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Globally Bent Timespace is the Underworld

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Started: 12/6/2015 Category: People
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Dr. Albert Einstein showed how gravity and velocity in mechanical engineering accessed globally bent timespace. But, all the analogues in every branch of engineering also access globally bent timespace, but, not always with the gravitational component. Dr. Nikola Tesla used the current analogue, in electrical engineering to project the S.S. Eldritch, in Philadelphia Harbor, into globally bent timespace, not only enough to fade it out into invisibility, but to surpass the lightspeed equivalency, and thereby be transduced into pure probability to be teleported backward and forward in time, and finally materialized off the coast of Virginia. Also, Dr. Nikola Tesla"s teleporter, shown in the movie, "The Prestige", is no fiction. And, Edison did have his goons burn down Dr. Nikola Tesla"s home in Colorado. Why did Edison get most of the credit for modern electricity? Edison was a "lodge" member; and, Dr. Nikola Tesla was a non-member who had stumb! led upon some of their secrets.
The easiest way to access globally bent timespace is by entropy production rate, EPR, which is identical to polarity cancellation rate, for, the entropy of the universe at any specified time is the proportion of nucleons to photons. Every pair of nucleons, of exact opposite polarities, antiparticles, that cancel into nothingness, release two photons of energy, to the proportion E=Mcc, of the energy that kept those nucleons differentiated. It is a consequence of infinity (eternity) that energy is conscious, due to the fact that matter, alpha code information, differentiates consciousness by interference, like that imposed on our magnetic flux by the substance P neurons of the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata of our brains. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information.
Also, we have relativistic phenomena caused by relative size. Have you noticed how fast the movements of a squirrel are compared to our"s. They are pretty hard to imitate. But, to them, they are moving casually, and we are moving as slow as elephants. A person of half your mass experiences one hour as you would feel two hours. But, a creature with only one percent of your mass doesn"t feel one of your hours as a hundred hours. The proportion follows the relativity hyperbola.
People with fast EPR"s have been observed to move slower. I saw this beautiful woman who"s eyes blinked much slower than normal, and all her movements were very slow, almost impossible to imitate. Being a beautiful woman, she had easy access to what were the opposite polarities for her. Perhaps she read about my "Shekinah" on the internet, and made one. The iron in the cytochromes is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in every male cell, and, clockwise in every female cell. I remember fellow movie buffs ridiculing Bela Lugosi in "Dracula" about how slow he moved. Same thing. He ingested an electrolyte of the opposite polarities, which allows a faster polarity cancellation rate. Don"t be fooled by its cultural presentation. If you don"t put your batteries in right, they wont work. It must be opposite polarities. If they had been honest, the stories would have been banned as immoral.
A similar deliberate misrepresentation in the movie "The Resurrected" showed a similar representation. The "flux" was an ideal "Shekinah", but, that cancellation of entities near the end of the movie would only happen "straight", with opposites, and is what knowledgeable Hindus and Buddhists hope for in Dharmaloka, the Lake of Fire, to attain Nirvana (nonexistence). In "Howling II", the cancellation of Croescu and Sturva cancelled out into nothingness like true soul mates. Ancient Hebrew Rabbins revealed in the Talmud that soul mates are often born in the same family. But, this final consummation can only take place in globally bent timespace, then called "spirit".
You have probably heard many times that the value of pi goes down as you approach a Black Hole, and that the value of pi at the event horizon of a Black Hole is two. But, did you know that as anything that goes into more and more globally bent timespace, leaves the rigid orthogonality of flat timespace behind, so that the matter becomes more and more tenuous, spiritualized. it fades out into invisibility. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used EPR to put his patients into a field of globally bent timespace, "orgone", where the patient"s body was able to snap back to its original health template, curing disease, and even renewing youth. But, he was here, behind the "Plastic Curtain", was framed up by the FDA, imprisoned, and he was killed in prison.
They never dared to kill Mike O"Dan the Snakeman, for, they knew he could go body switching, even into the Presidents body, to set things straight. But, extrapolating upon these findings, the body becomes so flexable that it can change into any form. Beyond the "Plastic Curtain", Dr. Anna Aslan was able to operate her "geriatric cure centers" with impunity. Dr. Lisa Randall, Havard University professor of quantum physics, established this direction in and out of bent timespaces to be the fifth dimension. We are multidimensional beings. That portion of our body in bent timespace is called our "soul".
You know that a particle and antiparticle will cancel out, as described in more detail before. But, there is no light without polarity cancellation. There are polarities you haven"t been allowed to know about. Opposite polarities cancel out to produce light, from light bulbs, candles, and the microwave light that steams up car windows. Magnetism is the basis of all matter, and, dark matter is those differentiations that are not spherical. The electron is a truncated tetrahedral array of four big counterclockwise magnetic fluxes, and four little clockwise magnetic fluxes to hold it together. The opposite polarities are counterclockwise and clockwise. Structure separates them, and that structure is maintained by orthogonality. All differentiations strive for undifferentiation into nothingness, the satisfaction of all desires.


