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God to be proven real.

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Started: 8/8/2013 Category: Religion
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You all refer to this being as "God" what really is god a god is someone of strong supernatural power is it not? But it is illogical to call such a being "God". The idea of God is more of a fallacy because no religion has been shown to be the correct religion. After all, when Jesus Chrsit died, the original religion was lost and apostles ceased to exsisit. What are the chances you and I believe in the same God. Surely you can find bibles that date back even before Christ was a thought, but howdo you know they saw the same being you believe in today. I'm not saying there isn't a god out there I'm just saying not to get your hopes up.
And if thequaran was created by God was the catholic, christian, and islamic bible created by God as well? They seem to bump heads all the not going against you or advocating for you by the way i kinda had to chose in orde to post


God is proven to be real, there are several reasons why God is real

1. The Kalam Cosmological argument, everything that begins to exist has a cause, the universe began to exist therefore it has a cause

some people try to use quantum fluctuations to suggest that something can come without a cause, but quantum fluctuations are probably coming from something rather than nothing, for instance my hand isn't empty it is full of air, the quantum vacuum isn't empty either, it is full of energy, zero point energy

Also quantum fluctuations are created in matter and antimatter pairs, where is the antimatter?

2. The transcendental argument, the laws of logic exist, (the law of identity, the law of non contradiction, and the law of excluded middle), these laws are immaterial and universal, atheism can't account for them, but theism can, because the universe reflects the mind of God, therefore God exists.

3. Quantum entanglement, the particles that make up the universe are interconnected, they are therefore one since , and that one unified force is God

4. Shaolin monks and chi, spears won't go through the shoulin monk's throat, even soft parts of their body are immune, they use chi to do this, there is an invisible energy field around us which we can use, that is God

5. Double slit experiment, particles only exist as particles when they are observed, therefore there has to be a universal mind, and that is God

6. UFOs, they exist, according to John Keel and others they are the work of Satan, if the devil exists then God exists the best of these is the tinley park lights skip to 39 on the video and you will be convinced ufos exist

7. The Holy Quran, it talks about the Big Bang and black holes, how did an unlettered person of the desert come up with these ideas?

8. The Promised Messiah, He predicted the death of lekram, he was killed by the angel of death, people witnessed the angel of death come into the house of lekram kill him by stabbing him in the belly and then disappear, therefore it couldn't be a man it had to be the angel of death, therefore God exists

source- Ahmad the guided one

the Promised Messiah also predicted the death of John Alexander Dowie, when Dowie was younger than him and lived in a better country, the Promised Messiah won the prayer duel

9. Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ra, He escaped Pakistan and was confused with Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad ra, and his enemy, Zaolhuck's plane blew up mysteriously, Who is behind all these things God,

10. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, he was prophesied in a poem of the Promised Messiah may peace be upon him, who told the Promised Messiah as about him, it Was God
11. Biogenesis, we have yet to create a single cell or even a single speck of life, therefore nature couldn't have done it, something superior to us and nature must have done it and He is God.

all these reasons prove God exists.
Debate Round No. 1


RedLycan forfeited this round.


It is quite nice that Con gave up on this round, due to the overwhelming evidence that God does exist.

I would like to take this time to clarify some points.

My God isn't the Christian god, or the Muslim god, or the Greek god, my God is infinite energy.

We are all made up of energy so we know that it exists, now the question is that is this energy intelligent or can we use this energy to control things.

I have already proven that this is the case because this energy chose to create us therefore it has a Will, and is intelligent.

We can also interact with this energy and do impossible things as the Shaolin monks have demonstrated for years, and as I have already proven.

This energy also controls the universe objectively without compassion, and therefore there is no problem of evil.

This energy is not omnibenevolent, it doesn't care about us anymore than we care about ants.

We are made up of cells, our cells die, but we don't care about each individual cell, we care about the whole.

The same with this energy, it does not care about every single human being on this tiny dust of a planet, it cares about the universe as a whole because we are a part of this energy and the energy is the whole.

This energy has also been called Chi which the shaolin monks use, but I call it God, because it is the supreme force of the universe, it is similar to the force in star wars

If Con wishes to continue this debate, he must disprove all the arguments I posted on my last argument, and all the evidence I provided, he must watch all the videos, and read all the links, and address every argument whether he agrees with it or not.

I hope Con finds the courage to do that, if not may all praise belong to God who created us and is alone eternal, amen
Debate Round No. 2


RedLycan forfeited this round.


Well in conclusion Con seems to have given up this argument.

My arguments were basically that God is Energy, and I have proven the case with supernatural experiences experienced by Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of God be upon him and of the Promised Messiah and his Khalifas, may peace be upon the all,

and I also used the cutting edge of quantum physics called quantum entanglement to prove that the universe is an illusion and that we are all one energy or one God.

