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God is real

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Started: 12/3/2010 Category: Religion
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My argument is that the one true God is real. Now, I know that there are MANY atheists on this site that will probably vote against me, but I would like to try to convert you to believe that Christ died for your sins, and you can have eternal life for believing.


there is no proof god exists -
anyone could have written the bible - harry potter is a book - so 2000 years from now will people read harry potter and say 'wow 2000 years ago people had magical powers?

no historian writes about jesus christ until after year 70 - so why did they write all about trees, birds, important people of the time but noone wrote about jesus who has performed so many miracles?

so - unless you come up with evidence that something exists - few books talking about God is not the proof of God its the proof that some wrote about God.

because you belive in jesus, unicorns or whatever - doesnt mean god exists - it means you choose to believe in what was written couple thousand years ago -

i bet you havent even read the bible or kuran - or consider the fact that bible is made up stories, for good or bad purposes is not the point - if someone claimed to be Gods Son now, wrote a better bible like book - you would never believe him - so why believe it because it happend 2000 years ago?

God DOESNT NOT EXISTS until proven it does -Just like unicorns dont exist until proven they do.
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To counteract your argument, there was in fact a man who did not believe in Jesus, but was in fact alive when Jesus lived on earth, and he wrote stories about what Jesus did. Now it would be on thing if the man was a believer and dedicated his life to God, but no. He was just a normal man that saw some of the things that others saw when around Jesus. Whenever people feel sad and lonely they can know that God is ALWAYS there. If you could just understand that, think how wonderful life would be in any situation in which you don't know what to do. God, sent His ONLY Son to die for ALL the sins we commit. When we lie, think bad about people, and even doubt God. He LOVES us so much that He sent His son to pay the price for that sin. There are some things about God that we just can't understand, but we can know that He LOVES us and wants what's best for us. Now I don't know what God thinks about or anything like that, but i'm pretty sure that He would want you soooo much to become a Christian, and accept Him as your Father, Creator, and Savior. Thank you.


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