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God is not real

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Started: 4/8/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Who wants to debate with me about god?


if god is not real than how do you explain life in general. why do birds fly why do we walk talk eat. how did we even get here and why is the bible one of the longest lasting books ever
Debate Round No. 1


Mr Hawkings has aldready answered the question "how we talk, walk and eat ect.". You know how you said the "bible is one of the longest lasting bookes ever" how do you belive it and think it is real. Did you see it happen in front of you. You can't bealive everything others say unless, it happened in front of you.
Did you see Jesus did it happen in front of you.


I love how you say you can't believe everything others say yet I am pretty sure someone got you to believe god was not real. and someone got you to believe in evolution. so you can say don't believe every thing you here . and if you think we got here by evolution your crazy. if we did why aren't monkeys changing right as we speak and why don't baby's come out looking like monkeys. and how do you explain the universe and the animals and plants. you cant answer everything with science
Debate Round No. 2


I dont think you are trying to support the debate that god is real it lookes like you are just asking me questions. Any way no one made me belive god is not real because I do belive in god a bit and don't a bit. I also used to have a crazy bealive about god. I don't mean don't belive everything but belive in things that are true not like the things there is god or not because you are not sure what is right. I think a bit there is god and a bit not so I have more reasons that there is no god than there is god. All your questions (monkeys, evolution..... Babyes.....) they all are maybe not real if you play video games in some video games people are beating controlled like that maybe we are also beating controled by our brain and something else is controlling the brian. If there is god why would he make us suffer and punish and why does he need to hide from us. We won't do anything to him if he stays with us. I agree you can't answer everything with science but you can answer some things that you can't answer normaly. What makes you think there is god any way. Do you mind sharing with me I won't force you to, tell me if you want. And if you want to ask me any question you can I will try to answer them. I use to belive in god and I never got a doubt that if there is god or not but one night my mum told me and I felt so sad wishing there was god and there was proof and I still wish that. I would love it if god was real and I get the proof.


The reason I believe is because it is the truth and nothing else the scientist were saying made sense I mean how did monkeys get turned into people and how if there was one did a big bang create the earth. some of the most famous people believed in god. Martin Luther king, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, etc. are you telling me they believed in a bunch of baloney. and you want proof here it is. the belief in god has been around for about 10,000 generations. are you telling me they were just stupid. and if you read the bible it talks about everything that is happaning today
Debate Round No. 3


Here are some reasons why god is not real.

There are 12 major religions. There are many factions of each, but there are 12 majors.

Each religon has a following that is absolutely certain their religion is the correct true religion.

Christers reject 11 major religions as false and absurd. I just reject one more religion than christers. I reject all 12 as false and absurd.

Christes are christians because that is what they were taught from childhood.

Christers did not become a christian by researching all 12 religions and choosing the christian religion. All christians have been brain washed.

The truth is, there are NO supernatural gods of any kind in any religion. There are no devils, no demons no satans.

The christian religion has to have a devil to blame when things go wrong. Christians cannot allow any blame to fall on their god.

They have to have a devil to blame.

Without a devil and a hell, their entire religion collapses.

I am going to prove based on rational evidence, that there is no god, there is no devil, there is no hell, there is no heaven.

1. Prayers are never answered when verifiable things are prayed for.


Christians have been praying for at least 50 years for their god to stop abortions, but their god has never stopped even one single abortion.

2. No amputee has ever had a limb picked up off the ground and healed back on.

3. No one with a bleeding open wound has ever been healed.

4. Three billion living and long dead christians have been praying for their god to appear on earth in person for 6,000 years.

The bible god has never been seen except in the fictional bible. The bible god is still a no show.....If the bible god existed, he obviously doesn't care anything at all about his silly followers.

What could a supernatural god be doing for 6,000 years? A real supernatural all powerful god could do anything with a though alone, yet the bible god can't take even one minute to appear on earth IN PERSON.?!!!!!!