I also used the double slit experiment to prove that consciousness is all that exists, and that the material world is an illusion created by consciousness/God

and I have used Shaolin Monks and how they use chi energy to do impossible things to prove that God exists, because God is the chi energy that Shaolin Monks use,

So in conclusion God does exist, because Con was unable to even touch a single point I made, amen
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
Thanks and Jazakallah IslamAhmadiyya :)
Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
But if we evolved rationality and logic then they don't exist, but since you are using logic it must exist and is absolute

I have watched the Lawrence Krauss video many times he is just making this stuff up to make money, Hamza Tzortzes even owned him in a debate

and quantum fluctuations probably do have a cause which we haven't yet observed, and virtual particles are created in matter and antimatter pairs, where is the antimatter?

and how can the fundamental nature of an electron change just because it got hit by light? how can light change a wave into a particle? Consciousness does that, and it is consciousness that turns waves of potentiality into particles, it has been proven again and again by the double slit experiment. My theory is that God or Consciousness or Energy is creating this illusion we call the universe, my theory is as good as Albert Einstein's.

and the universe is not eternal it will die in a big freeze, therefore something must have created it which is eternal and that is God.

and they did the test on Shaolin monks in fight science, and they defied scientific explanations, you haven't watched my videos have you?
Posted by Orangatang 5 years ago
That is a false dichotomy, laws of logic can be concepts yet the world may still act in accordance with it. In the quantum realm, physics is broken as virtual particles pop in and out of existence for no apparent reason, with no apparent cause. The fact that I am using logic only proves that we are rational beings. We evolved to be rational beings because it is beneficial to the species, by helping us solve many problems. Furthermore, there are many different systems of logic each with a different set of axioms, which system of logic is the correct one? The Dr. Quantum double slit video is quite misleading. When he says that an electron "knows" when it is being observed, he is quite wrong. An electron can't know anything in the sense that we humans know things. The fundamental problem is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. To observe an electron, you must shine light on it, however this light changes the outcome of the observation because the light effects the electron. Therefore, the electron will act as a particle when observed (when light is hitting it) and a wave when it's not. This is explained completely though naturalistic processes. The universe may still be eternal as we do not know what other types of naturalistic phenomena existed before the big bang. Even if the universe is not eternal however, there may be completely naturalistic causes for it. (Youtube Link) Sorry that the video is so long. And again, I do not know why you think shaolin monks tricks are more feasible than any other magicians. I could easily make a blunt blade that can pierce a watermelon or wood but could not pierce myself. Furthermore, these monks apply the blade in a very specific way on their body so that the blade may be positioned on the blunt part. Kmon, dude fight science doesn't prove God your really grasping at straws here...
Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
The laws of logic are not just concepts, otherwise everything you said has no meaning and there would be contradictions everywhere

the fact you are trying to use logic proves it exists universally for both of us to know how it works, and it is immaterial since we can not see it or measure it,

And a mind is needed to create the particles otherwise they behave as waves as the double slit experiment shows

God is eternal, and the universe is not eternal because it was created in the Big Bang and will die in a Big Freeze.

And shaolin monks do violate physics in fight science they used a sharp blade that could easily pierce a watermelon but it couldn't pierce the shaolin monk and the same with the drill it was sharp too and could cut the wood but not the monk.
Posted by Orangatang 5 years ago
The laws of logic exist only as concepts, if you have evidence for the contrary then please show me objective evidence or proof of the laws of logic anywhere. Again, because we observe particles does not mean that God made them, that is another non sequitur. The universe, and all of it's particles could have been created by completely naturalistic processes. If your God created them, then who created your God? If you claim God was not created but was eternal, then I can claim that the universe is eternal. The naturalistic explanation of the universe is more likely than the God explanation because the universe is less complex than God. Occam's Razor states that the simpler explanation is usually the correct one. Haha, God is not chi please spare me with your jokes. Shaolin monks do not violate physics or science, give me a SHARP drill or a spear and I will show you how human they really are. These monks use blunt blades on their spears it is nothing more than a trick. Magicians seemingly break the laws of physics and science as well, are you now going to assume that this proves God? No? Exactly.
Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
Then your argument has no basis, because you just denied that the laws of logic exist, but they do exist and are eternal and universal.

Quantum physics does not disprove them, the particles only exist when we observe them, that proves God because a universal mind is creating all the particles and the entire universe,

and God is an energy field called chi, how else do shaolin monks violate the laws of physics and science, and are impervious to a drill or spear penetrating their skin?
Posted by Orangatang 5 years ago

Laws of logic, are tools we humans use to describe the consistency of our universe. Logic is only a concept, you will never physically find the laws of logic in the universe. Furthermore, quantum mechanics disproves many classical laws of logic such as the law of identity. It is important to distinguish that things in our universe do not behave because the laws of logic, rather we made laws of logic to describe how the universe behaves. This is an easy thing for an atheist to account for, and so is any other metaphysical claim.

If you define your God as an energy field than of course it exists, I can define God as chocolate then say it exists as well. Point is, God should be used in the colloquial sense as the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent creator of the universe, because this God is easy to refute and doesn't have a definition of something that is already physically known to exist (such as energy). It is quite hilarious actually that you think the skills of shaolin monks prove God.
Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
God is already proven to exist, the laws of logic confirm it, atheists can't account for the laws of logic but theism can, therefore God exists, and my God is an energy field, and it is also known as Chi energy, and the shaolin monks have proven it exists, that is how they are able to do things science can't explain, I have met the burden of proof, the burden of proof is on you atheists to prove rationality without God.
Posted by tahir123 5 years ago
God is already proven to exist, the laws of logic confirm it, atheists can't account for the laws of logic but theism can, therefore God exists, and my God is an energy field, and it is also known as Chi energy, and the shaolin monks have proven it exists, that is how they are able to do things science can't explain, I have met the burden of proof, the burden of proof is on you atheists to prove rationality without God.
Posted by Orangatang 5 years ago
Whoa, can't believe the number of non sequiturs used by Pro. You guys should know by now, there is no absolute proof for or against the existence of God. Since the theist is making the positive claim, he hold the burden of proof. The resolution should really ask if God is likely to exist.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con pretty much FF'd the entire debate, Tahir was the only one making arguments, and I agree with the things he wrote. Pro won this debate.