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Global Warming is not man-made

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Started: 5/1/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Resolution: Global warming is not man-made

I will be arguing for (pro) the resolution that global warming is not man-made.

Terms are defined as followed:

Global Warming: The belief that the Earth is warming at abnormally quick and increasing rates that did not previously occur in history.

Man-made: Created/ Instigated/ Caused (directly or indirectly) by humans.

Thank you in advance to my opponent for choosing to accept this debate.


I would like to open by thanking my opponent for instigating this debate. Good luck.

I will be arguing against the resolution, defined as 'Global warming is not man-made.' In essence, I will be arguing that Global Warming is, indeed, man-made.

I accept the definitions for the terms Global Warming and Man-Made listed above as the definitions for use in this debate.

I would also like to impose a standard set of rules. The two subsequent rounds will commence as follows- all arguments must be presented in round 2 and no new arguments may be presented in round 3, however evidence, restatement, and refutation of previous arguments may occur.

Judging should not be based on personal belief, but on the skill of the debaters and the strength of their points- I'm sure that neither me nor my opponent would like to win based on biased voting.

Once again, I will be arguing that Global Warming, as defined above, is, in fact,man-made.

A brief thank you once again to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Contention 1:
Growth of Antarctic Ice

For years Climate change scientists have been saying that the polar ice caps are slowly melting, due to increased greenhouse gas release from humans. The resultant water they state, will cause increased coastal flooding and other natural disasters. NASA has just released a report on the satellite observation of the Antarctic Ice Cap. The mission was to monitor just how fast the ice was shrinking. What they found however, was that the ice was growing, to record levels in fact. (See chart below)

"The most recent data show that the Antarctic is currently surrounded by more sea ice than at any other point since records began. In all, there are right now about 20 million square kilometers of frozen sea area surrounding the Antarctic continent. That is 170,000 square kilometers more than last year"s previous all-time record, and more than 1.2 million square kilometers above the 1981-to-2010 mean, according to researchers."


With NASA data suggesting that Antarctica is not melting, but indeed growing, half of the melting of the poles debate has just been sunk. With more data on the Arctic inbound, the entire debate over the poles will soon be debunked as simple liberal fallacy.

Contention 2:
Falsifying of data

In November 2009, several leading climate change scientist's emails were hacked. The emails showed a clear falsification of data.

"I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 and onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline"

"Mike's Nature trick" is what is commonly known as a hockey puck graph. This trick is used to hide an actual cooling trend in the weather, as opposed to the theorized man-made climate change contention.

"Because how can we be critical of Crowley for throwing out 40-years in the middle of his calibration, when we're throwing out all post-1960 data "cos the MXD has a non-temperature signal in it, and also all pre-1881 or pre-1871 data "cos the temperature data may have a non-temperature signal in it! If we write the Holocene forum article then we'll have to be critical or our paper as well as Crowley's!

... Also we have applied a completely artificial adjustment to the data after 1960, so they look closer to observed temperatures than the tree-ring data actually were

Also, we set all post-1960 values to missing in the MXD data set (due to decline), and the method will infill these, estimating them from the real temperatures " another way of "correcting" for the decline, though may be not defensible![Tim Osborne]"[4]"

The fact that these scientists are messing with data numbers means that we CANNOT trust their studies, and thus, global warming as a whole has yet again, been debunked.

In conclusion, because of the growth of the Ice Caps, as well as solid evidence that climate change scientists are actively faking data, we cannot say that global warming is man made.


GildedBindings forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Henceforth_Truth forfeited this round.


GildedBindings forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ImaRealMeanie 2 years ago
Has anyone ever noticed that big ol' heating up in the sun? No? Well then, I do think we have a bit of ammo for dear Pro.
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