My opponent has shown the GBT and the underworld are real.

For the purpose of unification, I shall refer to GBT as LGBT (Landau GBT) to generalize the effect of diamagnetism and second-order phase transitions to consciousness as observed by Lev Landau (together with Von Neumann).

However, the conclusion that LGBT is the underworld is wrong. Reasons are -

LGBT connects the present spacetime to the past and future. There is no evidence it connects to the underworld.

The DeLorean travelled to 1885, 1955, 1985, 2015. Not to underworld.
The Philadelphia experiment sent ships to different timelines and locations. It was eventually used to send the entire Nazy army to the moon.

Evidence -

We would have sent the Nazis directly to the underworld if it can be done thru LGBT.

Finally, the Tesla Teleporter is just that...a timespace Teleporter/Cloner. Angie's clones emerge, not on the underworld, but on the land of the living.

Angie would have used the Teleporter to see his dead wife if tunneling to the underworld can be done. Borden's twin, instead of the Teleporter, had to put a bullet on Angie to send him to the underworld.

The EPR as stated is polarity cancellation, and therefore, pair of nucleons cancel into NOTHINGNESS.

But traversal into the underworld require that information encoded in consciousness is preserved, and not cancelled.

In Shannon's Information Law, Rate of Information = Bandwidth x Log2 (1 + SINR), where SINR = Signal to Noise Ratio.

In EPR, the Signal is cancelled, implying no information is sent. Therefore, information traversal does not occur to anywehere.

Thru EPR, what remains is noise (entropy).

In the performance of closed cyclic machines like refigerators, entropy always increases.
Just because there is "entropy production", it does not mean that last night's left-overs go to the underworld.

Although Lisa Randall establishes that there is a 5th dimension, nowhere did she conclude that it is nor is it means to access the underworld.

The underworld is not accessed via LGBT. It is accessed thru Dark Matter.

Evidence -

As Lisa Randall pointed out, Dark Matter caused the Dinosaur's extinction!
This extinction was cataclism itself, filled with fire and brimstone.

In Rev 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death (Underworld).

Dark matter constitutes ~24% of the known universe, and are known to clump around massive blackholes at the center of most galaxies.

And since Dark matter has a significant quantum graviational effect, it also has a binding effect to our consciousness, retaining it (consciousness) even after the degradation of the biological constructs which nurtured and enveloped it.

Evidence -
See John Searle Video

Debate Round No. 1


There is no law of the conservation of information. Rather the Second Law of Thermodynamics guarantees that all information, and matter is alpha code information ("Living Systems" by Dr. James Miller), will undifferentiate back into undifferentiated energy. Of course Dr. Lisa Randal didn't use terms like "underworld". But, from personal experience my associates and I found that globally bent time space is what has been called the Underworld. I don't believe in theories. I first have the experience, and then, I try to find a theories to explain it. Google lahunken for more information.


LGBT and EPR do not connect to the Underworld

I am not arguing for the conversation of information.

Instead, if consciousness is to traverse the underworld, there must be SOME information transfer (not necessarilly ALL information) between the world of the living and the world of the undead.

Similar to a fax machine, only the text needs to be scanned and transferred. There is no need to transfer the paper.

However, in LGBT and EPR, matter cancels into NOTHINGNESS. No information is transferred to anywhere, and so can't be the means to transfer consciousness to the underworld.

Dark Matter is the Underworld

Matter interacts with Dark Matter thru quantum gravity, and so can facilitate consciousness transfer thru phase transition and quantum tunneling.

