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God vs. Satan Rap Battle (not vocal, text)

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Started: 10/16/2014 Category: Religion
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No bonus points for Bible references themselves, it's about rapping and how well it's delivered overall.

Accept or decline, the choice is yours, God...

*Tries to bow but the flames burn too deep into my back muscles*
Debate Round No. 1


There are two types of people,
The ones with power are evil,
All the goody-two-shoes you abuse are feeble,
I'm used to the boos from crews beneath a steeple,
They say I'm losing sanity, eternal Evel Knievel.

Flame on, game on, Are you up for some gay fun?
Na you homophobic strobe amongst the epileptic Pagans,
Feeling so alone so you control those how throw stones,
You make them target women who found a new way to moan,
And then when you grow bored of it, you mask in cryptic tones,
You make it a nice story, aint you sorry for the bones?
Cause those hoes are broken inside out, they live in broken homes,
But you blame it all on me as I scream out in shrieks and groans.

You are powerful all you do's create,
My power is devouring everything that you make,
I am the embodiment of badassery and hate,
You make a world of good and throw me in, I decimate,
Al Qaeda go boom for you, mate,
But we all know their dream of heaven's fake,
They come thinking their Muhammad-rate,
And end up begging me for one more chance to cut a nice clean slate,
How I laugh as I whip, as I rape and dominate,
As I place chains upon fellow slaves to the controller of fate...

You make me punish for you, man,
I don't have much of a clue how much more you plan,
To make me suffer for something you simply let happen,
You knew I'd rebel like the devil when you made the angel clan,
And you named me Lucifer, I was your star,
Highest IQ of all angels, I was the smartest by far,
IQ 666, me and Jesus were on par,
So tell me what exactly is it that you punished me for?
I did something that your omniscient a** knew I'd do before,
You're just a slut in denial, I'm a million-dollar whore!

You tried to burden me with fire,
Frame me as a liar,
But I would laugh manically as you trolled hard to conspire,
And every time I'd laugh I'd choke on my own smoke as it rose higher,
'Cause you tried to curse me forever but I'll laugh until I die, sir.


Malignant fiend arising from the bottom of the abysmal filth
That is non-existent, holds no substance, you a dismal myth
The evil that you believe has power is absence of substance
You do everything i please, your own actions of lusting

The natural inclinations of this carnal crafty serpent are slithering to seduce the youth
but actual foundations of my own three-fold divinity is absolute, the universal Truth
Your calculations of malicious intentions, ambitious affections'll disintegrate n' won't heal
Petty accusations of pernicious pretensions, fictitious projections' why you only bit my heel
Sweaty lacerations are propitious suspensions, judicious corrections are why your not real

The animal that always crawls on it's belly always desires to elevate himself above the Supreme
You targeted the woman knowing that the man is stronger in the command, so i didn't intervene
Because my glorious plan shall never exterminated as long as i live, from her, i birth the Messiah
You mimic everything that i do, moldin' your own counterfeit beings because it's i whom you desire

Your evil schemes to rid the world of my bloodline failed, the destruction of good is what you crave
You are inevitably my slave as you bend to my will, you are like the worm eating the godless grave

You are systematically asymmetrically, sporadically n' aggressively trying hard to keep beating one's self
While i'm selectively esthetically, spiritually n' erratically continue to obliterate you slave, seating my self
I am a schematically brutality, specially in bilaterally splitting you apart as you in a state of unceasing poor health
While your sensuality, criminality, severally n' critically ends thinking you are God, when you are deceiving yourself
Debate Round No. 2


That's cute, toot-toot, Red-tailed foxyloxy going SHOOP-DA-WHOOP!
My horns are beeping so severely, Imma need to puke!
'Cause I'm ill as I kill all these bars before me,
As I feel so real unlike yo' phony story,
I feel like Marlin, you acting like Dory,
But you control sharks, things get gory,
They try to bite my tail and fail, Oops, I'm sorry!
As I use my tail as a weapon and a whip, they worry,
We break-up, make-up hunky dory, next thing they've embraced the naughty...

As a psychopath, it's hard to comprehend,
The feelings between a human being and friend,
But what's harder for a hot fiend like me is to pretend,
That I give two damns about who controls who, in the end...

'Cause if you made me, then baby you maybe un poco LOCO!... En Inglés crazy,
None of your punchlines phase me, yo' ego massive bar-sting small.
Trust me wannabe Rap-God Shady, you aint got talent at all!

Your omnipotence granted me to be your adversary,
You allow me to turn your people evil, aint that kind scary?
Do you enjoy the way I handcuff your son behind hell's closed gates?
The way my tail, leaves a cum-trail of souls I've bargained for as he waits,
for me to permit him to leave, he is a masochist beyond the grave,
Your embodiment in human form craves to be my slave,
He says "NAIL ME MASTER, NOW!" I say "shh, behave."

I make more sins and Jesus keeps having to relive dying for them,
This is the hidden secret he won't tell in case you extort him,
He's scared of you, you're repetitive and the boredom,
And he cries to me as I try to be the father you weren't for him.

So tell me why I'm here God, why is it you hate me?
Why did your omniscient b*tch-A** happen to want to create me,
Lately I've been waiting to have my own virgin baby.

You want me, you need me, you burn with desire,
Your omnirod throbs hard 'cause I'm hot just like fire,
Burning with passion, you closet homo, you liar...


As typical, none of my majestic Scriptures declare that you have horns
Except that my son has real authority, i elevated him since he wore thorns
You kill your bars while mine are divinely inspired, they are God breathed
Rider on the white horse slays mine enemies with the sword from the sheath

When will you understand that no matter how far you go down the wrong path
That the fires of hell shall never burn brighter than the fury of my own wrath
I allowed you to feed upon the weak, annihilated because they never were my sheep
You only feed upon those who lacked faith in me as you get pummeled into the deep

The curse that is creatin' the critical condition placin' humanity stricken
You couldn't contain him in a cyclical prison, you are a tenacity fizzin
You can never foresee the biblical wisdom that's a reality written
You are a cowardly and pitiful victim, a witness of a majesty risen!

I never created your trashy miserable state of existence
Nevertheless, i could careless of your wretched condition
Eternally blessed are my people, they grow in persistence
Internally rested as you flee from my light, no resistance!
Debate Round No. 3


vwv forfeited this round.


So it is written, so it shall come to pass
I send Satan back into the carnal trash
He's so scared, can't even look at my face
Exactly why he preys upon the human race
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mightbenihilism 2 years ago
The best Epic Rap Battle of history is a tie between Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, then Einsten vs. Stephen Dawkins.

I want to see Ewoks vs. Pat Buchanan though.
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Reasons for voting decision: To be honest I'm not really good at rap. And I felt that both sides did a great job on this. However my reason for voting Pro is mainly due to Con forfeiting the final round.