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God is good

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Started: 4/10/2013 Category: Religion
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I like to debate upon if god is good.Any contender who like to debate with me should follow the rule.
1st,religion shouldn't be use for debate(Any evidence or defense that came up from religion),so that offending can be evaded.
2nd,the contender should prove God is not good(whether he is evil,playing dice or whatsoever)
3rd,1st round will be acceptance

I'm hoping for a good debate,this is a good topic.
Good luck to us :D


I accept your debate but let these definitions define the debate as to remove any confusion over what is "God" and what is "good". I also assume that by your first point that you simply mean the Bible or the Quran, physical works that can be referenced.

I will put forth the dictionary definitions of God but I am currently unsure on whether you mean god or God (the god worshiped in Christianity). I can debate either but please clarify before you give your arguments as to avoid any confusion.

God- the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshiped as creator and ruler of the universe [1]

Good- morally excellent [2]

Debate Round No. 1


Ok let me choose. . .
I choose Father of jesus christ.His spiritual father. :D

Show why you think he's not good in this 2nd round so that we won't ran out of rounds :D


Okay will do, also the burden of proof is shared, i.e. I have to prove that my side is correct while you have to prove yours is.

I left Catholicism a couple of years ago not just because of the faults of the bible and other scientific innacuracies in the faith but because I couldn't find "God" anywhere. I can accept that there is a great entity out there but I believe that a. The human mind cannot comprehend its magnitude and power and b. That it simply created the universe(s) and it does not interefere in the events that occur after the initial creation of everything. I am, as others would say, a Deist. I accept that there is something that created the universe but it was billions of years ago (not thousands as some religious folk say) and I believe in the science (evolution) that has lead up to where we, the human race, is today. For the sake of this argument, i will define that entity that started the Big Bang as god.

Why god isn't good
If god was good, why don't the people who supposedly represent him commit heinious crimes such as molesting small children? If god was good, why is there so much poverty and suffering in the world? An imbalance of power between those who have too much and those who barely have anything has been going on for hundreds, even thousands of years. If god cared about his "people", then why doesn't he help them out? Or rather so, why doesn't he give the world a sign that he's up there? These questions are unanswerable unless we assume that god is ambivalent. And why should god care about the human race? We have been around for about 200,000 years [1] according to some estimates. But until a couple thousand years ago, there wasn't even a method of writing. We are a young species compared to the age of the universe. Added to that, look at the number of planets there are in the universe. There are around a 100 billion galaxies in the universe [2] each containing around 100 billion to a trillion planets in them [3]. That's a lot of planets. So there's a good possibility that there's a lot of life out there. So why should a god care about us puny humans? If a god doesn't care, than he isn't good. He is ambivalent.

Also, just take a look around you and observe how much suffering and hatred there is in the world. Why would a god allow this? According to the Christianity, god wiped out humans a couple thousand years ago when they were behaving badly. Yet he does nothing now to stop the suffering of the poor. those who apparently talk to him don't do too much either. Sure, my neighborhood church has food drives and all that. But they are also building a several million dollar new wing of the church, simply for praying. How is that helping anyone? These priests are supposed to serve god yet do they do not do that. Rather, they act as if they do not care.

Finally, acts such as the Crusdaes show that god is not good. Apparently, this slaughter of Muslims was endorsed by him. Now why would someone who is morally superior endorse the killing of others simply becuase of where they live? No, god is ambivalent. He does not care what happens. The being that has created the universe set down rules; sscience, math. These rules govern our universe, not god. Our brain is governed by chemical signals and the electronic pulsing of neurons, and all of these are independent from a spiritual source. God does not determine how one thinks, that is the encoding of DNA and the resulting translation of it into amino acids and proteins which assemble into the human brain which then learns from experiences but is also a slave to evolution. This is not the work of God. This is the work of a god who created matter and let it be. We are here today taking about this because of billions of years of atoms randomly combining to form organelles, then cells, then organisms, then animals, then finally us. God didn't help us do any of that. All of our past was up to chance. That is not the work of a god who is morally superior but rather of one who is ambivalent.

Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for such thoughts and story that you've given
2 in 1 :)

Why is life so hard?" Do you ever find yourself asking this question because you"re frustrated by circumstances in your life?
Frustration is the result of living in a world that is broken by sin. You can"t avoid suffering. There will be pain, and if you aren"t careful, that pain can lead to bitterness.
Bitterness is a poison that will eat you alive. It"s like a cancer to your heart. When you become bitter towards someone, you don"t hurt that person; you only hurt yourself.
It"s so easy to become envious and jealous of others when life doesn"t go the way we want it to. We begin to think, "It"s not fair. Why does that person have it so easy when life is so tough for me?"
It"s very easy to become resentful in a broken world. But envy and jealousy can quickly turn to bitterness, and bitterness will eat you up.
How do you keep from becoming bitter? You choose. There will be pain in your life. The question is, are you going to allow it to make you a better person or a bitter person? You can moan and groan and become bitter. Or you can stay sweet in a suffering world by remembering these four things:

