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Global Warming is likely impacted by humans.

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Started: 10/16/2015 Category: Science
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Global Warming is likely impacted by humans.


I'm arguing that global climate change is not impacted by humans. My reasons for believing this are as follows:

1. Earth's climate has often warmed and cooled, and the recent rise in global temperature is within the borders of the natural temperature variations that have been recorded within the past 3,000 years. A study from 2013 claimed that the rising global temperatures that have been observed in the 20th century are similar to those observed around the 11th century.

2. Changes in global temperature are generally due to variations in the sun's heat, not by human activity. The majority of the observed climate changes between the 20th and 21st centuries has corresponded with multiple solar cycles. In 2012 it was discovered that there was a strong correlation between solar radiation and temperatures in the Arctic, not by human activity.

3. The receding glaciers are not a result of human activity, but rather have been growing and receding for thousands of years due to natural causes. A 2014 study of over 2,000 glaciers in the Himalayas proved that 86.6% of the glaciers were not receding. Another study claimed that receding glaciers in Antarctica were due to "atmospheric circulation changes" that caused West Antarctica to warm rapidly.

4. CO2 is not the cause.
In 2003, a study showed that over the past four climactic cycles (which have occurred during the past 240,000 years) warming has not followed, but rather preceded, a rise of CO2.

Of the CO2 that humans have produced between 2002-2011, about 50% has been re-absorbed by earth's "carbon sinks."

Within the past 16 years there has been an 8% increase in atmospheric CO2, and still the earth has not warmed significantly.

Debate Round No. 1


1: Does Global Warming exist?

Yes, but how do we know? The amount of evidence is compelling and indisputable from the rising global sea level to global temperature rise, warming oceans, to shrinking ice sheets. Other ways we know that global warming exists includes but is not limited to; Declining Arctic Sea, Glacial Retreat, Extreme Weather, Decreased Snow Cover, Ocean Acidification.

Now that we can agree that Global Warming exists the question becomes

2: Is it man made?

“97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities.” (1)

This effect made by humans is called the greenhouse effect. Defined that is “warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space.”(2) This is mainly caused by burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil. It is also caused by the clearing of land for agriculture, industry, and other human activities.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts, which runs assessment reports concluded “there's a more than 90 percent probability that human activities over the past 250 years have warmed our planet.”(3)


As we can see that Global warming exists and the experts in the field overwhelmingly conclude that Global warming is likely man made we can conclude that Global Warming is likely impacted by humans.




Thank you for that last round.

1. While a rise in global temperature is undeniable, I disagree that the greenhouse effect is the cause. I repeat my original point that the recent warming of the Earth has to do with solar cycles and that a 2013 study proved that the rising global temperatures that have been observed in the 20th century are similar to those observed around the 11th century [2], and the recent rise in global temperature are within the borders of the natural temperature variations that have been recorded within the past 3,000 years [2].

Additionally, to address your point concerning the declining Arctic sea, it's true that it was slowly descending, but since 2012, Arctic ice has gone up by 50% [4]. Even the increase between 2012 and 2013 was visibly significant [5].

This increase is equally as important as the decrease.

I again repeat my original point concerning receding glaciers. They have been growing and receding for thousands of years due to natural causes [2], and the recently receding glaciers in Antarctica were due to atmospheric circulation changes, which is the “large scale movement of air” [3].

2. My opponent has argued that 97% of scientists believe that global warming is due to human activities.
However this is not entirely true. David Henderson went through everything that Cook et all claimed and found that only 64 out of the 11,944 scientists that were examined claimed explicitly that global warming was a cause of humans. This number brings the 97% down to 1.6% [1, 2].

Here is Henderson’s list providing all the numbers:

While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that human activities have caused global warming, there are still many scientists who disagree.
In 2010, a report by Climate Depot claimed that over 1,000 scientists (many of which were form UN IPCC scientists) disagreed that humans are “primarily responsible for global climate change” [2].
Again, in 2014, 15 scientists declared that the US National Climate Assessment’s declaration of human caused climate change to be “NOT true” [2].

It remains that many scientists agree that global warming exists only as a solar cycle and is not caused by human activities.

Thank you for reading!

Debate Round No. 2


WillClayton forfeited this round.


Thank you for reading.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by WillClayton 2 years ago
Posted by CaptainMorkunas 2 years ago
For reals though...
Posted by OnlineMissionary197 2 years ago
I would not necessarily say the Global Warming is "Impacted" by humans, more like: "Fabricated" by humans. Stupid humans if you ask me.
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