As Lisa Randall had pointed, Dark Matter killed the Dinosaurs, and it is only logical that the "essence" of the dinosaurs had been tunneled into Dark Matter in the 5th dimension.

Globally Bent Timespace is...bending to itself

As the name implies, the bending of timespace only bends upon itself.
So it is the same world but oriented differently.

Bending it "under" does not result to the "underworld". It results to an "upside down" version of the same world.

This is derived from personal experience and study of the mobius strip.

Experience of Globally Bent Timespace (LGBT)

I also have experience with LGBT, and the bending can cause disorientation.

The disorienation can cause consciousness dispersion (aka. nausea and dizziness) which explains the feeling of nothingness.

This experience is "underwordly" and can be misinterpreted as the underworld, however, they are different.

The underworld can only be accessed thru the complete disintegration of the biological construct, and so necessitates that consciousness permeates, not into nothingness, but into the underworld.

and the bending can sometimes be experienced as "underwordly" and can be mischaracterized as the underworld, however, they are different.
Debate Round No. 2


Everything in the universe is running down or being pushed up by that which is running down. The universe is like a shaken bottle of water. The water represents energy; the air, probability; the bottle itself, the limitation of impossibilities; and, the bubbles represent information. Matter is called "alpha code information". All information is trying to undifferentiate back into nonexistence. It's all laws of the universe; and, pursuit of the down gradient is the true will."
The infinitesimal point nothingness, . , is rastered by time into timespace, U , which exerts its oneness in one direction, / , stirs closed circuitry, O , that all going the same way, vO^XvO^, clashes, a Big Bang, X , forcing confluency, = , of the differentiated back into undifferentiation to nonexistence."
Critics have criticized that the exertion of the oneness is equal on both sides. The answer to that is that as this manifestation happens the value of pi is going from zero to higher values, thereby leaving one side of each circuit more pressured than the other, thus, the circuit circulates. Also, the friction of the circuitry is from the Planck's volumes that compose everything. Nothing can be smaller than Planck's volume. Without this friction there would be no consciousness.
Differentiation causes consciousness. That which is differentiated enough is fully conscious; and, that from which things are differentiated is thereby differentiated, and thus energy is eternally conscious. This process of creation occurs in the infinite dimensions of the universe every Planck's time, causing energy to be eternally conscious. If we were energy we would never sleep. We are only information, and thus we are capable of losing consciousness, and even becoming nonexistent. These facts are consequences of the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Gheorghe Rakoczy, better known as
St. Germain, used a Cartesian coordinate system to illustrate what is
"in", and what is "formless".
The X axis represents polarities separated. The Y axis represents
polarities united and cancelled out.
At the arch defined by the diameter from the origin, 0, X to Y =
3.14159265" you have flat timespace. Within this arch going in toward
the origin you have timespaces with values less than 3.14159265"
By leaving the rigid (ting) orthogonality (chen) of flat timespace
matter gets more more tenuous, a tenuousity indistinguishable from that
which is called spirit.
Also, along that vector, the mind gets more and more powerful to
materialize its visualizations.
In flat timespace you have to earn what you get.
In, toward the origin a little, a ritual will get you what you want. In
further, a symbol will get you what you want. In still further, just
writing what you want will get it. In further than that, saying what you
want will get it. "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to
this mountain move, it shall be moved". You go to the timeline where the
mountain is elsewhere.
So, you can see that going in along the fifth dimension, defined by Dr.
Lisa Randall, professor of quantum physics at Harvard University,
defined for the gravitational analogue, you get your power by having it
easier to move to the resonant timeline of your ideation, along the
sixth dimension, defined by the quantum physicist, Dr. Hugh Everett.
In a little more and your visualizations will all manifest. And, in
still more, and every thought will manifest as your reality. I don"t
know about you, but, I cannot control all my thoughts. And I can be
pessimistic. I don"t like to use the word "negative". Many scientific
negatives are very good, and visa versa, many scientific positives are
very bad.
The power of the mind is will times imagination, just as sure as, power
in mechanics is force times velocity, power in electricity is voltage
times current, and power in thermodynamics is temperature times entropy
production rate, EPR.
We get "in" the easiest by EPR. In Dr. Stanislav Grof"s holotropic
