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God is More Cruel than Satan

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Started: 3/8/2015 Category: Religion
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This sounds weird, especially for those of you who are religious, but just carefully read what I say. I am not an expert on this religion, but over time I have developed this and thought about it for a long time. I'm not going to use other sources, just what I know.

God is considered to be all-knowing; he knows everything you did and everything you will do, or that is what I was told. Since he is all-knowing, why does he allow such bad things to happen? To test what we, as humans, will do? This is understandable, but also not fair for those who have to suffer in order for him to get the results of his tests, but why are these tests even needed if he is all-knowing? How are these tests fair for those who are tortured for days? And should that person survive, why doesn't God just give them mercy, instead of letting them live such a painful existence? God had this capability. He could have even numbed them from the suffering they were to endure. But did he do this? No. He willingly allowed that person to undergo such things. And not just that, but it is also considered to be a test of faith. How can someone continue to have faith after that? "I lived through this struggle, God was on my side." But God could have stopped that from happening, since he was all-powerful.

Throughout history, he had his angels come to Earth to give them messages, but he also appeared to a select few. Apparently, we as his children, are not significant enough to view his presence. If he was worried about our faith, he could give us another sign in some form. If he did, there wouldn't be as much crime, because the fear he once had bestowed upon us would be brought back.

The loss of faith also comes to religious parents who are forced to watch their children die. They pray, and pray, but for what? Their child continues to throw up blood, go through continuous surgeries, only to eventually die. It is said that we will be relieved of all suffering and go to Heaven, but these opportunities are limited to those of us who cling to the belief that he exists. What about the people in Africa who have to endure the struggles that are even worse than what we have in the United States or other countries? What about the Hindus who hold a different faith?

I sidetrack on occasion, my apologies. As I was saying, God allows these things to happen and incidents like these occur everyday and the incidents even increase. Torture, disease, accidents, struggles in general. Come Judgement Day, many will have lost faith; could he really blame us?

Now, in regards to Satan (Devil, Lucifer, the Bringer of Evil, Temptation, etc), he is known for tempting those to do evil. I question if this is just an excuse people use to hide what they truly desired. It is also because of his actions that we are forced to endure this, all because he tempted two people. Because of the action of two, the 7 billion people on Earth are forced to struggle through life.

Anyway, Satan, who resides in Hell, punishes those who committed sin. God, who resides in one of the many Heavens, lets those who die in to Heaven.

Does God just watch our lives play out like it's one giant movie? He doesn't want to touch it because he views it as his ultimate creation, so he watches some parts as if it was a horror movie, another as if it was a tragic romance, etc? Is that really alright?

Is God more cruel than the devil?


What Makes You Think So ?
Debate Round No. 1


God is more cruel in that he sits back and does absolutely nothing for us, besides letting us into what is called "Paradise" for those who continue to cling onto their faith. (Which, if they go through absolute hell, may be all that they have.)
Satan on the other hand, punishes those who commit the acts of sin.

Phrased this way, God could be acting like the court and Satan as the prison, but it's more than that. God doesn't answer prayers. God doesn't answer questions that may be critical for that person. He is, in a way, causing people to lose faith on his own. At least this was how I viewed in growing up.

When I was at one of the worst periods of my life, I prayed to him to help me, but that help never came, and I thought, "How cruel." The only way he could save me was by not upping up the pain caused on Earth by sending me to Hell. It could even be compared to a school bully. They'll make you feel worse about yourself, they'll make you struggle (In this way, it's God letting abusive parents conceive children, etc), but they won't kill you. God will let bad things happen to you, even to the extent that you think about taking your life, but he won't let you go to Hell. (I don't remember if suicide is a sin. Once again, not an expert on this religion.)

So, is he more cruel?

He sits on the sidelines watching this happen, but he won't truly help you.

This all-powerful being lets you suffer.

You end up going out one night at the wrong time, you get kidnapped, and then tortured so they could feel that sadistic pleasure, but he won't influence someone to call you just before you step outside, or influence you to have the sudden urge to use the bathroom just as that sadistic person is going by.

So, as my conclusion goes, God is more cruel than Satan in these circumstances.


If God Was Cruel Would He Create You ? If God Was Cruel Would He Create You Without Any Defects ? Do You Think God Takes Away People And Make Others Struggle And Feel Bad ? You Yourself Said Life Was A Competition.....The One Who Struggles And Sacrifices Can Only Achieve.The Path Of Devil Is Easy,And The Path Of Good Is Thorny With Deats And Sacrifices And Loses.THIS ISNT THE LIFE.This is Just a Small Test,The AfterDeath Matters.God Created Everyone Equal and Have Given Us Instructions on how to Live life.Todays World Is In The Way Of Devil,ILLUMINATIS Run The Entire Hollywood And Music Industry,ISIS And Al Qaeda.Those Who Stand Against God Will Live A Happy Life Now,But The Life After Death Will Be Horrible For Them.So Stay Great...God Loves You,Cuz He Created You :)
Debate Round No. 2
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