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God: Is he dead or alive?

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Started: 2/14/2015 Category: Religion
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I'm for God being alive. There is more evidence that the Christian God is real then there is any other God. When Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, e wasn't forced, he could have called an angel down at any time to come help him Also, Jesus knew that his fate would be death, yet he still taught people about God and performed miracles.


The person who challenged my earlier on this topic forfeited rather surprisingly, so I will paste what I wrote for round one of this debate:

Pro <---- this video states my basic view points on Christian/Catholic theism.

However, I will get more detail on each topic mentioned proving my thesis that there is no God and no Heaven. In this debate, I am not pressuring you to join my atheist side and belief of evolution; just be more open to accept science and be less dependant on your source of "faith."
Bible- DISCRIMINATION (Very common in our world's past)
"I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. She must be silent" - 1 Timothy 2:12
What I find interesting about this form of discrimination is that sexism was especially popular in the old ages, like in the time the bible was written, which could just be a source of what these people wanted us to obey this "advice."
The bible cons homosexuality, but again how could the "man" who created something that was scientifically proven to be genetically passed be against this. Ex:
"Do not lie with a man as a man lies with a women; that is detestable" Leviticus 18:22
The bible also supports slavery and being a follower of "God" and the bible, does that mean you support slavery? This would make sense in the bible, because when it was written- there used to be slavery. I am unsure when this was added to the bible, but it does give people a "reason" to justify their acts of slavery.

God has broken his commandment of murder several times. I do not feel obligated to give you quotes due to the fact that this is mentioned a lot in the bible.

The bible makes sense due to the fact that is was written by rape supporting, murderous men. Obviously, people aren't usually like this, but keep in mind- the bible was written in a bad time.

This topic means a lot. There is numerous evidence to support evolution. There are artifacts and old skeletons of homo erectus, etc. I don't see how you still believe in creationism due to the fact that evolution will never stop. Who decides the end of evolution?

Overall, I do not believe there is a heaven or a God.
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Debate Round No. 1


themoongirl forfeited this round.


Ff by pro.
Pro, it's fine. :)
No sweat.
Debate Round No. 2


Its okay don't worry I listen my faith won't be shaken.
All of the things done in the Old Testament don't really matter anymore, I mean, they do, it's just about The Covenants.
In the Old Covenant (the first promise God made us) He says that we have to sacrifice animals in order for Him to forgive us. Don't hold that last sentence against me, its just what they had to do. But, when Jesus came and died on the cross, that was the ultimate sacrifice, and it was enough. So, now all you have to do is admit to God that you're a sinner and repent. The New Testament of the Bible has the New Covenant that makes the Old Covenant obsolete. You don't have to follow the things it says in the Old Testament. Except, you know, the 10 commandments.
God murdered wicked men in the Old Testament. And, I've never seen this before, but If you lie to God or try to rewrite the Bible, you will be struck down. Refer to Acts.
Sorry, but when I hear the word evolution, I right away think of Darwinism. I know that there are other kinds of evolution, but I am very uninformed on them. Could you maybe present some convincing evolution things next round? You don't have to, but it would be nice if you did. :)


A. You should not support your religion with things said from the bible. There is more evidence that people wrote it themselves than a magical spirit from a magical place. Theists should not add and delete what ever they want from the bible when time goes on.
B. Here are examples of evolution:
1. In prehistoric times, there was a very large type of shark known as the Megalodon. This shark has been proven to be an ancestor of the Great White Shark. You see, over time this shark has decreased in size due to the lack of food to feed its largest size.
2. In China, some dinosaurs have been proven to be ancestors of birds, some ancient dinosaurs have had hair and wings, however some have not been able to fly. The bone structure of these dinosuars are very similar to the birds we have today.
3. Two of the stages before Homo sapiens were homo erectus, homo neathanderals, etc. They have been proven to have incredibly similar bone structure and mind as us. Archeologists even found that some of these forms of very early humans had human like skull parts on their skulls.
I do not know if you believe in evolution, but there is much more evidence of this. Now, back to the topic.
1. The bible states that we should love all people, but yet it is against homosexuality and even females. People seem to forget some memorable quotes from the bible. You should search the offensive ones... There are so many.
2. Your God states to not kill, yet he does- which further proves the point that the bible was not made by one person (or spirit)
D. In conclusion
1. I've read your argument, but I don't know how to respond to it, because much of what you wrote is just bible quotes and beliefs. You have real facts.
2. God is not dead, he's never been alive. However, if he is... he doesn't exactly care at all does he? You people have prayed for answers (and so have I) but you are talking to nothing. Your God can fix many problem, yet chooses not to.
3. I'm not expecting a religious response. Please use actual facts.
Debate Round No. 3


