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God doesn't care about homo-sapiens

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Started: 10/23/2015 Category: Religion
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If their is a God, why would this entity care about us? We know that billions of galaxies exist, and within those galaxies there are billions of more planets that could potentially be hosts of advanced life like us. The numbers are staggering to fathom. So what makes us special that God would have a specific interest in our actions? Furthermore, if you look at the way humanity behaves, with all the horror and atrocities committed in God's name, wouldn't God be ashamed of all this? No. Because God does not deal in simple humanistic emotions like shame. If God exists, it works in a realm that we cannot fathom; our attempted interpretation and understanding of God is impossible. If God exists, it created the elements that science has proved and let everything else unfold naturally. We are a very unique result out of trillions of other results. God is a scientist. We are the result of God's experiment. And this experiment will continue when homo-sapiens are gone. New experiments will appear, and we will be forgotten.


First off, you're entire post is full of illogical contradictions and some pretty weak assumptions. For instance, you claim that the understanding of God is "impossible," but then claim later that God is a "scientist." You also claim that that humanity and the natural universe is just a product of God's experiment with reality after claiming before that the interpretation of God's thought process was impossible. As PRO, the burden of proof is on you to prove that -beyond reasonable doubt- God doesn't care about homo-samples. For my part, I only need to demonstrate probable cause and for this I will :P.

Why God Would Care About People:

1) Sense of humor
The human race's evolutionary track record and ascendency from great apes from over 6 million years ago to still acting like apes is particularly hilarious. Lots of unique entertainment for a God to be had by observing mankind's battles against nature and against himself. War, sex, drugs, slavery, genocide, and flattening cities via disease and natural disasters never gets old. And neither does watching of billions of short-lived people wandering around a tiny rock in space half-helplessly and totally ignorantant as to their actual purpose and place within reality and the universe - just when a gigantic meterorite wipes them all out!

2)God wants to be worshipped.
So far, there is zero evidence that other intelligent life exists within the known universe (there is good probability, but still no evidence). Therefore, if God wants to be worshipped by at least somebody, he needs human-sapiens.

3)Papal Infalibility
If the Catholic interpretation of God is correct, then Papal Infalibility is awesome! According to dogma, Papal infallibility isn't just the freedom of the Pope to sin, it's the freedom from the possibility of sin, meaning it is literally impossible for the Pope to ever sin ( So there you have it! God has a moral equal on earth and a buddy he could possibly get along with or at least invite over for cards and beer, and he's just one chromeosome away from a chimpanzee - just like the rest of us!

4) Jesus and the DIsciples.
It is widely claimed that Jesus was God or at least the son of God. If correct, then not only was Christ a homo-sapien (and therefore God would likely care about people) but Jesus asked 12 disciples (who are homo-sapiens) to follow him. This would hence prove that God cares about people and enjoys their company. It's also interesting to point out that Jesus didn't ask any angels to follow him, only the cousins of apes.

5)Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was a pretty cool guy. No doubt you've probably heard of him (second most heard of person in the world after Christ). What made him so cool though (other than conqueroring the world and being the role-model for millions of modernday Call of Duty noobs, history know-nothings and adolescent wannabe spartan soldiers) was that he also claimed to be the son of God. Now either this is true or not true, but if is is true (and most hero worshippers of every single era in history seem to think it is) then it proves that God would have a reason to care about at least one homo-sapien.

6)LeBron James
Some people I know who live in Cleveland seem to think LeBron is God (I always thought it was MJ) and that he wrote the King James Bible. Why this is important though is because this gives us a probable cause for God would possibly care about humanity. He might not be pleased with our heresy and would therefore intervene by condemning Cavs fans to hell or he may just simply choose to curse the Cavs with bad luck again in the NBA finals. Either way, the possibility of God's feelings being hurt is just one possible way of demonstrating a reason for why God would care.

This will do it for me for now. I'll always be happy to treat faith-based scientific assumptions with the seriousness they deserve.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did not participate in the second and third rounds of the debate, therefore it would be illogical for me to pick him as the winner. Anyway, other than the comments Con made about LeBron James being God, most of what he said made sense.