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God is most likely not real and we should live our lives as if he does not exist

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Started: 2/24/2016 Category: Religion
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There is no empirical evidence of Gods existence, in this case Yahweh the Christian God. We should live our lives as if there is no such God and not be limited by the restrictions Christianity brings to our lives.
Why blindly obey rules out of a book that has so many fallacies and mistakes with eternal punishment as a result of not obeying these rules.
Its time to get rid of this silly belief, science is slowly uncovering more and more EMPIRICAL evidence that is making Gods existence less likely.


You argue that there is no evidence that God exists. However, one could state that all things denote there is a God. From the start of the universe to the way that every living being is specifically and perfectly coded, there is plenty of evidence of a divine creator.

You also state that we should not, "be limited by the restrictions Christianity brings into our lives." Christianity is a choice. You, along with everyone else, has the choice to live the morals expected by these churches. No person is forcing you to live this way. Saying that "we" should live as if there is no God would be like a vegan telling me I couldn't eat bacon because he didn't believe it was right. It doesn't make sense and is downright stupid for them to say that. Anybody should have the right to believe in God, and it can't be taken away based on the claim that believing a God is silly.

And another thing, you state more than once that the evidence against God is empirical, and you even put emphasis on the word. The definition of empirical is originating in or based on observation or experience (From No person has empirical evidence that God is not real, because one cannot "observe" or tell from experience that God does not exist. Rather, they would have to have solid facts that denote there is no God.
Debate Round No. 1


Your first point seems to be heading towards the Anthropic principle which suggests that the universe is perfectly fine tuned for us and if an electron was even 0.001 larger than a proton life on earth would be very different if existent at all. Well you saying there is plenty of evidence for a divine creator would suggest you are privy to such, I'd like to see you present this evidence because to date there is none. Its just speculation and I could speculate in the sense using the multiverse theory that there are many universes and in fact are existence isn't so improbable and that actually for a divine creator to be the source of the world would actually be much more improbable.

I am aware that we have the choice to abide by these morals but even if we do not live by these restrictions or morals they still affect us. Christianity is rife in government and impacts many decisions which ultimately affect us. Of course anybody has this right but when it starts to encroach on non-believers or believers something different it is not fair in anyway.
The world would be a better place without Christianity, there are many secular charities and humans have their own morals they do not need to abide by what is said in a book. We have developed them over time they always existed so believing in a God that kills 2000 children each day in Africa just because and never mind the vast wars and crusades Christians have been involved in plus the discrimination towards the LGBT community and other issues as such.

The thing is there is empirical evidence that shows God is 'most likely' not real never did I say that empirical evidence proves God is not real, rather it strongly suggests he is not. Lets all take a minute and 'observe' God lets see him lets use experiments to gain understanding oh wait we cannot but of course we cant prove if he is real or not but we can't actually get evidence to say he is definitely not real which just brings us to a stale mate due to the horrific delusional grip Christianity has on many that faith and belief is proof. I live as if there is no God but i do not claim there is no God if someone was to give me empirical evidence in which i could OBSERVE i would believe but still not follow or become a Christian.


PrinceDimka forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Ahh I thought so


PrinceDimka forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PrinceDimka 2 years ago
SkepticalAtheist, when I stated "they would have to have solid facts that denote there is no God." I did not mean that one would have to prove my claim wrong. I was referring to the previous sentence, to show that if someone wanted to back their claim that there is no God, their backing couldn't be based on empirical evidence, but would have to be factual. My claim is not right until proven wrong; neither of ours is.

Also, if we wanted to get technical, Dawkinist starts off stating that there is no evidence backing up God, so therefore he is not real. To be honest I just think that the fallacy is hard to avoid, because the topic we are discussing. I do not believe that he meant to do it, and I did not try to do it either.
Posted by SkepticalAtheist 2 years ago
PrinceDimka, you committed a logical fallacy known as Arugmentum Ad Ignorantiam where you say that people must have evidence denoting the existence of God. By your logic I could claim anything I want and YOU would have to prove me wrong. If you make a claim, you need evidence. I can't expect someone to disprove a claim made by me
Posted by DiEgO123100 2 years ago
by your logic, love doesn't exist either. if this was true, there would be no marriage, because it wouldn't be love.
Posted by dawkinist 2 years ago
In relation to pomegrxnates' comment i agree that they have the freedom to believe that but when it starts affecting society which it does e.g the only reason gay marriage is frowned upon or illegal in a lot of places is due to bible teachings, Christian attitudes and religion as a whole in government. Government should be secular, schools should be secular and i feel that yes they have the freedom of worship but it should not encroach on anyone else's life and unfortunately 9 times out of ten it does but i get your point!
Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Of course, there is no empirical evidence atheists have minds. That is the real problem.
Posted by pomegrxnates 2 years ago
Personally, I agree with you on the fact that I believe no gods exist, but people who are religious and worship 'gods' aren't hurting anyone. You have the right to choose to live your life as if there are no gods, but I don't see why you need everyone else to think just like you do.
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