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God most likely exists.

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Started: 9/9/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round one is an acceptance round only, followed by rounds of back and forth argument as usual.
Definition of God: A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe.
Good luck and happy debating!


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the debate.

First I will highlight 3 of my main points of argument:

1) The consistent replacement of supernatural explanations of the world with natural ones.

When you look at the history of what we know about the world, you see a noticeable pattern. Natural explanations of things have been replacing supernatural explanations of them. Why the Sun rises and sets. Where thunder and lightning come from. Why people get sick. Why people look like their parents. How the complexity of life came into being, to name but a few. All these things were once explained by religion but as we understood the world better, and learned to observe it more carefully, the explanations based on religion were replaced by ones based on scientific fact.
There is a good quote that "Religion is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance " and this is certainly the case. Over the centuries more and more religious "explanations" have been discounted and disproven. Given that this is true, what are the chances that any given phenomenon for which we currently don't have a thorough explanation for, such as the origin of the universe will be best explained by the supernatural? Taking this consistent pattern into account, the chances of this are extremely slim.

2) The thousands of God's that have been believed in since the dawn of man.

Through the thousands of different cultural and belief systems that have existed over the years thousands of God's have been worshiped and believed in. I argue that what makes the modern ideology of God so special against the others? If you believe in God, you have chosen to reject Allah, Buddha, Zeus , Thor and all of the thousands of other gods that people worship or have worshiped. What's interesting is the fact the prime reason a person believes in a God is through their upbringing. They reject everyone else's God and people reject their God, which means that people who believe in a God are atheist to 99.99% of all other God's out there. In a nutshell, thousands of God's have existed with man and there are two possibilities.
1. That one exists.
2. That none exist.
Which one do you think is more likely given the thousands of Gods in question here?

3) Lack of interference

This point is pretty straightforward. Through all the pain and hardship that has existed since the dawn of man (and currently exists) and the mass amount of catastrophic events that has destroyed so many lives, where has God been hiding? If he is said to have ultimate power then why does he let such horrific things happen? And more importantly why does he let it happen when people reach out to him for rescue. Either God is just not nice or he is non-existent as lack of interference is a complete contradiction of religious stories. Take the bible for example. It's amazing how there are so many stories in the bible (which is the alleged word of God might I add) about God's miracles, intervention, guidance etc. and we are talking about the directness of God in these stories here, not just God working through people which is a common argument today. Yet where is all this today? Why did God decide to publicly intervene for a brief time period many years ago and then just seem to vanish? Again it is either that God did in fact only want to intervene for a short period of time and then stop or that these superstitious stories are just superstitious stories. Which is the likelier of the two? Not to mention the fact that there isn't a shred of evidence for them.


emospongebob527 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Unfortunately my opponent has forfeited this round. Hopefully they will be able to continue for the next round.


emospongebob527 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has failed to give any argument. Vote Con.