breathing sessions (see; ) assistants are
absolutely required to have experienced and safely handled holotropic
breathing themselves.
Why? When a client goes "in" by holotropic breathing, or any other
method of vagal stimulation, he brings all those near him in with him.
This is the secret of sacrifice.
Originally, sacrifice wasn"t giving up something you like. It was more
like "Eight Millimeter", but, watch your Karma, it"s unethical.
Soviet anthropologists defined this vagal stimulation to be the real
witchcraft. Wiccans doing rituals isn"t real witchcraft.
Soviet anthropologists defined sorcery to be probability manipulations.
Rituals can be sorcery.
If we create our own fast EPR situation it will create the same field as
the person deep into holotropic breathing. EPR is identical with
polarity cancellation rate.
Take a good conductive electrolyte, to allow opposite polarities to
cancel out fast. Salt & vinegar in which copper has been dissolved to
produce a highly conductive copper acetate solution is easiest. A
lantern battery, used as like electroplating set up, will dissolve the
copper fast.
Sex magick. Mix your opposite polarities in the solution. And, it is
absolutely antiseptic. Authoritarians complained that the sex magick as
describes in Frater Achad"s (Stanfield Jone"s) "The Secrets of the
G.".B.".G."." was a public health hazard.
I haven"t even been able to find anything about the book on the
internet. I bought the book from Llewellyn in 1969. Even that Llewellyn
is gone. Chester-Kent took it over, and Isaac Bonawitz was fired for
publishing my material.
Such a brew is alchemy. It is harmful if taken internally. Bottle it,
and it will work for you, even if you are a thousand miles away from it.
Don"t worry, the polarities wont be used up. The polarities are
continually teleported to the bottle by probability transduction
Once you pass within the pi value of two, all quantumly entangled is
transduced into probability, which ranges from lightspeed to instant at
the origin, the core, the heart. Notice, the 61st Kang Xi radical is
heart, the Cantonese for heart is "sin".
The 160th radical, which is crime, and criminal, is "sin" in Cantonese.
The name Cain in Hebrew is Qop Yod Nun = 160. The Kang Xi radicals and
the Hebrew kaballah dove tail.
The participants of this mixture (called a "shekina") are quantumly
entangled with the shekina and with each other. It is said there is a
birth here, the Magickal Child. It is a group spirit, demon in Greek,
whose nature is determined by the thoughts at its conception. Make a
But, it tends to get more and more powerful as its "polarities", come
together, and also, its conductivity increases. I have seen the thing
rotate inside by itself, like in the movie "Prince of Darkness", were
the phenomena was implemented by a big shekina in the basement of a
church. That guy who played the part of Eg Chen in "Big Trouble in
Little China" starred in the movie.
It was also the bluish green liquid that levitated out of the bottle in
"Bram Stoker"s Dracula". It was also levitating out of that big jar,
dripping up to the ceiling, in "Prince of Darkness" also.
When it reaches that degree you will find it easy to manifest your mind.
The subconscious mind gets the greatest power first. When my shekina
reached that degree, every enemy I ever had was dead in a week. I didn"t
even think of them. My subconscious mind did it.
Monsters from the subconscious mind, called the "id" in "The Forbidden
Planet". I used to teach my students with videos. I used to fashion my
spirit guides after movie characters. Watch out, they incarnate fallen
angels. When I became a Christian I had them all spiritually washed out
by "deliverence" sessions.
Certainly, the legends of magick lamps with geniis in them were
references to these shekinas. Fire is a fast polarity cancellation rate.
Fire is love. There is no light without polarity cancellation.
The polarities that cancel in light bulbs and candles have been
conspicuously ignored by the "system", just like there was no blueberry
candy commonly sold before this century.
To discover secrets, take universal sets, compare them, and see what"s
missing. There are so many ways to get in trouble beyond written laws.
Gomory is not written in the Bible. It must be alright.
In the Goetia there are 72 demons. They are real group spirits. Raum is
the group spirit of Nazi Germany. Notice I said is. Watch out he"s still
around. Vassago is the group spirit of the Mafia.
But, Gomory is the only "female" spirit in the Goetia. Stimulating the
vishuddha chakra tends to produce estrogen production. But, a Double Y
is a Double Y.
All Cro Magnon males were found to be Double Y"s. They were called
Anakim by their proclivity to profane the sacred mysteries.
Initiation is Hannaka in Hebrew, related to Qanak, Enoch, and the Anak
in Anakim. Homo Sapien orders of knighthood were able to identify Cro
Magnon men by their proclivities. Now the DNA can be easily read, and
female Cro Magnons are now found.
It has been complained that these writings are too complicated. Just
Google what you don"t understand. There are somethings that are even
censored from Google. And, the technicalities are to prove the facts.


