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God Loves you

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Started: 10/17/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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God loves you. God is love. If you are against God, His wrath is building against you, but He does not want to pour His wrath out on you because He loves you. If you will insist on standing against God, you will leave Him no choice because He will not concede His right to rule over you to you and allow you the right to rule yourself and do whatever you feel like doing putting yourself on a pedestal in denial of His right to rule over you. If He did not love you, you would not be here. As long as you are here and not burning in Hell, it is possible for you to know God loves you. You won't know God loves you if you won't believe He loves you. If you won't believe God loves you, that's your own fault and God is agaisnt you because He loves you and He cannot deny that He loves you. If you cannot be convinced that God loves you, and you are convinced it is not possible for God to love you and you can only be hated by Him, I will concede that God hates you but that does not mean He does not love you. He is love and His love overrules His hatred againt sin. That is why he preserves in Hell those who insist on denying His right to rule over them. debate, have at it.


I cannot claim to get inside God's mind, but I do not think that God is blindly loving.

Assuming god exists:
What you have said is that if you disobey god, god will hate you, but he will still love you. I understand that this is a scenario you wanted to cover from the beginning, but why does god have to be good in the first place? If you point to miracles, then miracles do not mean god, they mean that we have good luck. There is no logical way to say that god is the reason anything exists. If a loving god exists, then there would be an understandable sign, not just an unclear method.
Besides, if god is so loving, then he would have paid attention when he made us. There are many examples of much more perfect cultures in fiction, and god, being all-powerful, would have thought about those creatures and made them instead. If god is so powerful, then why would he choose us to love? And if he decided on us anyways, wouldn't he have guided us towards good?
Finally, the notion that it is our fault that we do not accept god is quite ridiculous. God is all-powerful, and thus he should understand how to communicate with us (he created us , after all). It is not our fault, as people, with limits and barriers, to try to believe something so seemingly improbable without any clear hints in the other direction.
And if he is worried about us surpassing him, then that in itself is proof that he does not love you. If he loved you, then he would allow you to grow stronger than him.

God may be peaceful, and he may not hate you, but that does not mean he loves you. If God loves you, then he would have sent a sign to save us from what you know as damnation. Finally, if he doesn't know if we're good or bad, then he cannot know whether he should love you.

I'm sorry if I did a bad job, but this is my first debate, and it's late in the night where I am.
Debate Round No. 1


Child, and I say this as kindly as I can. I am old enough to be your grandfather. Your parents hate the thing you do that leaves them no choice but to punish you. That does not mean they stop loving you. While you are being punished, it may seem like they hate you. They love you. At least I hope they love you. I know God loves you and He really does not want to give you the punishment you really deserve. We both, you and me both, deserve to burn in Hell because our existence as enemies of God cannot be justified by God exceopt to be confined in Hell's punishment forever. You can't blame God if you feel or believe He does not love you. When somebody says "God loves you", I would suggest you say "oh" or "so what?" or "hmmmmm" and not be closed mindied to the possibility that you can live forever with all of God's blessings and protection with no pain, sorrow, sickness or dying. This is what God wants for you because He loves you. He cannot give it to you if you won't believe He loves you. You may not be convinced that God loves you. God will not try to convince you forever that He loves you. He will let you go your own way away from Him if you insist on it because He loves you. If you love something, set it free. If it returns to you, it is yours. If it does not return to you, it never was yours. Does God own you? He loves you and He is letting you go your own way if that's the way you want to go. He longs for you to return to Him and trust Him to fullfill all of His good desires for you, because He is good and He delights to show He is good. Life Means God is Good. God loves you.


To be honest, I'm more playing devil's advocate than anything else. There is good somewhere, it's just that I wonder whether it is from one benevolent being, a society of good people, or an unconscious force that pervades the world.

I know you are very enthusiastic about your message, but could you please take a step back and consider my argument? No offense, but I feel like you're not really considering me as a fellow debater (albeit one from the opposite side). Instead, you're trying to preach to me, stating it differently so that I may understand that God is good.

Why in the world would god want us to stay with him? To be honest, I would appreciate not dying, but the times I have learned and the times I have grown were the times when I suffered. Without suffering, I would not learn anything. Basically, in heaven I would be as trapped as if I was in hell, and there would be no difference.

On the other hand, if I want to be free, I am forced with the reality that I may not find my way back to him. If I was god, I would be good, but I do not know the intention of god. People can fake goodness; Hitler's initial support was from trying to "restore" Germany.