emospongebob527 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
BTW: The evidence is not so much from Science, but from Medicine.
The evidence comes from actual patient symptoms and studies into their condition.
Like some poor children in a recent case where the lost their mother, not physically, because she is still alive and can cook and clean like normal, but they lost her as a mother.
A car accident caused damage to the Soul part of her prefrontal cortex, so she no longer gives nor can understand love she receives from her children. She is that uncaring stranger living in their home.
She cannot even exchange love with her husband.
Where, before the accident, she was a wonderful mother, giving total unconditional love to all her family.
Her eldest daughter was so hurt and depressed by her mother's now uncaring nature that she became completely mute, and would not talk to anyone. This is what started the doctor investigating what was happening in the family.
The family had become dysfunctional because mum lost her Soul in the car accident.
MRI scans pinpointed the damage to the Soul part of her brain.
So we know where the human Soul exists.
They could destroy yours with probe any time and be certain that you could never love again, just as this mother can never love her family ever again.
No God can ever, nor will help her get her warmth and compassion for her family back.
She is just a cold, uncaring stranger in their house for the rest of her life.
These cases are always Sad. :-(, but they do prove that love is just a brain function, it certainly doesn't come from outside of our brains.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
Wrong Mohammad: The Humans are using a fraction of their brains concept is a MYTH, it is not factual.
We are actually utilizing our entire brain, fMRI scans prove this.
It functions differently to most people believe, that is all.
Ask a well trained Neurologist to answer this and they will set you straight.
We know very well the functions of many parts of the brain and also know full well that if the prefrontal cortex is damaged, you can completely lose your Soul. Because it has happened to some patients.
Yes, your Soul is just a small part, near the middle of your prefrontal cortex.
A shock or a lesion there from a car accident like some patients and you will have no soul, no empathy nor conscious connection to others.
You will become an uncaring stranger to your own family, no love will ever be between you again, Ever!
Yes, this has and will happen.
Posted by mohammad180 5 years ago
If any body put the comment ,Shall I believe it? No, I will use my own skills . Our brain is itself a miracle of Allah(God). We are using a fraction of it. So lots of phenomenon, activities ,we don't understand. Some people understand better as they are using more part of it. Lets imagine ,a guy is using 20 % of the brain. He can understand the myths better than the Eisenstein. We are the believer .To reach Allah(God) Science need more strength as it is very weak. Some time its signals do not pass through brain as the brains activity is very limited like your thinking.
So the argument will go on forever . science can lead us to knowledge of reality but it has to cover a huge distance to understand the universe,myths. My advise to you that don't ever judge any one competency on the basis of your limited scientific knowledge.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
BTW Tomiris: The sense of having a God within us is an illusion created by Indoctrination and the function of the structure in your brain called the Prefrontal Cortex.
This structure gives us such things as Empathy for others, Sense of connection with ourselves and others, as well as the ability to control our basic (primal) urges.
So, the sense of oneness with nature and feeling of the presence of ghosts and even God is an illusion that this brain structure can create.
The human brain is the single most deceptive organ in the universe.
Our brains fool us 24/7, for our entire lives.
It creates Irrational concepts, fears and Gods.
Yet, none of them actually exist in reality.
Buddhism has taught that nothing we perceive is real for thousands of years.
Neurology is now discovering that Buddhism is quite correct.
We don't perceive what we see, feel, smell and hear with our senses.
We perceive only with our brain, which can inhibit, distort and change whatever our senses detect to suit whatever it wants us to perceive at the time.
Yes, we are constantly being fooled by our brain.
The only way we can achieve knowledge of reality is through science, which is the process of testing and comparing perceptions to see which ones are real.
Faith never tests perceptions, it only accepts others perceptions (through indoctrination and scripture) at face value.
Thus Faith is rarely if ever as truthful as science.
A rational person is one who would put scientific (tested) reality above the untested reality that Faith prescribes.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
Funny thing Mohammad, is that the Many Gods, existed long before the Quran was even thought of, in fact, long before Muhammad was born. Muhammad, borrowed Abraham's one God and twisted the stories a little to make Abraham's God his own.
Yet, Abraham's God, really belonged to Judaism.
This god was invented by Abraham's Hallucinations.
Before Abraham existed, there were many Gods, some Female, some Male, Some Supremely Powerful and Some only moderately powerful. Such as the Gods of Ancient Greece, Sumeria and Egypt.
You know so little about religious history that you are just spouting rubbish that you were indoctrinated into believing.
It's about time you dug deeper than your poor, naive infatuation with the Quran and really looked at the proper history of Religion.
I did, and now I realize that before humans developed complex language, religion did not exist.
Humans have been around in our present form for nearly 10 million years, yet religion has only existed for 300,000 years at most.
Religion really originated from human's inability to understand nature.
Gods were the product of Hallucinations.
Many of the early religions were animistic and had spirits for every aspect of nature.
Some of these were still existing in remote communities, these religions often did not have a God.
These religions existed for 100,000 years before Abraham or Muhammad.
These are the world's original religions, they did not have any God.
Posted by mohammad180 5 years ago
Yes Sagy, One God. Who has only one personality but it is we who direct our self in the wrong way and give the blame to God. Quranic Rules is one and simple . Peace. It changes by humans while interpreting them. There is nothing like aggression or extremism in Islam , Christianity or Judaism(All they talk about one God). It is what, how it is perceived.
You read Quran, Bible, you will find the rules of extreme power who knows the psychology of human being. We are the Robot of him. He is a big scientist .He put us in this world to decorate it and live together. He left the whole stage for us to perform. Inside human body put the mirror to check right or wrong. For direction sent the books. He don't interfere like Superman during any misshape. Why because then there is no use of making this world. Just want to check his creation. The eternal life is coming afterward. You don't believe as you are not seeing him and there is no action by him during war or any suffering. The answer is given above. You can feel him when you feel the air,heat and lot of the universe benefit created by God. Spontaneous generation is wrong idea. some one is there to create . It cannot be two, three or more God as there shall be always a fight. The universe is very vast and we are living on a pin point part of the universe. It cannot be automatic or spontaneous.
I think I also gave answer to "simpleobserverofthings". Without believe the universe is useless. without religion ,human is beast.
Need a sincere look into the Book of Allah(God) rather choosing the decision on the basis of some individual action.
You may be a student or studying in some university. I just want to give you a piece of advise that always give a positive approach to your thinking and decision and be Bias while giving comment. yours comments where you use the word "idiot" prove the extreme thought of aggression. No need to be reactive. .My best regard
Posted by Tomiris_Ismagul 5 years ago
It's very hard to believe in something that it's not proven by science. Nowadays, science is becoming more popular and interesting for people. However, some people still do believe in God. Why? Because from my point of view God is inside us. He is part of ourselves. He is like the air. You can't see it or touch it, but you know that you are breathing the air and because of it you are alive. It's called a belief. Sometimes science can be mistaken and sometimes happens unbelievable things which we are not able to explain. We are living in the great and enigmatic university and we don't know so many things. How could we be so sure about science or other things? The last that we have got is a belief in anything. It might be science, religion, and just faith in tomorrow. But, I call it God.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
What Mahammad?
One God, with 500+ different personalities.
Hundreds of different rules.
Biblical and Koranic God = Supremely Malevolent Narcissistic Megalomaniac.
The Bible and Koran both prove this.
Hindu (Polytheism, Many Gods), All far less Malevolent than Biblical and Koranic idiot.
Though some equally Narcissistic.
American Native Indian gods, Gentle, caring for all of nature, not just the people, a far more natural religion, less human centric.
Biblical and Koranic God has no care for the natural world, which demonstrates a Human Egocentric fabrication by Men, because both are deeply Misogynistic to the core.
Most other gods are less Misogynistic.
Surely You Jest!
M8! :-D~
Too many differences to be same God, yet some religions have many Gods, which cannot be one.
Posted by SimpleObserverofThings 5 years ago
I would like to kindly ask Mohammad180, what are you @talking about?
Posted by SimpleObserverofThings 5 years ago
I would like to kindly ask Mohammad180, what are you talking about?
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