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God does not exist.

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Started: 8/19/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. All arguments must be logical fallacies.
2. There is no BOP. Providing non-fallacious evidence is forbidden.
3. Your argument must be funny.
4. You must buy me lunch.



I just want to thank my opponent for this challenging debate. I hope I will be able to convince my opponent and everyone else that it is SO obvious that God exists.

God's Name

God's name is Yahweh. Yahweh means "he exists". Therefore, it is a contradiction to say that Yahweh doesn't exist. It makes no sense. Therefore God exists.


Nature can't cause nature so therefore since God is supernatural He created nature.

Big Bang

Before the Big Bang was the Big Foreplay. You need a foreplay before a bang, it only logically follows. Obviously God was the foreplay and we are His orgasm. That is our reality. That is why an orgasm creates life. The bigger the orgasm, the better the creation. This is basically how evolution works, with natural selection, mutations, and awesome orgasms.

Creation out of Nothing

Matter cannot be created or destroyed ( Obviously God created matter out of nothing which is a loophole that allows matter to be created. Because God is so intelligent to use a loophole He must be the Creator.

The Bible

If God doesn't exist then who wrote the Bible?

The Year 0

Jesus was born in the year 0. How much more obvious can it be that He's God? Its so impossible for it to be just a "mere coincidence" like I'm sure my opponent will try to argue.


I have just stated absolute proof beyond a preponderence of doubt that God exists. There is no way my opponent can win. He should just give up now. So we can get lunch now cuz i'm hungry and i'm buying.

Debate Round No. 1


My opponent is intellectually impaired, don't believe him!

The name "Yahweh" was invented by Jews, so religion is obviously an excuse to scam people.

Supernatural is a TV show, and the universe is far older than TV. Therefore, nothing supernatural can have created the universe.

If God did foreplay, why is the Bible such dry reading? God should have left that book wet and dripping. Besides, you forget that life is rough and budgets are tight, a good banging should make budgets loose. If I was the world and somebody banged me, I wouldn't be calling them God. Therefore, God doesn't exist.

God didn't make matter out of nothing. It says so here ( ).

Who wrote the Bible? Chuck Norris. Somebody on 4Chan said it, so it must be right.

It's absolutely a coincidence. Joseph just happened to be in Israel, brewing some "holy spirits". He used it to get Mary drunk and then banged her so hard that he broke the calendar, forcing them to start counting from zero again. Meanwhile she cried, "YOU'RE A GOD!" So when Jesus was born, he was the "Son of God". They just made up the "virgin birth" part because Israel was a patriarchal society and they had to cover up that Mary was a S-L-U-T. Also, because they were Jewish.

Now here's some proof that God doesn't exist:

1. The Moon is not made of cheese.

2. Pigs cannot fly.

3. I have not won the lottery.

4a. Men are superior to women.

4b. So one of you ladies had better make me a sandwich.

5. Europe has not been smited by fire and brimstone.

6. There is video footage of Thor a big green monster on a flying airship thingy, so obviously the Norse religion is the correct one. You can view it here ( ).

In conclusion, my opponent has no chance of proving that God is real. I'd like sushi for lunch, thanks.


If the Jews invented Yahweh then that means the Jews invented the Creator of the universe thus meaning that Jews are a powerful alien race. Even if they are scamming us it doesn't matter, they will take over the earth and rule it again. We must obey the Jews.

If nothing supernatural created the universe, then that must mean God is natural and he naturally created the universe. So then we are supernatural and God is not. But he still exists.

Ezekiel 23:20 "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses." The bible is not dry at all, it is very wet and dripping.

God exists because when women are about to orgasm they scream "OH GOD" thus proving that he naturally exists.

If Chuck Norris wrote the bible then it's infallible because Chuck Norris is never wrong. Ever.

If Joseph banged Mary so hard that they broke the calendar and she called him a god, then since i already argued that the better the orgasm the more evolved the next generation becomes, then Jesus most definitely was an evolved being- a god

All my opponent did was prove all of my arguments. Because I am so grateful for this, I will buy him all of the sushi he wants.

Debate Round No. 2


Hitler thought the Jews were going to take over the world as well, therefore all of your arguments are WRONG.

So you're saying that we don't exist? LOL, that's a dumb argument even for a fundamentalist Christian (which you must be, because you believe in God and want all gay people to drown in a pool of chocolate milk).

You quoted that verse out of context! It only applies when talking about yo mama.

Not true. Last night my girlfriend had an orgasm so strong it destroyed God, so now he doesn't exist. And because he doesn't exist, he must have never existed. This is supported by the entirety of the Song of Solomon.

I once wrote a letter to Chuck Norris asking, "Is the answer to this question 'No'?" I never got a reply, therefore Chuck Norris is wrong. And he has AIDS.

Jesus smoked too much pot to be God. He's also a wuss. If God existed, he would be a real man like Richard Dawkins. If Richard Dawkins and Chuck Norris got into a fight, Dawkins would pin Chuck down in an instant. And because Chuck Norris > God, and Richard Dawkins > Chuck Norris, it logically follows Mary gives good head.

I'd like to thank my opponent for participating in this debate, and for buying me sushi. Also, if you knuckleheads don't vote for me, Darwin will condemn you to eternal extinction.


Just so everybody knows, I am a very sexy man. That being said, nature and evolution alone could not have created the sexy beast that is me, therefore God created me.

As already stated, nobody can stop the Jews from taking over the world. Jesus will come for the Jews and forget about the Christians because all they do is fight over who Jesus loves the most, just like his disciples did. Jews win every time. Now they have Israel back and they're just waiting. Planning. We should believe in their God because of this.

The world is a stage so everything is in context and everything means anything and the Bible says God exists.

Christian's aren't against gay people. Jesus had two fathers and he turned out alright. Jesus understands. and loves everyone. How can you say no to Jesus? Like seriously? And there is so much proof that he existed, like the Bible, and as already affirmed the Bible is perfect truth and so it verifies that Jesus was real.

The lunch was great and my opponent fared well but you shouldn't vote for either me or my opponent. Vote Jesus.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Rational_Thinker9119 5 years ago
If matter cannot be created or destroyed, then God couldn't have created it lol
Posted by toinfinityandbeyond 5 years ago
Oh ok, sorry.
But seriously, someone needs to do a serious debate on this.
Posted by Jack212 5 years ago
@ toinfintyandbeyond

Hey! Stop using facts and logic!
Posted by toinfinityandbeyond 5 years ago
Con, I would just like to say this.
The year 0 was created AFTER Jesus had made Christianity famous and whatnot. Their date system was different, they didn't use the Gregorian calendar. We were just like "Oh, Jesus was born then, lets call it year 0!"
Posted by Federer 5 years ago
Are there any debates about God that harbor serious debaters?
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
We need more debates with a setup like this. Fallacies only!
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made me laugh a little more. Both needed pictures, such as the Norris vs Dawkins fight. A double Rick roll is worse than a single, but a third would have taken the lead on sources.