I'm going to start from bottom to top
I know that you're going to hate me for this but, God does answer all heartfelt prayers, He may just say not yet.
For this one, I'm not sure how not to use the Bible. If you try to rewrite the Bible or lie to God , you will be struck down. And the Bible was written over a period of many years, by many different people. The Scripture was, "Not written by man, but breathed out by God."
I'm not sure why the homosexuality, and even though this doesn't have anything to do with God being dead, I will ask my Pastor and say in my next argument.
If all things evolved from something bigger and better, where are the skeletons that show the stages in-between? They haven't found any yet, but if they ever do, just let me know. :)


A. All you wrote there were religious beliefs and I expect real evidence.
1. God does not always answer your prayers.
B. The part where I mention homosexuality is another way to prove that God was never there. "God is dead" is another way of saying that God was never there.

1. Once again, I will mention how the bible says we should treat all people equally. Yet, it encourages slavery and sexism.
Do not defend your belief using other beliefs of your belief...<
C. Evolution is real.

1. We have found many stages of many living things.
2. There are many stages before homo sapien.<
3. There is much evidence proving over time that the Megalodon became smaller.

>C2. Evolution is real
>1. I would like you to think about how exactly creationism is real.
2. If it was, how did we find all the skeletons of these prehistoric creatures? Did the Devil plant them?
Debate Round No. 4


Who says that the Bible is not a fact book? After all, it was written by many different people over a long period of time, and the people who wrote it would all have to agree with each other, and approve the writings. Otherwise, the Bible would just all be nonsense like modern TV.:)

Okay, you got the animals in evolution, and if there is much evidence proving your evolution stage theory, why don't you list them?
Humans. Everybody says we evolved from apes, but where is the evidence, and skeletons, proving that???
And, the world. You scientists say it's billions of years old, but how old is it really??? And if the Mayans were wrong about the world ending in 2012, what makes the scientists think they know everything now??? Everyone was worked up in 2012, and as soon as 2013 hit, poof, the fear was gone and left were a bunch of humiliated scientists. If the scientists were so sure of themselves then and were wrong, they're probably wrong now about humans, and evolution.

If you do not think that God is alive, then were do you think we go when we die??? If there was not a plan for us, then we are no more than, Cosmic accidents sitting on the wheel of time waiting for death to come.
You mentioned the devil in your previous argument. If the devil is real, then God would have to be real to. Even the devil was once an angel. And who was he an angel to??? God. That's contradictment right there for you.
Funny, how everyone believes in the devil, but doesn't stop to think where he came from.
I rest my case:):)


I mentioned the "devil" jokingly. The bible was created over centuries, so the writers couldn't exactly check it with each other. When we die, it would probably just be like sleeping, but eternally. However, I do not have evidence to know if that is how death is like.
There are many skeletons and artifacts proving that we came from apes. I will state the stages for you.
--- this is a video of an early stage of human. The skeleton is known as Lucy. See how similar it is to us.
The world is billions of years old. We know from skeletons that we found and sedimentary rocks. Many scientists did not believe that the Mayans were right about the end of the world, that is quite biased.
However, evolution is big topic and if you want to discuss more of that, we should start another debate.
In conclusion, I do believe that God is not real. I hope that you saw that video in my first argument, because many more ideas are listed. I would make more statements to prove this, but I've disproven many of the ones you have mentioned. You also did not have evidence to go against the ideas that I mentioned. So, with that. Good day!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by themoongirl 2 years ago
Con, maybe you didn't get the topic of my debate Is God Dead or Alive. You are saying that God is not real which is completely different than what my topic was. Good day to you!
Posted by themoongirl 2 years ago
sorry I forfeited the round, I kind of lost my computer for a couple of days. I will answer round 2 and 3 when its my turn to post
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