5. Absolute proof your god can not really heal anyone. Gather together christians in the largest church possible. News media notified. Prayer event can be televised live worldwide.

Get a christian volunteer to walk on stage as every christian watching commences praying. There is no chance that a real god could miss several 100 million or so praying christians. As prayer continues the christian volunteer has a finger or hand chopped off. The severed limb must be allowed to fall to the floor with camera close ups from all angles to prevent fraud.

Meanwhile all christians are still praying enmass, begging their god to pick it up and heal it back on.

Praying can continue until the volunteer either bleeds to death or is treated by a DR.

The volunteer will NOT be healed. GUARANTEED.

Testimonials about this or that christian who had cancer, or someone's heart condition, or any church members cirrhosis of the liver etc etc etc, who were healed through prayer are just worthless testimonials.

None of that was visible. If It can't be seen it can't be proven. Testifying is meaningless. Proof must be visible to one and all..

Blind faith is meaningless and useless. There are two kinds of faith, demonstrated faith such as faith that your car will start because it always has, and blind faith such as belief in witches or goblins.

6. Christians claim they have a loving god, yet according to their own bible, their god slaughtered all the first born babies in Egypy one night, then slaughtered all the fist born animals too for good measure.

7. Also according to the bible the bible god slaughtered the entire population of the planet including all children, all babies, even all plants and animals.

This is a god to worship?

8. Christians blame free will for bad things that happen, but free will is is a false premise.

Heres why:

Chirstians claim thier god is all powerful and all knowing. If thats true the bible god knows in advance what all 6. 7 billion people on the planet will do....... before they do it.

No one has the option to change that which their god knows IN ADVANCE.... (Remember god is ALL KNOWING) that they will do.

If god is NOT all knowing then he has to sit back and wonder what each person will do next. In that case, god cannot be all knowing.

So either the bible god knows in advance what each of us will do, or he cannot be all knowing.

9. Christians claim they have a superenatural god but the only way to prove that is to ahve their god appear in person.

10. It is imcumbent on christians to actually prove this claim. I can claim that god Vishnew created everything. My claim has the same credibility as yours......... Exactly zero ......unless one of us can actually produce our god in person.

Neither one of us can do that because all gods are make believe. All are imaginary. Christers only hae a make believe god.


you have a reasonable argument that is mostly based on opinion. I see most of my argument in yours it is like you are helping me. you talked about all the bad things that get prayed about but if you say there is no devil to blame and no god to blame then how did it happen. there is no proof that any of the worlds qualities were man made.
Debate Round No. 4


Vickram forfeited this round.


sly1092 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by weeknasty 5 years ago
Without God there would be no morality. According to the theory of evolution, a universal concept of what is right and wrong should not, cannot, and does not actually exist. According to evolution the only that motivates animals to act is their desire to survive and procreate, and of course, evolution equates human beings to nothing more than highly evolved animals. With only the animalistic instinct to survive and reproduce, there is nothing that should hinder a human being to commit any crime; humans should, according to evolution, have no problem doing any of these things if the end result would bring them pleasure or some other benefit. However, most healthy, normal individuals do not commit any of these crimes, not because of the fear of punishment, but because we know that it is wrong. An evolutionist cannot defend any sense of morality and be consistent with his or her belief in atheism.

Articles on morality:

We know that evolution is incorrect because dinosaurs actually coexisted with humans. Instead of trying to justly represent the evidence, I will post links to some articles that do a better job of articulating this than I probably could. If you are searching for the truth and want to be honest with the evidence, please read these articles listed and weigh the evidence for your self.
Posted by sammehluv 5 years ago
Why do people seem to believe evolution is a religion? It doesn't and shouldn't contradict your religious beliefs. Evolution is an undisputed fact in the scientific world. And don't try saying "well its the THEORY of evolution" because a theory means something totally different in science. Look it up yourself.
Posted by toxicmaniac 5 years ago
Con's arguments is as skeptica already said very flawed and filled with fallacies.
In the first round con asks how everything in this universe was created and uses that reasoning to assert that god exists. Which is an argument of ignorance and incredulity.
In round two he throws ad hominems trying to assert that he was indoctrinated with atheism and evolution where as it could be very possible that he came to those conclusions through evidence. He also shows a clear lack of the understanding of common descent and evolution.
In round 3 he claims the judeo-christian god is the truth yet has still not provided any evidence whatsoever for this claim and merely continues to throw half-assed questions at pro. He then uses the argument of authority "X believes it, so therefor X must be true"
In round 4 con completely ignores every single argument pro made.

