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Globalization makes all people become identical to each other

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Started: 9/12/2013 Category: Society
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Globalization is happening when the world stops dividing and seems to look with no barriers, but the problem is that people may become the same, and lose their identity


Globalisation enables people to experience other cultures that up till now would not have been possible in that way. It also lets people notice the differences in cultures. With these differences now highlighted, they cannot disappear.

Also, if knowing other people would cause a loss of individuality, it should have already applied to countries. For example, people in New York and people in Chicago are very different, and yet in the same country.
Debate Round No. 1


As the world develops and technologies become more and more effective it is easier to communicate and share each others experiences and cultures, of course it is a big plus for those who have no opportunity to travel or just for those who want to learn more about the world.

But the danger is that globalization of Western culture will develop very fast, because it is already happening: no one is wearing traditional costumes, everyone wants to follow the fashion, and the fashion is making people all look the same, same jeans, same shirts and etc.

Globalization also influences the cuisine of different cultures and nations. The McDonaldization is spreading all over the world. People are more likely to have the same hamburger on lunch than cook their traditional food.

That is why the process of globalization is taking away cultural values and make our world be as copied and than pasted.


The wearing of traditional costumes or the eating of traditional foods does not mean a loss of cultural identity, and is definitely not a loss of cultural values.

First, the traditional costumes/food of a group of people are not what create their culture. A person who identifies with their ethnicity or cultural heritage does not lose that by changing their outfit, or going to a fast food restaurant. Globalization simply allows people the freedoms to look at other cultures. Even within cultures people will dress differently, eat differently. A trip to any capital city will show you a wealth of variety even within that one area, which, if globalization was such a driving force, would not be possible within the same country, let alone the same city.
Debate Round No. 2


I think that the food or clothes are only the beginning. The process of globalization is taking its turn, and all people are getting involved into this, not even knowing that. And why do I started talking about McDonaldization is because the biggest fast food companies are trying to standardize and homogenize the whole world; as such it is a globalizing force.

Of course there are a lot of differences between people all over the world, we all look different, but there are some things that unite all of us. If these things will rapidly grow, then one day we may wake up in a world, where everyone has lost their identity and become the same.

There are a lot of languages have disappeared because of the globalization. According to statistics every 2 weeks one language is dying, just because all people start to speak the same language, and forget about their own.

It seems clear to me that if people do not stop, or maybe even do not try to stop the process of globalization, it will lead to situation when our grandchildren will live in a world with people identical to each other.


Psykaze forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CRAZ4SWAN 4 years ago
the idea of nations and culture is a huge bullsh1t we all the same poeple get it ! no matter black white at the end of the day we all going toward death there is no time for playing games and racism ,... i dont say that we shoud give up our history tradition culture mores ofcuorse not but we forgeting that all we r one poeple preserve your nationalty but its only a big sh1t its invention of stupid guys that lived long time ago,,,,,, so yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
identical, like slaves
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