Besides, how are we enemies of god? Any sinning that my ancestors have done were done by my ancestors, and any sins I have done are unintentional. If God still thinks I'm his enemy, then the process has gone wrong somewhere, and I'm open to what I have done. I just don't know what I have done yet.
Debate Round No. 2


Whoever said God is not love? How can God be anything other than love? Playing devil's advocate will only embolden you to defy God and hold yourself on a pedestal like the devil. The devil defies God and tries to claim his right to stand on a pedestal. Playing devil's advocate is only attempting to find justification for your enmity toward God. He still loves you. He still offers you peace. You can't win against God's love by playing devil's advocate. If God did not love you, He would let you have the devil's end now, which is permanent denial from God of the devil's desire to place himself on a pedestal. Playing devil's advocate ends in the fire of Hell. You need to stop doing that.

God offers you peace in that He paid for your enmity, He took your penalty in death. Death is the penalty for playing devil's advocate when you are defying God. God Himself took your death when He became a man like you (you are man enough to be called a man, or woman enough to be called a woman if you are female, you talk like an adult when you play devil's advocate) He paid the price of death for you to buy you back from what you have lsot in playing the devil's advocate. What you have lost is your life. God wants to give it back to you. He wants to make you a new creature who when freed from death will never again play devil's advocate. Devil's advocate is a losing game, and what you will lose is your soul in the fire of Hell.

Do you understand that Jesus Christ is God who took your death, and rose from the dead bodily after He paid for your sins with His own blood? This is the love of God in action, He loves you so much He died for you even while you were His enemy.
Based on the fact that His blood paid for your life which was against Him, in His resurrection you can have forgiveness from God and be on the receiving end of God's peace. He offers you pardon and eternal life through the blood of His Son.
What will He do for you in death if you, in life, do not care how much He loved you and what He went through to prove His love for you? God loves you.


How do you know? Every specific argument that you talk about refers to the Bible. Is the Bible true? Until I know it's true, I am worried that I'll be deceived. Please, try to answer my questions; you can answer them one at a time if you'd like.
As far as I know, no one has confirmed Jesus, God, or anything else out there. You state that God loves us, even as he hates us. So, he's contradicting himself. I understand that human beings can sometimes express dual emotions, but if a being such as God has such extremes, then how do we expect one emotion to express itself consistently?
Besides, the whole debate has been on whether God loves you. I believe that you need to earn God's respect, and therefore his love. You believe that God already loves you, even though he might hate you if you constantly disobey. I hope in the final two rounds, we (especially I) can answer this more directly, in our responses to each other.

How is god love? Please try to expand on this, otherwise I won't understand and the whole thing will be for nothing. You have done a good job explaining what God has done because of his love, but how can an emotion be conscious? Besides, if God is love, are there other personified emotions watching us?
Debate Round No. 3


First I want to compliment you on your excellent manner of debate. You have made no personal attack on me though you are opposing what I am saying, and you have taken no offense with me for telling you God loves you and Jesus Christ is risen from the dead after He died in your place and He is, always was, and always will be God the Creator who became our Saviour, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING of all Kings and LORD of all! Have you ever read the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Bible, or the Gospel according to John? If you do, use nothign but the King James Bible. All other modern versions were made for money, copyrights which required a legal amount of changes from the King James Bible to secure profits for the publishers. All the other versions were translated from manuscripts that had been rejected as corrupted, changed, by the church leaders (not the catholic church, the real church of Jesus Christ founded by Him through the apostles)

God is God. God is love. How am I supposed to know why or how God is God or how He is love? It is Him who made us, we did not make ourselves. He loves us because that's His nature. Life means God is good. He is the giver of life. He loves you because He loves His creation. He gave you free will because He loves you personally and He desires to keep you in eternal life where you can know His love forever. You are asking a lot of questions. I'm trying to answer them all at once. Why not concede that God loves you? It is good to know God loves you. You will probably win this debate because I have done this identical debate several times and the voters will say I did not prove God loves you. You have to believe God loves you or you will never know God loves you and I will never be able to prove it to you. Even God Himself cannot prove to you that He loves you if you will not believe He loves you. He really does love you, He knows the hairs of your head by number. He knew you before you were conceived in your mother's womb. He knows everything about you and He loves you. He wants you to trust Him so He can save you from Hell. Jesus Christ the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is the answer to all of your questions. When life hurts, look to Him. He's going to set everything in order. God loves you.


Thank you. I try my best to be civil.

Since I do not have much time right now, this argument will be short.