I admire the thesis of my opponent, and I agree to most of them.

However, while Globally Bent Timespaces and the Underworld are real, there is no good argument and evidence why they are symmetric (ie the same) or at least why there are connected.

Bending time-space simply bends it. So it remains the same timespace with different geography, or different coordinate system.

Assuming that bent time-space is or grants access to the Underworld has consequences that are false based on daily experience -

* Black holes and the Big bang singularity are good examples of globally bent time-spaces. In fact, the singularity is the origin of spacetime itself.

To say that bent timespaces is the Underworld is to conclude that the singularity is the Underworld or is a subset of it. And so naturally, our universe came from the Underworld, or a subset of it. But this is false.

Our world based on daily experience is different from the Underworld. If they are the same, we would not have bothered to differentiate them.

* Matter and Dark Matter (which weakly interacts with each other thru gravity) are produced at the same time during the big bang. Dark Matter therefore has better correspondence to the Underworld. Both world and underworld are created simultaneously during the big bang, as opposed to the notion that the world came from the underworld.

Lisa Randall said - Dark Matter, and not Globally Bent Timespace, killled the Dinosaurs.
Debate Round No. 3


Globally bent timespace, in a fifth dimensional direction is not necessarily the only dimension of the underworld. The sixth dimension can be defined to be that dimension through all the probability timelines sideways in time, and, it is experienced as part of the underworld. The probability timelines are understandably revealed by Dr. Max Tegmark in his May 2003 Scientific American article about the "Multiverse". Dr. Hugh Everett verified these probability timelines in the mid-Twentieth Century. Mathematics of quantum physics doesn't work without taking these probability timelines into consideration. It even changed the way school text books pictured atoms. Originally, atoms were pictured to be like little solar systems, like on the TV show "Big Bang Theory". But, later atoms were pictured as fuzz balls, each little dot of fuzz representing the possible location of an electron.


In M-String Theory, the total dimensions is 10, comprised of the 4-dimensional space-time, and 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau Manifold.

The 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold is unobservable and inaccessible, and hence, no matter how you bend space-time, it can never be the Underworld.

Proof -

According to Sabine Hossenfelder aka Bee (inspiration for the Character Howard in Big Bang Theory), Max Tegmark is a crackpot.

Proof -

Hugh Everett is a bigger crackpot, and considered by Neils Bohr as worthless.

Proof -
More Proof -

Debate Round No. 4


The 1st dimension is length, the 2nd dimension is width, the 3rd dimension is height, the 4th dimension is time, the 5th dimension is through variously bent timespaces, the 6 th dimension is sideways in time through all the probability timelines, the 7th dimension is from zero percent entropy to one hundred percent entropy, the 8th dimension is the height of Ricci's curvature, the 9th dimension is width of Ricci's curvature, and the 10th dimension is the length of Ricci's curvature. The height of Ricci's curvature measures the extent of differentiation. It is personal for us all, for, spikes of Ricci's curvature, for our circuit, are pains. The length and width of Ricci's curvature determines the properties of consciousness. No Ricci's curvature, no existence, no consciousness. Just like the rubber sheet I use to demonstrate Ricci's curvature, Ricci's curvature stresses to snap back down to its original flatness, no Ricci's curvature, nonexistence, the satisfaction of all desires.


If the Ricci curvature stresses to snap back down to its original flatness, it is therefore...FLAT.
Flatness is the exact opposite of Globally BENT timespace.

The lack of Ricci curvature (ie FLATNESS) may result to non-existence, satisfaction of all desires, or even the underworld, but it can not be due to Globally BENT timespace.

In Inception, the dream within a dream within dream...goes to down to one direction, to deeper levels of consciousness.

A dream within a dream cannot bend and find itself in the real world.

Debate Round No. 5
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