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Global Warming is real

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Started: 12/11/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance only, BOP is shared.


Sure i'll accept the challenge might as well put the new science theories on the board.
Good luck
Since I'm knew to this, BoP referring to Base of Point? -_-
Debate Round No. 1


Here are the two points I'll need to prove

1. Global Warming is happening

This is easily shown through graphs. Here are a few links:

2. Global Warming is man-made

Easy. People are emitting CO2, which is a greenhouse gas. This means that CO2 acts like a one-way heat reflector, letting heat from the sun to the earth, but not letting it go the other way. CO2 is emitted when we drive cars and burn fossil fuels.

PS: BOP means Burden of Proof.


My two focuses on against global warming will be"

1.The Earth is currently facing cooling.

The sun"s activity dying down, look here:

2. Co2 levels might end up being a good thing.

That"s simple, if we are heading to a global cooling due to the sun, the main source of our earth"s heating, causing less heat to be produced.

P.S thank you, that acronym is used everywhere but means too many different things XD.
Wanted to write more but had to stop myself and match the same amount of information you gave, since nearly forgetting this is just to stat are focuses.
Debate Round No. 2


Con has ignored my evidences. Although there might be another Little Ice Age, we are still warming. The previous links show this pretty well.


In truth I just to provided standard evidence of cooling. Yet the pro's argument avoids anything recent, for example that "graph" provided only shows up till 2000s. Your argument stats the temperatures are currently rising, but this past decade they have roughly stayed constant. Your second evidence stats due to record heat that we are warming, but just recently winter records have been shattered and winter seems to have came early. If we were "warming" wouldn't temperatures in all months be higher? More heat trapped in the atmosphere causing winter to be postponed or delayed? Wouldn't we a increase of fierce storms like Sandy popping up all the time due to increase ocean tempts? If Co2 levels are going up and the sun is staying constant that would lead to said global warming, but if said sun activity dies down wouldn't that lower temperature? Global warming stats that tempts will rise yet does not factor in the sun even though 99% of our heat comes from that large ball of fire.
I have provided an interesting read and must watch, which no matter the stance do deserve a look for they are indeed interesting.

Must watch:

Must Read:

Temperatures have stayed the same:

colder and Early Winter:
Debate Round No. 3


1. Graph to 2000s

If you looked, you would see that both graphs go further than the 2000s.

2. Winter came early

The second site explains why looking at tempuratures for single years is not reliable.

I can't list evidence because they were put in the 2nd Round.

But, here's something that I call...



1. I refer back to 2nd link of temperatures staying the same, it shows a more expanded view of temperatures up to 2010
2.I refer back to the linked video but here's the fallow up video that would explain allot of your questions. If you listen he tells you of other developments, like how, yes, arctic ice seems to be melting but Antarctic ice sheet is growing.

I'll restate this here, its not that climate "change" is not real, it is global "warming" is simply not happening anymore and were currently facing a global cooling.

Fallow up video:

Antartic sheet expanding Sources:
Debate Round No. 4


I didn't even have to say everything about arctic sea ice decline. There is still one link you've overlooked from round 2:

It shows what we have predicted: Global Warming is accelerating!

Here's another graph:

This graph shows a long arc covering thousands of years, and right when the curve was going downward towards today, it shot back up. This is global warming. This is a problem.

Both of these graphs refute your "Global Warming has stopped" arguments. Temperatures are still on the rise.

And, if that doesn't convince you, these will:

Even though there might be a hiatus in global warming, it's still a threat. It isn't like global warming says temperatures will ALWAYS be on the rise. Global warming is only about temperatures rising IN GENERAL.

The final graph that will be embarrassing is this:

Yes. La Nina's of today are hotter than El Nino's of the past.

Your turn, Con.


"The Earth is currently facing cooling." This is my claim, do you see the wording? Currently, as in relative to the present, facing cooling, temperatures either have not risen or have decreased.

"Global Warming is happening" This is your claim, you see the wording? Happening, as in now. You provided only outdated information that does not include half a decade. And ignored that co2 has been rising yet for some reason this happens.

Global warming states that due to greenhouse gases, like a greenhouse that grow plants in, heat from the sun is captured and kept inside the atmosphere. In a greenhouse this allows plants to be grown in a stable environment that could be regulated by vents so it stays roughly the same temperature all year round. This is because a greenhouse can release excess heat unlike the planet"s greenhouse gases, which is more like you keeping the vents closed and trap the heat inside all year round. This causes the greenhouse indoor temperature to increase, therefor, applying this to the planet, if the greenhouse gases store and do not "vent" the heat out the planets temperature increases, and stays increasing till "vents" are opened.
Take a look at that graph, in theory, according to Global Warming theory, if the planet is venting less heat temperatures will rise, indicated on graph from 1980 to roughly 1998, if this greenhouse effect is true, then by 2001 to 2003, average should be around .63 to .65, by 2005 the average should be .72, by 2010 the average should roughly be .78, and by 2013 should break .8 and be around .82, With fluxuations of roughly .06 to .1 per year. This is not including the sharp increase of co2 during the early 2000s at which the increase should be roughly .02 quicker. But what do we see on this graph? It"s leveling. Why would it Level? There are many factors but one could be the source of heat. How could the source affect the temperature?

Well let"s do an experiment, were going to simulate greenhouse gases using a greenhouse, it is June roughly 89 degrees F, we close up the vents and let the greenhouse sit for an hour in the sun the base line was the temperature before we close the vents at 84 degrees, after an hour it is 92 degrees, let"s remember a greenhouse only stores heat it does not generate it, therefor what do you think will happen if we hang a tarp over the green house spaced 3 feet above it with holes in the tarp that are evenly spaced to only let in 85% of the sun"s light to hit the greenhouse? This is a shading effect like when it"s a hot day and you sit underneath a tree you will find it is relatively cooler than standing in the sun. Eventually you will find the 92 degree greenhouse will slowly become 89 this is due to instead of 100% of sun exposure it is only 85%, and the accumulation of heated particles will slowly cool negating the effects of having the vents closed.

See global warming doesn't account for variation of the suns energy output it assumes it"s a fixed rate. If the sun"s energy production is reduced it will not be shown, and the predicted global temperature will vary from the recorded data, causing what you see after 2000. That is stabilization where the sun"s output and the greenhouse effect start canceling each other out give no extreme increase or decrease. But the sun"s output may drop even more, this will un-stabilize the harmony we see and eventually slowly the temperature will decrease the speed at which the decrease will happen will depend on greenhouse effect for if it traps enough heat it can re-stabilize the harmony or just delay the cold.

Now since you, pro, have failed to give the information willingly I will ask, where is the exponential heating of the earth that is predicted in every global warming prediction the increase should be visible now, 2011-2014, I don't need to see old graphs the shows it has "happened" I need evidence that shows its "happening" now.

Your turn Pro.

Other info/ graphs:
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Vajrasattva-LeRoy 3 years ago
If average temperatures are going up, they're going up.
What's to debate?

Won't you EVER get your head out of your ?
Stop Lying, already !
We're still in the first half of the winter-
average temperatures are still going LOWER.
Posted by BDPershing 3 years ago
link to the playlist for must watch video:
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Every morning when the sun comes round, it gets warmer.
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Reasons for voting decision: Due to the fact PRO didn't define terms, when CON defined global warming as happening *now*, and then his statement that there has been no warming trend for 3 years (even if there is a warming trend in the last 100 years) proves that global warming is *not* real, as it is not happening now.