The Holy Spirit is praying for you. "[T]he Spirit himself speaks to God for us, and even begs God for us with deep feelings that words cannot explain" (Romans 8:26 NCV).
God uses everything for your good. "And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love Him" (Romans 8:28 NIV). God is bigger than your enemies. He"s bigger than your critics. He"s bigger than your problems. And he"s working it all for good in your life.
God wants you to succeed. "If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" (Romans 8:31 NLT). God wants you to succeed in all those areas where you are failing. He"s pulling for you.
God will give you what you need. "And since God did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won"t God, who gave us Christ, also give us everything else?" (Romans 8:32 NLT). God solved your biggest problem when he paid for all your sins, including the ones you haven"t done yet. If God cared enough to save you and give you the gift of eternal life, don"t you think he cares about the problems in your daily life? If it"s big enough to worry about, it"s big enough to pray about. And if you pray about it, you won"t have to worry about it.
All of these things should remind you that God is good and he"s in control.
Our natural tendency is to believe that if God is good and he loves mankind, then he will make life pleasant for us.
Consequently, when things go well for us, we're inclined to think that God is good, and when they don't, we question his goodness or even his existence.

Our current happiness is not a standard by which to judge God's goodness.
We are not the center of the universe, not the reference point against which goodness can be judged. It sounds silly even to say it, but we act and think as though God's goodness depends on how well we like what's going on.
We are not in a position to judge the goodness of God's actions. We see too small a part of the overall picture - a picture that covers all of time and all of mankind.
The only way for us to know whether God is good is to get to know him, to experience his character first hand. And the way to get to know God is to go where he is most intensely, in his church.
When God reveals himself to us, then we know that he is good.
That is our experience of him. Goodness beyond imagining, goodness that is pure and true and complete.
When we know that God is good, then we begin to see him bringing good out of sufferings and tragedies.
This is the form God's goodness takes in our world: he works to bring every person to a knowledge of himself and to an active relationship with himself.
This is goodness: to know God, to experience his love and guidance in our lives.
Is God good? There is no other good but God. He is the source of everything that is good. But don't take my word for it. Get to know him yourself.

*There's no god who don't love their child.I t is compatible with parents.There's no parent who don't love his son.
*God can make us suffer if he want.Just like through animals,we can make them suffer if we want.Since god love us he's not doing those foolish things.
*There is no people who are lucky with their lives.If you are saying that life is unfair to you,I'm saying that for me as well life is unfair too and others are saying that life is unfair too;Then life is fair because it is unfair to all of us
*There is a reason behind a reason.God does this things for a reason .Since he love us, he won't do a thing that won't benifit us.
*There is no bad God.If you find one it must be called devil not god

I hope you get my point :)



guesswhat101 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I have nothing to say my opponent forfeited.It's futile if he won't lost points.

God is good.Please vote for Pro. :)


Sorry, I didn't read the rules closely and was assuming I had 72 hours to reply. Also, didn't you say in the opening that religion shouldn't be used for debate yet you quote the bible or did I read that wrong too?

Okay so you first say that God is good by referencing bible quotes, which wasn't written by God, only by his believers. Therefore, anything that is in the bible concerning God is an opinion of him. Those who wrote it, such as the disciples, didn't know God personally, they knew Jesus, a man who said he was the son of God. Also the bible was assembled by humans, not God, so this makes the bible even more opinionated. Also, since those who make the bible and decide what is in it, they won't go putting anything in there that shows God in a negative light.

And I don't judge God's goodness by my happiness, you are absolutely right when you say how we aren't the center of the universe (well technically I am the center of my universe but that's from a physical standpoint, not figurative). However, if we aren't the center of the universe, who is? According to your bible, "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." (Genesis 1:27 NIV). According to your bible, we are his creation. So why then does God not help humankind? I don't speak for my own happiness here, no matter what happens I realize that I have it better than others, but to me that is the fault of my own and my parents. But why do other people have it so bad? For example, look at all the poverty in the world. There is enough food and water for everyone, yet people still die of starvation and dehydration. Why doesn't God do something about that? Some Christians might say that they'll be rewarded in heaven. If that is true, then that shows that God doesn't care about the lives of his human creation and is therefore, ambivalent as I am proving.

If God is all powerful as your religion believes, then why doesn't everyone have enough when there is enough? God can intervene, as, according to your bible, Jesus created an unlimited supply of food (fish and bread) to feed a crowd. If God does care but can't do anything about it, then he isn't all powerful nor a god. Therefore, I assume that he just doesn't care. God will sit back and let whatever happens happen and not interfere. Look at all the genocides in history. Now why would a caring God let that happen? Finally, you say that he brings the good out of suffering and tragedies. If God is all powerful and good, then why doesn't he prevent them in the first place? Also it isn't God who donates money to a relief fund or goes down to build houses, rather it is the people who do that. Also you say that God is the source of everything good, which in a sense is true as God started the universe off (whether it be from your point of view with Adam and Eve or mine with the big bang). However, it isn't God acting or guiding someone when they do a good deed. It's because an individual wants to do it.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by guesswhat101 4 years ago
Oops, I did not realize that I only had 24 hours to reply instead of the customary 72
Posted by Gondun 4 years ago
I would like to accept this debate, but want to know which God you are talking about first. It would be rather confusing if we were arguing about different Gods.
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit, although Pro could have mad a stronger case and did sort of violate his own terms by bringing the Bible into it after saying he wouldn't, tough call but I say forfeit is a worse offense.