Pro isn't that sophisticated either. He should've used his arguments against the existence of god at the start. "burden of proof, unanswered prayers, problem of evil, ect) but in all three rounds he just had a very half-assed conversation with him rather than an actual debate.

This debate sucks but it is clear that pro is winning.
Posted by radicalpotato 5 years ago
Supernatural beliefs are not ones that can be undeniably proven. It all depends upon the perspective through which one looks at life.
That said, sly1092 is doing a very poor job of establishing any solid arguments for the existence of any god, while Vickram seems almost angry at the idea that anyone might be a believer.
Science has a solid base of factual evidence for theories such as evolution, about which sly1092 does not seem to fully understand, and it seems as though a more scientifically educated mind might make a more convincing argument for the existence of any god.
Given the current state of the debate, Vickram has clearly presented his case better than sly1092.
Posted by skeptica 5 years ago
So far Vickram is winning hands down. Sly1092 is using the same staid arguments theists typicalluse, made up of common errors and logical fallacies.

Fallacies so far:

- Argument from ignorance (Science can't explain everything)
- Argument from numbers (people have believed in god for 10,000 generations)
- Argument from authority (famous people believed in god)


- Man doesn't come from monkeys. Man and other apes share a common ancestor. If one intends to poke holes in an idea, it's usually a good idea to be familiar with the idea.
- Evolution takes millions of years. All species are still evolving but since we have life spans of about 70 years, we simply can't see on the scale at which evolution occurs. That said, evolution has been demonstrated in experiments with fruit flies.
- Assumption that belief in god is the default position with which one is born and must be told otherwise. Does anyone need to be told to disbelieve in giants, or dragons, or big foot?
- Confusing evolution and the big bang (actually Vickram is guilty of this too in the comments). Evolution explains the diversity of life on Earth (biology), the Big Bang explains how the universe came into being (cosmology). Not even remotely related.
Posted by MaestroEvans 5 years ago
I would've loved to debate this.
Posted by dkrall1 5 years ago
Answer this question:

Why would God create man?
Why would he create man, tell them they must believe in him or they will forever burn in hell, yet their fate is already determined before they are even born? Was he just bored and thought it would be amusing?

And by the way, heaven and hell is just what the Christian bible used in order to scare people into believing their religion, which is how the church gained its wealth and power.
Posted by Vickram 5 years ago
Well I think it is good to belive in someone rather then no one but you (PrincessTragedy0101) can't say that I can't answer the question " how dirt got here" because even though science can't answer everything it can answer this. And evolutionist's belive big bang..... But I don't really care about it or belive it. I belive in both dirt and god if you debate about god dosent mean you cant belive in god because I belive in him a bit and not a bit.
Posted by PrincessTragedy0101 5 years ago
basically you are telling me that God does not exist because we werent there and we didnt see it happen. He does not exist because we can not see nor feel nor hear him? Well The evolutionist believe in the big bang.. were you there? no .is there evidence it happened? no. Did you see it? No. If you really believe little grains of compacted dirt exploded and made everything... it is something you must believe because you can not prove it. You can ask me how God got there.. and i would say i dont know. I could ask you haw the dirt got there and you would say i dont know. So that said... here lies our diffrence, I believe in the beginning GOD and you believe in the beginning DIRT. I am right and you are wrong.
Posted by PrincessTragedy0101 5 years ago
Alright... How did the world get here then Vickram?
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