to fabricate studies. They want jobs and liberals like Obama are happy to give them, even though they probbly know themselves that is all one huge lie.

3) Which brings me to my next point. i believe liberal politicians exploit these faux global warming claims ON PURPOSE (i don't claim to know whether politicians are telling the scientists to make this up or whether or not they just go along with and eat up what they say (of course some are dumb enough to actually believe it like I'm sure Al Gore was)) to make the government larger and make more restrictions on business and corporations because they staunchly seem to believe that corporations are evil, which is not the case, and want to do anything they can to destroy innocent businesses. They just want to make the government larger so that they can carry out their plan to eventually control every faucet of our lives.

4) This winter has been consderably colder than normal, as it has even snowed in places like Las Vegas. If the world climate really was changing than why would this happen. it has been very cold where I live, and I am yet to see a hint of any kind of "warming" here. Not to mention, the polar ice caps are actually growing larger year by yeary, and are larger now than last year. I'm also yet to see a report that actually indicates that the world is getting warmer year by year, and anyway, how would you measure that? Some places are hotter than others year round anyway, which would make the results take a falsely upward trend.

5) My last point is just a whole in teh story scientists have been spewing, particularly concerning the extreme lie that global heating is caused by human activity (I feel to debunk global warming, you have to debunk scientist's entire BS beliefs in it). Scientists always say "global warming is happening and its humans's fault." But if that's the case, then why exactly has the earth only *supposedly* been warming the past few hundred years? Humans have existed for 6,000 years, and never had a single problem with any CO2 until the profession of "climate scientist" started to become a thing? Coincedence?

Thanks for reading.


Humans have been dramatically evolving over the last tens of thousands of years. From stone tools to bronze, bronze tools to iron swords, to wooden boats with sails, to motorized boats. We have electricity, which has benefited us largely. How shouldn't that be hurting for the world? Also, God may exist to some people, to others God is just utter blasphemy. Even if he has plans for the world, when he is going to carry out his plans? Has he been there with us for the last thousands of years? We have evolved on our own with our technology. If you worship God, then please forgive me for being so sinful and rejecting God.

Yes, there may be stories out there that Global Warming is really happening. If it is happening, then why has other scientists who is truly committed to their jobs has not debunked this myth as false? If there were such corrupted scientists, why would there not be Scientists who do are selfless and are committed to the world? They should have tried to debunk this myth by now, but they haven't, so that's another shard of proof.

Liberal Politicians don't work that way. Do you think a man qualified to be a politician would even be taking bribes? The scientists would have had proof of Global Warming, and so they bring it before the Politician and they explain thoroughly, and the politicians logically look at this. If Global Warming was fake, then why would the Governments start spreading out Global Warming? Even if the scientists try to leak it out, Government officials would have tried to prove it false and they would have taken down the websites anyway.
Debate Round No. 2


Well scientists are notrius for lying and being sinful and decetful, they have come with lies like evolution, the big bang, homosexuality being natural, the atom, etc. I couldn't tell you why, perhaps it is to pander to the unfaithful, perhaps it is just so they can continue to get money for their "research". But Its is no suprise they would come with another lie. I don't know if there are any good scientists left honestly who would tell the truth, and if there were I'm sure the liberals would put a bullet in their heads.

Liberal politicians are HUGE liers. They are the ones who reject and denounce God and the ones who claim to be Christian always seem to find new ways to oppress us. Obama himself lied about his religion, where he was born, that he didn't know what Benghazi was, that he was white, etc. The list goes on and on. I wouldn't put lying about anything past liberal politicians.

As I said and will always beleve, liberals are obsesed with power. They just want to tax us to death and infiltrate good, God loving oil businesses and whatnot. If they can dupe us all into beleving this dumbness, than they can run free and instill carbon taxes and every environment-related tax they can think of. There are plenty of reasons to lie abut such a huge thing,.

Looking foward to the response


Grypo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


TrueChristianRepublican forfeited this round.


Grypo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by POPOO5560 2 years ago
POPOO5560 its fake lol
Posted by Grypo 2 years ago
I think that I chose the wrong side, but because I chose to choose this side, I will keep being stubborn and I will defend my side at all costs.

Because a lawyer does not complain about who he protects, but just protects by bombarding the prosecutor with facts that can be or not be easily unproved, but his sole duty is to protect.
Posted by TrueChristianRepublican 2 years ago
@Subutai: Global warming at all.
@Bennett Glad to see someone is on my side
@ Kyle I had a few typos but I finished in the top 75% of my high school class, I get english and science pretty well.
Posted by kyleflanagan97 2 years ago
I love how the conservative who doesn't understand science can't spell accept.
Posted by Bennett91 2 years ago
i dont wanna see none of that science crap in this debate. Itsa liberal communist plot by Obama. TEA PARTY 4 LIFE!
Posted by donald.keller 2 years ago
Dis gon' be gud.
Posted by Subutai 2 years ago
Are you debating a human cause to global warming, or global warming at all?
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