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Goku vs Saitama 2

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Started: 5/4/2016 Category: Education
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Hello all. Here I will state my opinion on why Goku could defeat Saitama. Please keep in mind that I am a big fan of both DBZ/DBS and OPM, and that this argument is NON BIASED. Thank you.

Also, this is the same thing as another one of my debates because BlazingRodent forgot to put down his explanation for why he thinks Saitama would win, so I decided to create a new one so he can have a chance. Enjoy!

I honestly believe Goku would win this. Saitama is powerful, but he in what he can do. He's strong, fast, and durable, more durable than Goku is even. But Goku's stronger, faster, and more skilled.

First, let's measure both in terms of STRENGTH.
Saitama is able to defeat any enemy in one punch, hence the name One Punch Man. Except Boros, because of his regenerative abilities. Saitama could destroy an entire meteor with a single punch.
However, Goku has done something that puts all of Saitama's feats to shame. Goku, while in SSG, almost destroyed the entire universe without trying to. For those of you who haven't watched Dragon Ball Super, Goku fights with Beerus, the God of Destruction. While fighting him, the clashing of their fists creates ripples throughout space. Their fighting alone caused planets millions of lightyears away to disintegrate. I'm not kidding, you can look up the fight to see for yourself. The Supreme Kai's even stated that their battle was destroying the universe. Keep in mind, Goku wasn't trying to damage the universe at all, he was trying to damage Beerus.
So for STRENGTH, Goku wins.
Goku: 1
Saitama: 0

Now, let's move on to SPEED.
Saitama is incredibly fast, I'm not gonna lie. He could just outrun Boros just by walking backwards. Now, it's unclear if Saitama can fly or not. In the battle between Saitama and Genos, we see Saitama appear to be flying, though we've never seen him fly in any other time. So for this, I'm gonna say that he cannot fly.
Goku's speed is incredible, and the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super only makes it even more incredible. Goku faces off against the legendary hit man of Universe 6, Hit. Hit has the ability called Time-Skip. Using it, Hit can temporarily stop time for a small timeframe and hit his opponents. After using the Kaioken x10 while in Super Saiyan Blue, Goku literally broke the laws of time and moved while time was at a stop.
So, I have to give SPEED to Goku as well. Moving in frozen time won it for him.
Goku: 2
Saitama: 1

I can already say I'm gonna give this to Saitama. Saitama took several hard blows from Boros, and was even kicked to the moon, without a single scratch. Then again, DURABILITY is hard to pinpoint due to the strength differences between DBS enemies and OPM enemies.
Don't get me wrong, the enemies in OPM are powerful, but DBS' enemies are among the gods. Some even ARE gods! So it's hard to say who wins actually. So I'm gonna give each person half a point.
Goku: 2 1/2
Saitama: 1/2

Once again, I'm afraid I'll have to give it to Goku. While Saitama's trained by working out, Goku's trained in multiple different ways. While he did train through working out as well, he's also trained in martial arts.
Goku's learned and mastered every fighting style on Earth. He's even easily defeated Bruce Lee as a child. Goku's still learning new fighting styles, from aliens, as well as gods.
Though Goku isn't the brightest, he's a pure genius when it comes to fighting in combat. he's even developed a way to cancel out his own and Beerus' destructive shockwaves while fighting him.
Goku takes chances when it comes to fighting. When using Kaioken with Super Saiyan Blue, he didn't even have a 1 out of 10 chance of it working, yet he managed to pull it off.
So, I have to give this to Goku as well.
Goku: 3 1/2
Saitama: 1/2

Winner: Son Goku
I apologize to any One Punch Man fans who don't agree with this, but it's my opinion that Goku would defeat him. Of course, we don't have enough feats of OPM to actually say this for sure. But to be fair, we haven't seen the fullest extend of the powers of SSG or SSGSS either.
You're welcome to argue against this, good luck to whoever it may be!


The burden of proof is on Pro to show that Goku would beat Saitama in a fight.

I have a problem with Pro's argument, and that is the fact that Saitama has NEVER shown any sign of pain ever since he became the hero he was. He didn't feel anything when he was launched toward the moon, and there is no proof that anything Goku could do to hurt Saitama.

One Punch Man is also still progressing as a story, and in short, this means we don't know how strong or fast Saitama is, and what can really hurt him. What if Saitama can break the laws of physics and time and he just isn't aware of it?

What if he can destroy a dimension?

This is unclear, and giving the advantage to Goku is only assuming that Saitama isn't that strong.

This can't beven resolved due to the lack of legitimate comparison. We don't know if Saitama has infinite power or infinite speed.

That is my argument, and I believe this should negate yours.

Good debate
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by shams106 9 months ago
Goku when he first transformed into a ssj against frieza claimed to him that he was harder to destroy then a planet and that was namek saga ssj goku his power speed and duribility has increased in all his forms tremendously over the years as he got stronger from his constant training i say goku wins but mostly because we haven't seen saitama using his full power so i'm basing off what i've seen from him.
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