Your proof cannot be logically supported without another statement. After all, "If a, then a" is circular logic, no matter what "a" is. The only exception is if god is an idea, and then whether god loves you depends on whether you believe he does, and that does not have to be true.
Jesus Christ is not the answer to every question; two plus two does not equal Jesus Christ. Of course, if you mean by all open-ended and unknown questions, then there will always be a solution that we can find. After all, 500 years ago, you could have said the stars were there because of Jesus Christ, but we know today that it is because of the way the universe formed. (People have proven it before.)
If you mean in a philosophical context, as if "why are we here", then I cannot prove that Jesus Christ is not the answer, because of the characteristics of the questions. However, you, by the same logic, cannot prove that it is.
Besides, you have not supported the argument; you have provided assurance. There is a subtle difference.
Debate Round No. 4


It does not matter how many statements I make. If you won't believe God loves you, you won't believe God loves you and I can say it untill I'm blue in the face, a million different ways, and you won't know God loves you because you won't believe God loves you if you don't want to believe it. For the life of me, I don't know why anybody would want to believe they are unloved by God. If God cannot love you, who really can? God knows everything about you and still loves you. He knows all your secrets and ever bad thing you have ever done, thought, or imagined which you would not want to admit to publicly if you do not believe God loves you. I admit to having done terrible things. I know God loves me even though there is nothing in me that is good compared to Him. I have no righteousness in myself because I have broken God's law and lost my right to live.

I don't have to prove anything. God proves Himself. It is impossible for God to prove that He loves you if reject the possibility that God really does love you personally. God loves you. Any voter who by his vote says God does not love you is being cruel to you. They can't hurt me, I know God loves me the same as He loves you. This debate is worthless to me except for trying to get you to see that God loves you.


If you feel like you're unappreciated, go out at night and look at the sky.

All the constellations, all the stars - they're patterns on an endless universe.

Is this proof of god? Science says no. But then again, science answers "how", not "why".

Yes, you can say god exists over and over. I personally believe that there is an entity somewhere. But, I think that the specifics - such as love, identity, and political view aren't specific enough. You are right in that your opinion depends on, well, your opinion, but I don't think you should try to impose this right onto others.
In my opinion. God, whoever he is, is incomparable with people like us, so anything that we may try to come up with on our own will probably fall apart - although some of our ideas may come close. To say that he loves us is to try to describe him - or her - or it - and such a simple explanation will fall apart. Love, although powerful, is too simple to mean anything to a being such as him.
I wish I could speak with the same confidence that you speak with, but I do not think this issue is so clear. In the end, we can only have God as an idea, and although your god may love everyone, "God loves you" is saying "God loves everyone", and not everyone believes god loves them.

I still wish he did, though.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MLG_Pingu 3 years ago
I do agree with you that God loves you, I strongly disagree with you when you say, "If you are against God, His wrath is building against you". If you are against God, are an Atheist, etc. God still loves you. No matter what you do, no matter what you believe in, God will always love you. When you do something bad, he is never angry, only disappointed. Also that is a flaw in your title. It should have said "God loves all good people." Because that's how you make him sound. Nuh uh bruh.
Posted by Snowman18 3 years ago
Seems like the guy that is pro for this argument isn't a reasonable person. Speaking in contradictions, EG: If you are against God, His wrath is building against you, but He does not want to pour His wrath out on you because He loves you."
If he did love us then he wouldn't be thinking of pouring his wrath on us to begin with. That's like your father planning to kill you because you wouldn't eat your vegetables when he said to.

"If He did not love you, you would not be here. As long as you are here and not burning in Hell, it is possible for you to know God loves you. You won't know God loves you if you won't believe He loves you. If you won't believe God loves you, that's your own fault and God is against you because He loves you and He cannot deny that He loves you."
1. What about atheists, satanists, and others that oppose him? They are still here. If god poured his wrath on them then wouldn't they not be here?
2.How do you know what god loves and despises among people and their interactions? By a book? You're going to believe a book that was written 200 years after his death?
3. This whole argument doesn't make any sense by him because in the bible while Jesus was being nailed to the cross, beaten, tortured, had thorn crown shoved on his head, he still said "father forgive them for they do not know." What was the message that he said to us "love one another as he has loved us." There should be no "higher standing" just because this dude believes in god and the other dude might not. Not the "i'm old enough to be your grandfather so that automatically makes me more knowledgeable than you."
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Reasons for voting decision: Both debaters were civil to each other and there were no specific rules set up that were then broken, so conduct is equal. Spelling and grammar were also equal in my eyes, and neither side used any sources. So the only points awarded are for arguments. Pro has the burden of proof to show that God loves you, and fails to provide any real evidence to support his side. Pro's entire argument was basically just him preaching to Con without providing any good reasons to believe what was being said. Pro makes us assume that God is he real, Jesus is the son of God, we all deserve to burn in hell, etc. Con was able to question and refute Pro's arguments sufficiently, to the point where Pro's BOP was not met.